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During the trip through the swamps and into the forest, Kyuad strikes up a private conversation with Shadaar and Nisse.


Kyuad: With Nisse riding on Kyuad's arm he addresses his Fell ally, "Shadaar, I want to thank you for keeping watch over Nisse during your trip to escort the refugees back to their homes. It is important to me that the both of you are... cared-for. I wish I could say 'safe and well' but I'm afraid it would be insensitive of me to imply that this is still possible. With your lives now forever intertwined, we shall have to all three of us keep watch for each other.

"To that end, I have learned a spell from one of the books in Vrolk's library that will allow me to actually heal your bodies in emergencies. What's more, though she appears as any good myling, the Proceedure that reversed her ener... no, that killed her... has also infused her form with powerful necromantic energy and she is stronger than before by a small degree."

Kyuad pauses for a moment, with a look of deep thought, but then interrupts himself and turns back to Shadaar. "I am at your service in preventing you from entering a state of madness or worse - call upon me any time. Do you have any questions I might be able to answer about the nature of your new existance? Do you have any fears or concerns you would like to discuss?"


*Looking more and more haunted the farther the group progresses into the Erethor forest*

"It will take time for me to get used to this new existance. The sights. Smells... everything. It is all so different now."

"Although, I would like to thank you again. The madness. The hunger. They do not rule me now. I can still feel them both on the edges, waiting for me to let my guard down. *Shadaar shakes his head as if to clear it* Yes, thank you."

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and Kyuad sees......

Kyad notices a piece of sharpened wood driven through Shadaar's chest peeking out just below the neckline of his shirt. Looking closer you can also see that this is not a singular incedent - there are perhaps two others you notice as well, just barely, odd pointing bits just under his clothing.

"It was no problem taking care of Nisse. For she also took care of me."


OOC: Assuming this is taking place after the group had left the influence of the mirror, Kyuad is going to cast freely for the moment. This exchange is not something that Kyuad would care to keep private - if others observe or listen in, he would have no problem with that.

Kyuad: "Hmm. When we next stop, let me take a look at you."

When off their horses, Kyuad asks Shadaar to remove his shirt so he can take a look at the wounds he noticed earlier. As he is looking, he calls Nisse over to his side and pulls out a golden eyepiece, which he puts over one eye and around that side's ear. Kyuad and she speak to each other in the whistling and clicking sounds they make when seeming to communicate with one another. Then she lands on Shadaar's shoulder, helping to pick out bits of wood. "I am surprised you do not feel more discomfort from these being lodged into your chest. But I should be able to make things whole again. Perhaps you should tell me how you got these."

Bluebook NOTE[edit]

To this point ANYONE could have been a part of the conversation if others would like to add.

However Shadaar specifically asked to take Kyuad aside for the rest.

If you are NOT Shadaar or Kyuad...






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