Mage: the Awakening: A Civil War

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Mage: The Awakening: A Civil War

A game set in Atlanta, Georgia, and run by Anglachel.

The Cabal[edit]

  • Eldrad, Acanthus, Mysterium, House of Ariadne, played by Regis.
  • Falconer, Thyrsus, Silver Ladder, Father of the Urban Flock, played by Phantom Stranger.
  • Freya, Obrimos, Adamantine Arrow, played by Andrensath
  • Legion, Mastigos, Mysterium, Subtle One, played by Psyke.
  • Leviathan, Moros, Silver Ladder, Caller of Zamani, played by Wolfwood2.
  • Bright, Thyrsus, Free Council, played by Kayashi




The Sanctum[edit]


  • Sanctum Size (psych ward, some areas condemned) ***
  • Sanctum Security (built like a prison, but outdated) ****
  • Hallow ("meditation room" on top floor, sounds from whole hospital seem to collect here due to odd ductworking) ****
  • Library (vetted / annotated documentation of patients ravings, occult material left from the Tremere, stuff we bought with us) ***
  • Sleepwalker Retainers (former patients / guards, hired as hospital security for the abandoned wing) ***
  • Sleepwalker Retainers (gofers) **
  • Guardian Ghosts (ghostly mage) ***
  • Sanctum Gauntlet (spiritually distant / secure) **

Cabal Roles[edit]


A Civil War cabal sanctum map.JPG

The NPCs[edit]



  • Former Arrow.
  • Member of the Graceful Wicked Masque Left-Handed Cabal.
  • The Left-Handed legacy he belongs to is not yet known to the Cabal.
Ian Pergil[edit]
  • A Tremere Liche killed in the Chronicle's backstory.
  • Responsible for removing the souls from Elizabeth and Stephen Smith to create Soul Stones.


  • A Ghost Mage, inhabiting the Cabal's Sanctum.
Dred Scott[edit]
  • Eldrad's Mentor in both the Mysterium and the House Of Ariadne.
Special Agent Franklin[edit]
  • A VASCU operative, undercover as an FBI agent.
  • Robertson's partner.
  • Met the cabal while investigating murders committed by Stephen Smith.
  • Now awakened as a Mastigos.
  • Currently apprenticed to Legion.
  • The local Adamant Sage.
Athena Promachos[edit]
  • Kasparov's Banner Warden.
  • An Adamantine Arrow Mastigos, attempting to keep track of the Concillium's Magi.
Elizabeth Blackwell[edit]
  • An Adamantine Arrow Thyrsus who focusses on healing magic.
  • A young female Ladder with a particular gift for Mind, said to be being groomed for a legacy which collects fragments of the minds of dead mages for guidance within their own brains.
  • A Moros of the Free Council and follower of the Bokor Legacy.
  • Sentinel of Athens, ally of Bueller and total psycho.
  • Great sense of humour, though, if you don't mind zombie jokes.
  • A Thyrsus of the Silver Ladder and follower of the Fathers of the Urban Flock Legacy.
  • Resides in Gainesville.
  • Falconer's mentor in both the Silver Ladder and the Fathers of the Urban Flock

Seers of the Throne[edit]

  • A Seer working for the Eye.
  • Met the Cabal, supposedly to discuss the situation regarding Stephen Smith.
  • In reality it was a trap for the Cabal and Wrack's Left-Handed Cabal.
  • The local leader of the Seers.
  • Said to be under the All Seeing Eye itself.
  • User of Imperial Practices, making her equivalent to a Pentacle Archmage.

Other Supernaturnals[edit]

Special Agent Robertson[edit]
  • A VASCU operative, undercover as an FBI agent. Franklin's partner.
  • Met the cabal while investigating murders committed by Stephen Smith.
Stephen Smith[edit]


Elizabeth Smith[edit]

IC Documents[edit]