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You are a motley bunch, brought together in the hold of a Sea Prince slave ship, sold to goblins in the Pomarj. You broke free, and slaughtered the slavers. You battled your way north, and explored a lost city in the Suss forest, cleansing it of the aberrations that dwelt there. Loaded down with treasure, you struggled your way to the city-state of Badwall on the Wild Coast.

There you got entangled in a plot against the Baron of Badwall, and foiled his assassination. Rather than become mired in the politics of the city-state, you left soon thereafter, hiring onto protect a caravan heading for the city-state of Fax on the coast. You fought off the attacks of ogres and trolls, pawns of the young green dragon Grizax’vhul. Tracking the dragon back to its lair in the Welkwood, you ended its reign of terror.

In Fax, a reptile worshipping cult attacked you…something from that lost city had tracked you down. Slaughtering their leader, a yuan-ti priest, you became notorious in the city as troublemakers. You boarded a ship bound for Hardby. You fought off an attack of pirates on the way there.

While there, news that Riggby, that legendary cleric of Boccob, had died of old age. The Depostrix of the city wished to send a token to the funeral proceedings in Greyhawk… an old set of sermons that Riggby had written when he had been in Hardby. The merchant captain suggested that your group would be good ones to entrust with the deed…

Character Creation[edit]

Character creation:

I would like to see three ideas from each person. Keep in mind the brief history of the group.

Any race LA0 or +1 is allowed. Instead of losing a level, +1 races get 1 level less for treasure. (during the game, this means they always choose last in splitting items)

Level will be 8th, Max HP

Books allowed: Any WotC non-setting specific. The Dragon Compendium is also allowed.

Notes on classes: Cleric must worship a god. Greyhawk basic gods are in the PHB. Most gods detailed in the various supplements are OK.

Psionic classes and monks generally come from the Baklunish lands. Oriental classes come from the Far West.

Use this stat array: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8

+1 LA people can choose 7 items, no one which can be worth more than 2600 the others can choose 8 items, no one which can be worth more than 3400

each character will be given a bonus Greyhawk region feat by me.

Those who only use the can get an extra +2 to a stat of their choice

These limits are for non-charged or use items only. You can use either the 2600 or 3400 split up to purchase non-magic or charged items (wands, scrolls, potions)

You can be assumed to have any non-masterwork or non-alchemical items you want, without cost (but be reasonable) Telescopes are considered alchemical.

Buying spells for inclusion into a spell book: 150*level

Oh, yeah, can everyone list a god they worship, or fear? If you don't really know the Greyhawk gods, then you can describe one, and I'll find one that matches.

Player Characters[edit]

  • Albrikt Athalvaldir (played by John_C): An Elven Warlock, of Fae bent and strange habits. He seeks apotheosis, but sees no point in being rude about it. (CG)
  • Keles Antarus (Played by mpascal02): A Human Wizard, originally from Nyrond, he chose the wrong time and place for his first expedition as an adventurer when he ended up captured by slavers. Fortunately, with the help of newfound companions, he has continued to learn the ways of magic -- and the world, to boot. (NG)
  • Mori Faen (played by Robert Edwards): A Seer/Monk from Ket, exiled from his people until he finds inner peace for a dead love. He has fallen among strange companions after capture by pirates, and has learned much -- but not serenity. (LG)
  • Dryga (played by GM Victory): A Half-Orc Fighter/Rogue from Pomarj abandoned by his clan for being too small and runty. Enslaved by goblins, he grew strong and tough from the constant labor. He escaped with the others, the first friends he's ever had. (CG)
  • Bjornergar Thorssen (played by Mr Adventurer): A Human Warblade, dedicated to supremacy in combat and to facing the monsters of legend on their own turf. Originally an accomplished raider from the Hold of Stonefist, being taken by slavers gave Bjornergar a new lease on life and he has taken heartily to adventuring. (CG)
  • Kcracky the Hooded One(played by Drifter): A human Cloistered Cleric of Boccob/Paragon, Kcracky is a rogue scholar and explorer of lost places. Despite his discomfort with the rough outdoors, his curiosity and friendships keep him out of his study.(N)[with a dash of Good].
  • Noonan Grub (played by Wolfwood2): A dwarven druid, native to the Pomarj. Like an animal, he is quiet and skittish but loyal. He looks after everyone else. (N)
  • Pilote (played by tomas): Wolf Nomad barbarian

Fallen Allies[edit]

  • Kieranna (played by nick012000): A Teifling Rogue from Sigil, who stumbled through a portal to Oerth and didn't know how to get home. Not that she entirely wanted to get home, considering how much treasure she got in the short time she'd been here. (CG) Fell against a horde of swordwraiths in Castle Greyhawk.

Non Player Characters[edit]

  • Riggby. A High Priest of Boccob, former member of the Company of Eight, who recently died.
  • Ricard Demaris. Owner of the Green Dragon Inn. Lost his blade to orc raiders, and would very much like it back.


Items of Interest/Loot

Creatures Encountered[edit]

  1. Goblins
  2. Ogres
  3. Trolls
  4. Green Dragon
  5. Lizard Men
  6. Yuan-ti
  7. Wyvern
  8. Orcses
  9. Clerics of Iuz, the Old One! (Get a rope...)
  10. Mohrg
  11. Swordwraiths
  12. Half-Ogre
  13. Giants
  14. Grell



Narrative of Events[edit]

  • While Traveling to Greyhawk, Our Heroes encounter Orc raiders, lead by a Wyvern rider!
  • Upon slaying the raiders, Our Heroes begin to explore the city, and make plans to track the surviving orcs in the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk!
  • Our Heroes discover a link between the Orc raiders and a hidden Cult serving the Terrible Old One, Iuz!
  • After routing the cultists and handily dispatching their monstrous guardian, an undead Mohrg, Our Heroes prepare to explore Castle Greyhawk!
  • Our Heroes avenge a fallen comrade by slaying a horde of savage Swordwraiths, only to realize that they are sealed within Castle Greyhawk!

Other Notes[edit]