Midnight RPG - Chapter 32.103

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In the hill fort of Firsthold, during one of the first days there.


Kyuad seeks out Zal'Kazzir to ask him some questions. With Kyuad is Nisse. Kyuad makes no attempts to prevent the vile Belal from joining in.


Kyuad approaches Zal'Kazzir during a time when they could have some relative privacy. "Zal'Kazzir, could I speak with you a moment please? It concerns Faravor, the winged giant who was with you when we arrived."

(Assuming the conversation can continue:)
Knowledge (spirits) check to determine if Kyuad knows enough to identify Faravor as an angel. Modifier: +21 - Is the creature good? Chaotic? What can Kyuad assume about the type of creature?
ANSWER: Bill, I don't feel that it's very fair to allow Kyuad a roll with full ability for "Spirits" regarding "angels/demons". This territory is specifically where Adam has specialized Zal'Kazzir for. Adam specifically has told me that he does not want to be able to roll for knowledge on undead/fell, etc... that would infringe on Kyuad's territory. I would allow Kyaud a Lorebook check however... that in my opinion is a different story. That's your research which could have very well come from the books that Zal's had or conversations Kyuad and Zal has had regarding the nature of "angels/demons" in the past.
ROLL: Kyuad (Lorebook +18) ROLLED: 10+18 = 28
With this roll -
Kyuad recalls from his learnings that based on his observations of the being calling himself Faravor, that it is a Chaotic and Good Trapped Spirit. It is a type of angel of freedom; i.e. they liberate slaves, free the oppressed, etc. Faravor the name is known to your writings, there is reference to a Faravor of the Thirteenth Intantry within the Raiders of Faith & Light Brigade amongst the Cenarion Circle of the heavens in the times before the Sundering... The illustrations in reference to this "soldier" were beautiful and as a graphic depiction, could resemble Zal'Kazzir's "friend...
Bill: Thanks!  :)

"From where did Faravor come? Is he the result of your summons, as the others have told me? What do you know of his history, where his allegiances lie, and for whom he might be operating?" Kyuad has a concerned look on his face, as if calculating something. "I'm not sure that he can be trusted."


Ushering Kyuad into the pseudo-privacy of Durn's old bedchamber and solidly closing the heavy wooden door, Zal'Kazzir begins to speak. "Yes, my Friend, the others have told you true; Faravor was summoned by me, and if you have a concern, I, also am concerned. Please. Sit."

Once both he and Kyuad are seated at the small table, Zal'Kazzir continues, his demeanor showing concern and his mind clearly racing, looking for flaws or faults he has missed. "As far as I know, and my knowledge is circumstantial, he has been trapped as a disembodied spirit for something like the last 10,000 years. His alliegences are to his ideals as far as I can gather, and he seems distinctly difficult to deceive or manipulate... unless he wishes to be. If he has some other master, or an ulterior alliegence, it has been beyond my ability to determine, and I admit I am at a loss to see whom he might serve. I am not sure if you know the whole story about Faravor, but it is worth mentioning that Faravor aids us willingly, and he is under no duress and is not being controlled in any way. His kind is nearly impossible to enchant or control, and if he were Ardherin's creature, he could have had us in his power on a dozen occasions, had he desired it.

Pausing briefly, thinking, Zal'Kazzir turns back to Kyuad and finishes his thought; "...what is it that worries you?"


With cat-like stealth that can only be known if it choses to be known, the old beast now called Belal stabs a small mouse with a nail-like claw on its smallest finger. The mouse squeaks an audible peep only heard by the wolf Anauil somewhere beyond the walls... Creeping from the bedchamber corner up and behind its master's black and crimson robes the old beast perches on the back of Master Ghulvenne's chair-back, hunching himself to the shoulder of the Sarcosan wizard. Kyuad can see the glisten of mouse blood drip from its tiny dagger-teeth as its tongue zips out to snag the morsel of life. Belal seems to do so on purpose...
As it whispers into the master's ear... *whisper*FOR ZAL'S EYES ONLY*whisper*

With each faux breath the old beast takes Kyaud can see it glimpse at him through the drape of his friend Zal'Kazzir's black hair........


In reply, "Anything that does not die troubles me. Transitions are my specialty, and the beings of the old gods do not transition at all. They either have form, or do not. Anything could be accomplished by one such as this, and it is always we mortals who pay the price. We should do whatever we can to determine when he last existed physically on Aryth, and if he has had any contact with other spirits in the time hence. This will make all the difference."

Looking around, Kyuad says, "And what of the assistant with the handy backside?" With a smirk and a teasing tone, "Speaking of undying creatures I don't trust..."


The old beast tilts its head in smirk to the undead's taunt. It clearly doesn't like Kyuad's biting tongue. Like Zal'Kazzir has on occasion, Kyuad can tell that the little imp is not used to being so disliked. What has Belal done to it... Belal may think... but then again who's to know what the mind of one that 'does not die'... THAT alone must be troubling thinks the little collaborator as he bobs his head up and above and around to Master Ghulvenne opposite ear.
Again the toad-ish imp whispers into the master's ear... *whisper*FOR ZAL'S EYES ONLY*whisper*...


OOC: Well nuts, I can't wait for this anymore. I'm just going to cut to the chase. There's gotta be a better way to handle bluebooks that doesn't rely on 3-4 replies just to get to the point and keep it neat and interesting at the same time.

Kyuad, when he gets a chance to address Belal, says "I would like to take you up on the offer you'd given me before. See if you can find these spells for me please." Kyuad gives Belal a list to memorize, but Kyuad keeps the list in his hand and doesn't let the impish demon run off with it. "I need the paper. I know you have a good enough memory."

Kyuad's list: