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a construct of the Jeweled Amber game.

A squiggle is created for many reasons. They are created by an act of creation with the Jewel of Judgment, or certain other high order artifacts. done on purpose or as a failed attempt.. Despite the nature of their creation a Squiggle is incredibly powerful.

Artifact Squiggles[edit]


  • Grawswandir: Corwin's pattern blade.
  • Werewindle:Bley's Pattern Blade
  • Ashendale:Gerard's Great Blade
  • Hammer of Thunder
  • Quisal: Borlak's Falcion
  • The Lance of the Elites
  • The Primal Nasty Blade: The Premier blade of the Nasty Place graduate blade.
  • Galis:Eric's Blade (Arloxedra)
  • Claíomh Solais-Sword of Light

(couple dozen other weapons have such markings though most only bear mall portion of the full inscription.)


  • Crown of Amber
  • Crown of Rebma
  • Crown of Thelusia
  • Crown of Diega
  • Crown of Calrobon
  • House Brolic Grand Ducal Coronet
  • Margot's coronet


  • Cymnea's ring
  • Titania'ring
  • Moiren's ring
  • Rilga's ring


  • Throne of Amber
  • Throne of Rebma
  • Throne of Thelusia
  • Throne of Diaga
  • Seat of Mandalay
  • Lajak ro Brith
  • Lia Fáil de Dannen
  • Sieges of Caerleon

Various items or places[edit]

  • Braldig's eyepeice
  • Staff of Wirzari-The Fey Staff
  • The Warbanner of Amber
  • Nim Mellon-a collection of Harps
  • The Barbecue at Oberon's Fire in Calrobon
  • Shatterbound: Eric's Armor (Vander)
  • Blue Harley : Gerard's Motorcycle[[1]]
  • The Hall of Color

Territorial Squiggles[edit]

Territorial squiggles cast a primal realm of their own.

Squiggles of lesser power[edit]

These are realms of various levels of power created by shadows of the jewel of Judgment