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This is a near-future mecha camapign using the BESM Tri-Stat system. All related system info is the intellectual property of Guardians Of Order.

Any and all art is not mine, and when stated, is the property of the name artist. As of this point, I am using said art without outright permission, so if there is any problem with me displaying the art, contact me, and it will be taken care of.


The year is 2150.

As the Earth and its lunar and Martian colonies finally recover from a massive conflict known as the Gene War, the relatively new United Federation Of Sentients begins shifting its resources to encouraging a new period of peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately, there were other forces that felt differently. A blitz attack on the Martian colony nearly eradicated the Martians, the few survivors escaping (and some say, leading) this new threat to Earth.

The Earth-based UFS forces fought long and hard against the invaders, but fell rapidly to the onslaught. The last bastion of resistance left is located at lunar colony Selene, comparatively the weaker of the colonies.

There was one last hope. Included with the refugees from Earth and Mars were the Last remaining members of Majestic 12, a secret government program ran by the top 12 scientists alive. This group was well aware of the possibility of this invasion, and had developed several safeguards and resistance plans. As one could tell, most of the safeguards failed.

The only one left to use is an experiment in the latest breakthroughs in mecha and biotechnology: Project Majin Overdrive. The only catch; only select members of Majestic 12 knew of the project and its secret location, but all except one were dead. The last scientist, known as Majestic, could only remember two details of the project: It was based somewhere in the continental U.S., suspected to be the location of many a unofficial project; and that the location was nearly invisible to any type of detection, but the coordinates and access codes to it were recorded on an old secure server, completely cut off from the outside world and buried beneath the location of the old U.N. Building in what used to be New York City.

The Plan:

1: Send a team of specially chosen and trained soldiers, technicians, and support to Earth in a one-way shuttle, armed to the teeth with whatever could be scrambled together.

2: Said team would then locate the top-secret server room and gather whatever intel they can on Project Majin Overdrive.

3: Locate the location of PMO, recover the technology therein, and use it to repel the invaders.

Will they find the secret location? What about the invaders? What are they? Why have they come? These questions and more will be answered soon....


--Vermillion 10:41, 30 December 2005 (PST)

Added the standard mech and some weapons. Stuff is coming slow but steady.

--Vermillion 17:56, 28 December 2005 (PST)

Have added links and info for more racial templates, and began work on the classes. Still trying to get the mechs right.



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