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Precedence: A potent concept in the powers of the universe. Jeweled Amber

According to the list of High Order Initiations there are generally accepted degrees of empowerment of constructs able to empower High Order Sorcery. The greater the artifact or initiation used to empower an item, the more rugged the creation is. Spells cast from the frames of these initiations are more powerful according to their ranking in the orders.

In a general way many elements may be used and combined to create or conjure items of power. The mixture of powers providing a stronger result. Elements may include Focus, Alter, Inscribing Tool, Sigils of Powers, Adjacent Powers, Sorcery, Conjuration, Psyche, Endurance, Quenching Liquids, Fudge, Herbs and Incense

The Precedence of Powers is an important concept throughout the Jeweled Amber multi-verse. It is the basic concept that some items are better then other and some initiations, focuses, power systems, and materials & Material combinations, are better then others.


High Order Initiations[edit]

Initiations are constructs and artifacts that impose a higher level of awareness allowing the use of sorcery and other types of magical forces, defenses, and attacks.

First Order[edit]

Each of these first order initiations can be attuned in specific manners in order to allow them to impart their powers.

  • Jewel of Judgment
    • The jewel of Judgment is also known as the Eye of the Serpent. It was removed from the serpent in battle with the Unicorn deep in the ancient origins of existence. it has the most well known history as an artifact focus of creations. It was used by Dworkin Bariman to create Amber. It was used by the Serpent to create the Logrus. It was used by Corwin to create Avalon. It was used by Adrian to create Mandalay. The Jewel casts a great many shadows of itself. Each is a powerful focuses in their own rights.
    • The jewel is attuned by assaying the pattern image within the Jewel itself. Walking the Pattern with it, one cast oneself into the jewel.
  • Horn of the Unicorn There are several Horns of the unicorn. Three pieces are known to exist.
    • A full horn is in the possession of the High Lord of Chaos, the Swayvill. Supposedly it was broken off at the time the Jewel of Judgment was taken from the Serpent of Chaos. The Full Horn is one of several Keys to the Tomb of the Ancestors of Darkness. Swayvill are allowed attunement by the Unicorn.
    • A third of the horn is in the possession of Queen Moire of Remba.
    • A 2" horn tip is in the hand of Prince Julian of Amber. It was given to him by the Unicorn at the time of the creation of Mandalay
    • The Horns can only be attuned by the Unicorn giving permission for the holder to gain access to their higher powers.
    • attunement to the Horn gives one the powers of passage, an extraordinary speed and the ability to be unaffected by conditions in shadow. It allows extraordinary to shave shadowviels. It protects on even in the depths of the Abyss.
  • Hide of the Tiger

The Hide of the Tiger was taken voluntarily before the creation of the Pattern of Amber. It acts as a powerful focus for the combining of powers and constructs. It has powerful healing powers, able to restore a living creature to life regardless of the time its been dead as long as some substantial amount of the body is available. It can grow duplicates of living creatures if a suitable amount of material is available to start with and the animal it was taken from is present.

    • The Hide is attuned by laying naked on the fur and being coated in the blood of a recent kill. The Tiger may also grant Attunement.
    • Attunement to the Hide gives one the powers of locating foes, tracking, and hunting powers. It gives animal control powers. A person attuned to the hide
  • Chanticleer's Gaff
    • Used as a high orderly potent powers of command and animal control
    • The Gaff is attuned by pressing the spur into the heart of the holder. Chanticleer may also grant attunement.
    • A person attuned to the Gaff has extraordinary control over animals
    • Used as an inscribing tool it effects powerful command and animal control powers as well as powerful healing magic.

Second Order Initiations[edit]

  • Patterns: Amber, Avalon
  • Marks: Mandalay
  • Lorgus
  • Kangular of Calmir
  • Rock Paragon-Variable according to the individual Stone

Third Order Initiations[edit]

Fourth Order Initiations[edit]

Shade Logrus are inscriptions or initiations that are secondary shadows of the Primal Logrus in the same way Shade patterns are secondary shadows of Primal Patterns.

The name and manners of various Shade Logrus vary wildly. Reflected images of the logrus take many chaotic forms.

  • Keep of the Four Worlds
  • Shade marks

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

Focus Constructs[edit]

First Order[edit]

  • Jewel of Judgment
  • Horn of the Unicorn
  • Hide of the Tiger
  • Chanticleer's Gaff

Second Order Initiations[edit]

  • Shadows of the Jewel, Horn, Hide, & Gaff

Third Order Initiations[edit]

  • Cracked Stones (Related to Broken Patterns)
  • Stones of Mandalay
  • Keep of the Four Worlds
  • Shades of the Jewel of Judgment
  • The Tornado of the Red gale

Fourth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Fantalin Forging Lens
  • Pattern Inscribed Items
  • Shards of Paragon

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

Forging Surfaces, Alters, Adjacent Powers & Locations[edit]

First Order[edit]

  • Rock Kolvir at the Primal Pattern. The area around the Primal Pattern is mostly flat but has a flat stone a foot away from one edge of the pattern inscription.
  • Hide of the Tiger. The hide is a flat furry surface excellent for not hot iron forge work, focusing back reflective magical effects.
  • Living Ygg: Ygg, a primal creature, is rooted at the central point of the Hub of Mandalay and has exposed roots suitable for magical works

Second Order [edit]

  • Pattern Chambers: Rooms such as the Dungeon Chamber of the Pattern in Amber. The Hall of Treasures in Fantalin. The Dungeon Pattern in Tir Nogath. The Central Hall of the Palace of Avalon
  • The Stairs of Tir Nogath: The Third Stair on the path to Tir Nogath. The stair to Tir Mar Gala
  • The Hub of Mandalay: The wooden Bartoop that circles the inner region of Mandalay
  • Hub of the Mark
  • Way of the Lorgus

Third Order [edit]

  • Broken Pattern Chambers: The Broken Pattern in the Hall of Treasures at Fantalin.
  • Woven Logrus Rooms
  • Rock Paragon

Fourth Order [edit]

  • Shade Patterns Chambers: The Primal Pattern Chamber of York
  • Shade Logrus Ways

Fifth Order

Sixth Orders[edit]

  • Stone of Skulls

Inscribing Tool[edit]

First Order[edit]

  • Horns of the Unicorn: Used as the tip to inscribe on an artifact, not simply as a focus.
  • Chanticleer's Gaff: The spur used as the inscribing tool, rather then as a focus

Second Order Initiations[edit]

  • Pattern Inscribed Tools:

Third Order Initiations[edit]

  • Broken Pattern Inscribed Tools
  • Sorcerous Inscription

Fourth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Shards of Paragon: A edge tip of a shard of Paragon used as the inscribing tool.

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

Sixth Order initiations

Sorcery and Conjuration and Trump Artistry[edit]

orceery and Conjuration are High Order Magic systems usable by invoking suitable imprints such as Patterns, Broken patterns, Logrus, Woven Logrus, Squiggles, and Mal at Riess.

First Priority[edit]

  • Primal Sorcery-120 Pips
  • Conjuration-160 pips
  • Primal Trump Artistry

Second Priority Initiations[edit]

  • Master Sorcery-60 Pips
  • Conjuration-80 pips
  • Master Trump Artistry

Third Priority Initiations[edit]

  • Advanced Sorcery-30 Pips
  • advanced Conjuration 40 Pips
  • Advanced Trump Artistry

Fourth Priority Initiations[edit]

  • Standard Sorcery- 15 pip
  • Standard Conjuration-20 pips
  • Standard Trump Artistry-40

Fifth Priority Initiations[edit]

  • Power Words

Sigil and Channeling Initiations[edit]

First Order[edit]

  • Primal Patterns
  • Primal Logrus

Second Order Initiations[edit]

  • Signs of the Pattern
  • Sign of the Mark
  • Signs of the Lorgus
  • Sigil of Paragon
  • Frame of Calmir

Third Order Initiations[edit]

  • Sign of the Broken Pattern
  • Sign of the Woven Logrus
  • Sigil of Major Squiggles: Azcala, Regor, Bursain, Talwas

Fourth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Signs of Shade Patterns: Shades of Amber, Major Shade Patterns:York, Plymoth, Agdics
  • Signs of Shade Logrus Ways: The Grip of Vagalorat

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Sigil of Mal at Riess

Imprint Style[edit]

The Style of the imprint describes the temperament of the pattern.

First Order[edit]

  • Wild-The imprint of a New or "Wild" pattern gives the imprinted greater access to far greater power requiring a great deal more control. One advantage to a Wild imprint is that a lower grade of Imprint can be taken and will be the detectable imprint. This allows a person to hold two pattern imprints and raise two different sigils, and have two spell frames.

Second Order Initiations[edit]

  • Devoted-A Standard imprint allowed by a pattern for its own reasons.

Third Order Initiations[edit]

  • Standard Imprint or Tame Imprint-Vastly most common imprint.

Fourth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Bruised-An initial Imprint of a pattern that has experienced some form of magical damage. This is also the form of imprint the pattern can grant to a person not of the blood.

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Stolen-This imprint is the imprint of a person who managed to assay the pattern despite the patten not specifically allowing it. An example is the imprint of Aries Colbresie who studied the pattern extensively and memorized the extensive twists and turns and then walked the pattern despite not being the blood of Amber. His holding a shade pattern imprint at the time aided greatly in his attempt.

Quenching Liquids[edit]

First Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Water from the Pond near the Primal Patterns
  • Liquid Stuff of Chaos from the Way of the Primal Logrus
  • Sap of Ygg

Second Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Water from the pond of the Castle Pattern Room
  • Water from the Pattern Chamber of Rebma
  • Water of the Mark
  • Liquid Stuff og Chaos from the Way of the Lorgus
  • Wine of Paragon
  • Blood of Amber (preference by generation Dworkin downward)
  • Royal Blood of Chaos

Third Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Water of the Broken Pattern Chambers or locations
  • Water of the Woven Logrus Ways
  • Waters of Major Squiggles: Azcala, Regor, Bursain, Talwas
  • Calrabon Pepper Sauce
  • Wines and Alcohols of Mandalay
  • Whiskey of Amber

Fourth Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Waters of Shade Patterns: Shades of Amber, Major Shade Patterns:York, Plymoth, Agdics
  • Waters of Shade Logrus Ways: The Waterfall to the Grip of Vagalorat
  • Wines and alcohol of Amber
  • Wines and Alcohols of Chaos

Fifth Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Living Blood
  • Gerard's Mead

Sixth Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Alcohols

Seventh Order Quenching Fluids[edit]

  • Water and juices

Herbs and Incense[edit]

First Order[edit]

  • Primal Patterns Herbs, gathered from the Rock Kolvir
  • Herbs from the interior of th Hub of Mandalay

Second Order[edit]

  • Herbs from the Pattern rooms
  • Herbs of Mandalay

Third Order [edit]

  • Archdruid Herbs
  • Incense From the Church of the Unicorn
  • Incense from the Church of the Serpent

Fourth Order[edit]

  • Sanctified Incense from the Fane of Zilla
  • Sanctified Incense from the Church of the Unicorn-Fantalin
  • Sage
  • Poison Ivy

Fifth Order[edit]

  • Fresh Herbs

Sixth Order[edit]

  • Dried herbs


First Order[edit]

  • Dark Double Fudge
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Second Order[edit]

  • Peanut Butter Honey Fudge
  • White Chocolate and Blueberry Fudge
  • Creamy Lemon Fudge

Third Order[edit]

  • Cherry Almond Fudge
  • Maple Walnut Fudge

Fourth Order[edit]

  • Crunchy Mint Chocolate Fudge
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Candy Cane Fudge


First Order[edit]

  • Whiskey of Amber
  • The Uisce Beatha of Mandalay

Second Order[edit]

  • Johnny Walker Blue Label
  • Gentleman Jack
  • Maker's Mark

Third Order[edit]

  • Jack Daniels old #7
  • Even Williams
  • Glenlivet 18

Fourth Order[edit]

  • Store Brand Blended Whiskey
  • Old Crow

Fifth Order Initiations[edit]

  • Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine