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The time is endless, the scene is vast and beautiful - of colors and textures known only in your dreams... The stage is set by Eranon in this time of rest.

(Steve, you can describe the setting if you like)


Lady Alamath, council to the Queen, sister to Eranon the Stalker.
The light of the Lady's summer sun glares and fades, a silhouette beautiful and noble walks across the lush grass-bed floor of Mighty Erethor. As the sun whips through the elven gown of elven satins adorning elven councilor that you, Eranon the Stalker, know as your life-blood... your sister Alamath. So much does she look as your mother. So many years can be seen in her crystal eyes.

ALAMATH, council to the Queen, sister of Eranon the Stalker[edit]

".. I know you..." she says inquisitively as she has in the past... an friendly greeting from your sister since you were young, in the most pure Elven speak. "Your great deeds near an end I fear my Eranon. Your name is now hushed amongst the wood of Caradul. They know know only the words preached now by the Witch's Council. Though that is not what it calls itself... 'Hhni Laurina Lómërin'" the girl glances down mystic shackles on her ankles... "... Were you to return to Mighty Erethor now, I fear you would be chained as I... as are many of those that do not believe the Harrower... the Eye Master... ." Alamath's opalescent skin soaks in the sun as her silhouette fades from the skyline, fading from view.

And then a voice clean and stern sings in your left ear. As you feel your sister's breath, her lip quivers slightly... ".. I see Alata Wen's magics fill his veins, I can only hope your wisdom grows as strongly in these... the last of days..." Alamath thinks as she takes her brothers palm, as if holding hands as when they were children so many many summers ago.

"...You were never at peace here my Eranon, even in this most peace-giving of places... It is that boon that our father... our mother... bread in you. Though then, I didnot see it. An adventurer's spirit you had and have. You seek to slay your dragons even now, do you not brother? ..." she says with a knowing smirk on her smile... How ironically true she cannot know...

"...I reach beyond the pale of Shadow's grasp to warn you, we may be done for on the day you return... Something... something has happened. The trees... they grew silent... then my lady let loose the plague, which you chase even now, at the beckoning of the twisted Lómërin... and now in more recent days the one, the witch's private council has come out of the Shadows to rally them. The Eye Master Sovaliss spreads the rumors hinting at what you and I know can never be... She hints at the return of a great warrior brother. The one who makes devils quake... The Elder Tree stirs with the songs no longer in lament, but now in anger and rage... songs of promised victory... songs of the Demonbane. Songs that we cannot tell them are now a King of Night..." sitting on a broken stump, Alamath looks older now, herself broken too...

"Lady Aradil the fever I spoke of on the last we drempt... it was as I feared... it came, but not from the worry lain on her from the heavy choices made in sending the Plague Elves into the wastes. It came from this rot, I fear... Lady Aradil has fallen, yet no elf beyond myself and the few others know that she sleeps dreaming sleep. Her breath barely parts her lips, and her eyes... they move as if dreaming - yet they stare open... unblinking... I wet her eyes with dew of the morning leaf, so that no long injury will blind her. No magic divinations have broken this sleep and I know not if it was her own doing or that of another!....
I, again, realize it was the Queen herself that cast these worries in my mind. Eranon... I believe it was she that asked me to call out to you in secret all these weeks ago! I fear that she is now but a prisoner to the flood of destined fear and fate created by the Witch's Council.

And with the revelations that your band have shared having discovered the Demonbane's (Ardherin) leverage in these matters... Aradil's eyes and avatars are even growing lost. Word has reached back to the leaves of the Elder Tree. Ivelose fell in battle holding the Sons of Izrador in the same spot where Nodin met his end to the vary same legion only a year prior. Their is only one unaccounted avatar and eye... He remains hidden, as he has since failing to find General Gwyrlael. I fear his grief at failing Lady Aradil yet again in this may drive him to 'Dae Lond' through the taking of his own life or through senseless rage against the Shadow.........

The words of Craigth, his prophecies, the Scrolls of Aradil - they are coming TRUE!! and this will be the cause of the Last Day!! Many of us grow faint of heart in these last days, my Eranon... News of a dragon being felled seeps inward from the edges of the Green March, the queen believed this to be the fate of innocent Var'zon. I prayed it was not. And then she laid down. That was on the day when the stars stopped... The beginning of this Arc of HALAIL. She hasnot stirred since...."
Alamath begins to weep, for the first time in Eranon's life - his sister does not know what to do... As the dream image fades Lady Alamath sobs... "..oh... my Eranon... If only I knew your path, please - speak to me soon... Sweet dreams my Ernanon... I cherish you... and so does Sijandi..." and the vision fades.

Elven Translations[edit]

  • Hhni Laurina Lómërin - (pronounced: Hen-ee Loh-may Lou-ree-nah-air-een. translation: "Children of the Golden Dawn")
  • Dae Lond - (pronounced: Die Lohnd. translation: "Shadow Havens")
  • Alata Wen - (prounced: All-ah-tah Wehn. translation: "Radiant or Great Lady")