The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: Characters

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Player Characters[edit]

Photo Name (Player) Aliases Occupation Affiliations
Candide (Steve Hill)
Casey, Jack (Gene L.) Crime Photographer
Lila Clark Clark, Lila (John Kim) Rosie Hostess
Victor Grayson Grayson, Victor (Robby Bullis) Quiet Vic Gambler
Frank Lovejoy Lovejoy, Frank (Andrew Cole) Journalist
McMann, Michael (Chris Haugen) Gangster
Doc Walters Walters, Obediah (Stephen Cole) Doc Alcoholic doctor
Jtwilliams.jpg Williams, JT (Keith Dalzell) Wheels Bootlegger

Persons of Interest[edit]

Photo Name (Player) Aliases Occupation Affiliations
Abe Axler.jpeg Axel, Abe Gangster
Michael Barnes, T-man. Barnes, Michael Treasury Agent
Martha Bitterman, grieving widow. Bitterman, Martha Patrician
Thomas Bitterman, horribly murdered banker. Bitterman, Thomas Collections agent
Meridon Caine, lawyer to the rich and weird. Caine, Meridon Lawyer
Bernard Cohen: knows where all the bodies are buried Cohen, Bernard Accountant
Vivian Cooper-Levitt Cooper-Levitt, Vivian Socialite
Renowned Hearst Editor Fred Copely Copely, Fred Newspaper Editor
D'Varney, Thomas
de Bonnevault, Maturin
der Veckyn, Van
Poor little lambs, lost in the woods. Doe, Olivia and Jason
La Voisin, possibly du Montaine, Voisin Bootlegger
Carl Ellis.jpeg Ellis, Carl Galileo
Ellis, Julian Ariel
Farbeque, Lorenzo
Daphne Ferris Ferris, Daphne Private Investigator
Eddie Fletcher Fletcher, Eddie Gangster
The heart of the whole matter. Flynn, Heather Katie Flynn Clairvoyant
Dick Foley Foley, Dick Stringer
Cuddly. Grimaldi, Antonio Comte de la Fère
Hart, William L. Chief of Police
Huber, Franz
Danny Macklin, dead heel. Macklin, Danny Saloonkeeper
Morrison, Clay J. Brinton Rowdybush
The Honorable Frank Murphy Murphy, Frank Mayor of Detroit
Navarre, John Homicide Detective
Gregory Parkhurst Parkhurst, Dr. Gregory Regent of the Seelie Court
Science Philips, George Hospital Administrator
Rhyner, Hannelore Medea The Queen of Air and Darkness
Tsar Alexis Romanoff. His people love him. Romanoff, Alexis Tsar of Russia
Ineska Romanoff Romanoff, Ineska Tsarina of Russia
You can always trust a man to be himself. Boyar Rulionoff, Pietr Russian Nobleman
Scott, Franklin Preacher
Scott, Katherine Preacher
Madeline Usher, undead shark Usher, Madeline Shark
Theo Weiss Weiss, Theo Hardeen

Inactive Player Characters[edit]

Photo Name (Player) Aliases Occupation Affiliations
O'Keefe, James (Eric)
Henderson, Joe (Andrew Bond) The Wall Drifter
Ecker, DeWitt (Scott)
Dale Parsons Parsons, Dale (Ken Perata) James Hunter Saloonkeeper
Valenko, Boris (James Johnson) Russian nobleman

Minor Characters[edit]

Photo Name (Player) Aliases Occupation Affiliations
Charles Curtis Curtis, Charles President of the United States of America
Charles Fort Forte, Charles
Adolf Hitler Hitler, Adolf Chancellor of Germany