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4 Halail, 100 LA
In the wake of tragedy when the city of Baden's Bluff did shake, the arythquake caused by the death of the watch-creature of Sunalael the Priest of Shadow, amid the frenzy of the Bluff as officials rush to secure discipline within the walls Legates led by orc bodyguards pound the cobblestones and door-by-door.
A town crier rings his bell, and bellmen are sent along the Shadow's highways - screaching the words then tacking the proclamation to tree, bridge and brew-house doors.

The scene takes place as Bellman Yarwood has been given his pay, taking to the street with hammer and nails...
Within the week the Westlands will know of the news as will much of the Erenlands and beyond. Nothing of news holds long in the Bluff.

the Belman at the Cross from the Bluff of Baden[edit]

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
May this call be set down in the proclamations Book of Shadow!
Oyez, Oyez!
I, the Belman at the Cross from the Bluff of Baden ... Reads THIS word to the wise publicly - a proclamation in the High Legate Cerano's name.
Oyez, Oyez!
From the Shining Court of Count Helrion Badenname, he of the Bluff commands all persons in this Shadow District to be of peaceable and civil behavior, not to walk about the streets or rows at unreasonable hours of night.
A’ gude men-servants where’er ye be, keep prayer and can’le for sanctity, in bakehouse, brewhouse, barn, and byres, it’s for your sakes, keep weel your fires: baith in your kitchen and your ha’, keep weel your fires, whate’er befa’; for oftentimes a little spark brings mony hands to meikle wark; ye nourices that hae bairns to keep, tak’ care ye fa’ na o’er sound asleep: or losing o’ your gude renown, and banishing o’ this burrow town. It’s for your sakes that i do cry, tak’ warning by your neighbours by in by.
Oyez, Oyez!
On this, the 4th day in the Arc of HALAIL, Year 100 of the Last Age of Man - the Great Drake is dead!
Zaindal the Drake is dead!
Jaun Yarwood, the Belman at the Cross from the Bluff of Baden
Oyez, Oyez! - the Great Drake is dead!
Oyez, Oyez! - the Great Drake is dead!
Zaindal, his name spoken in sullened reverence - the last of the great drakes, the greatest dragon of our time.
Oyez, Oyez! Zaindal is dead!
A token of pain, a token of night, a token of loss - his armor were like tenfold shields, his teeth swords, his claws spears, the sting of his tail as undeaden rot, his wings a hurricane, and his breath ... death!
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! May this call be set down in the proclamations Book of Shadow!
Oyez, Oyez!
I, the Belman at the Cross from the Bluff of Baden ... lay down this tale, sad I must say the Great Drake is gone to Night King's dismay.
Oyez, Oyez! - the Great Drake is dead!
Oyez, Oyez!
From the Shining Court of Count Helrion Badenname, the Great Drake is dead!

Town Criers[edit]

Town criers are the chief means of communication with the people of the town since most can not read or write. Royal proclamations, local bylaws, market days, adverts, even selling loaves of sugar are all proclaimed by a bellman or crier throughout the streets of towns and across the Shadow's highways. These informations are to be published throughout the city and across the district by the day and night bellmen.
Town criers are protected under the ruling court, as they sometimes brought bad news such as tax increase or draft. They are not to be hindered nor heckled while performing their duties. To injure or harm a town crier is seen as an act of treason against the ruling court.
The term "Posting A Notice" comes from the act of the town crier, who having read his message to the townspeople, would attach it to the door post of the local inn.
Criers are not always men. Many town criers were women. Bells ware not the only attention getting device, gongs and drums are instruments of choice for many, but never are hunting horns to be sounded for such use.
Criers or bellmen are usually people of some standing in the community, as they must to be able to read and write the proclamations. The crier reads a proclamation, usually at the door of the local inn, then nail it to the door post – which is where the expression “posting a notice” comes from.
Criers are used to issue warnings and acted as conveyors of local news. In Paol, after a fire which destroyed one side of the high street in 97 LA, the “coal and candle” proclamation was introduced. This was an instruction to the burghers to acquaint themselves with every device for fire prevention.
The town crier is sometimes rewarded for his services with a pair of shoes and a few trifles.
Women may be employed in spreading the news of items which have been lost, the arrival of fresh food at the market or some piece of local intelligence. Many such women use a large wooden trencher hit with a spoon. The din is just about enough to stir the graveyard. The sound rattles out at different places in the town, causing crowds to assemble to hear the latest announcement. Many nights they are employed to bawl out:
“... Tripe, piping hot, ready for supp the nicht at 8 o’clock at Garavald Gundy’s, head of north Wynd Street. Gang hame, bairns, an' Gundy's sweetmeats fresh from her pot and tell your folks about it.”
The proclamations are announced by the town crier morning and nightly during Shadow Hours.


Players, please feel free to create ANY information that might make sense as "rumors, hearsay or grapevine" words you might find through Gather Information checks...