Primal Constructs

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This article is part of the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance campaign.

A primal Construct is an artifact that effects many locally related shadow viels.

Primal Constructs can be of small power, effecting a few shadows, or massive power effecting many or all.

Primal Constructs

Pattern of Amber and a large number of Shade-JA&WB Patterns. The Pattern of Amber is the center construct in the Kingdom of Amber. It was created by Dworkin of Bariman, a Lord of Chaos. He did it using the Jewel of Judgement in the pressence and with the assistance of the Unicorn, a Primal Creature. Around it in polar array are the shadows of Amber. Immediatly surrounding the realm of Amber are the Shades of Amber, nearly accurate representative shadows of Amber in their own right. Beyond that, and often easier to access are m any vibrant kingdoms which have frequent interactions with Amber. Some have formal arrangements and are by right of signing the Golden Circle Signitory Treaty, become Golden Circle Kingdoms.

Broken Pattern of Amber. Broken patterns and the diverse Fractured Pattern artifacts. the broken Patterns are shadows of Amber that are missing segements of the true patterns they are shadows of. There are many shadows of each pattern and they are often important artifacts of power in each of their realms. Sorcerors find using Broken Pattern imprints easier to use then shade patterns for hanging spells.

Logrus of Chaos and a small number of Fixed Logrus. The Logrus is a Primal Artifact of Chaos. Sorcerors use it extensively. Unlike the Patterns this Construct of Chaos does not cast shadows. It effects the myriad waves of chaos in unknown manners.

Sigil of Azcala and the 8 other Sigil Tiers. The origins of the Sigil of Azcala are obscured in the early centuries after the creation of the Pattern of Amber. One of the main rumors is that Azcala may have been the abode of a Lord of Chaos that was caught on the wrong side of the Abyss at the time of the creation of Amber. The Sigil casts 9 distint shadows or Teirs, each of gigantic size and breath. Each Teir is ruled by a single family, under the overlordship of Tonacatecutli & Cihuacoatl. There is considerable warfare between the teirs and the major families with the main opponets being Tonacat & Quetslz

Teserect of Vagalorat. Aries Colbriese of the University of Fantalin believes that the teserect is the seed of a Primal Artifact of Order of some power. What its origins are is uncertain. It resides in a realm near the Abyss and shows signs of rapid chaos effects. The Teserect has responded differently to different creatures.

The Mark of Mandalay and 12 other effected Signs

The Sword of Woe and Glee

Sigil of Regor