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Soldier Port is a relatively new settlement on Griffin Island. It was founded by merchants hoping to trade with the interior of the island. For years control of the area transition from local Zaring chieftains whom terrorized and exploited the merchants to merchants with sufficiently strong mercenary forces to hold their own. Over time, walls and the tower have been constructed as some measure of defence for whomever is in control of Soldier Port. Recently, they have been cleaned up and improved some, though they are short, weak, and poorly constructed by mainland standards.

Maugre is the latest merchant to come to the region with a sufficiently strong mercenary force. He married into several local Zaring families and has established himself as both the ruler of Soldier Port and the legitimate ruler of the local Zaring clan, known simply as the Soldier Port Clan. Maugre also acts as the local priest of the Hilme temple when no other priest is available, though he gladly defers to any more prominent priest whom arrives.

Soldier Port is the only established port on the island, so all trade on and off the island travels through this town so the town receives taxes on all goods and persons coming and going.

Prominent Persons[edit]

- Maugre, Head Citizen of Soldier Port.

- Gladstone, Adviser to the Head Citizen.

- Manscher, Head of the Town Guard.

- Bradskullr Orinblath, Runs the Number One Inn.

- Torath Manover, Priest of Aeolus at the temple outside town.

- Nann and Henie, members of the worlds oldest profession.

Points and Places[edit]

1. Fisheman's Beach

2. Smallville

3. Orange Hill

4. Fine Beach

5. Storm Mountain

6. Kennel Hill

7. The Kennel

8. The Market

9. Main Gate

10. Small Gate

11. Soldier's House

12. Poor Section

13. Traders Section

14. Market Street

15. Sun Street

16. Rich Section

17. Hilme Temple

18. Grandmother Sky Temple

19. Number One Inn

20. Temple to All Gods

21. Round Tower



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