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Sarcosan Sahi Calendar
Each day on Aryth is about 26 hours long and each year is approximately 337 days. Adjusting for the vagaries of Sarcosan religious portent, each Great Arc is therefore about 34 days long. Each arc is further divided into lesser helias that vary in length between two and 17 days. Because of their inconsistency, and because only Sarcosan priests seem able to keep track of them all, the lesser helias are seldom used to mark time. There is one day during each helia, however, that is often used to measure time and it is called the helial zenith. The zenith is the midpoint of each arc and marks the day on which the ascending arc transitions to the descending one.

For ease of comparison to known constants, note that because of the longer day length in Aryth, a character who has lived a given number of the shorter Aryth years is still just as old in actual time as a character that has lived the same number of years in the real world.

Great Arcs of the Sorshef

Each arc is named after the god-rider that is believed to hold the most power within that region of the stellar Sorshef. There are sections of the Book of the Sahi that tell of times in the ancient past when the god-kalifs of given arcs changed and were therefore given new names, but this has not happened since before the Sarcosans came to Eredane.

The Scroll of Years
Each of the cultures of Eredane records history differently.
Elves have the longest history, which is recorded by the scribes of the Witch Queen’s court. The scribe calendar begins with Aradil’s coronation. Dates are recorded as the number of the year and the age, and with the advent of each new age the sequence of numbers begins again. Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends.
Dwarves carve elaborate stories on the pillars of ancient chambers, marking the passage of years with elaborate symbology.
Gnomes have complex and endless oral histories passed in song.
Sarcosans track the months and years by the movement of the constellations. Each arc is named after the god-rider that is believed to hold the most power within that region of the stellar Sorshef. There are sections of the Book of the Sahi that tell of times in the ancient past when the god-kalifs of given arcs changed and were therefore given new names, but this has not happened since before the Sarcosans came to Eredane. These are known as...
Great Arcs of the Sorshef

Months of the Year: better known as "ARCS" to folk of Aryth.



Year 100, LA[edit]


Arc of ZIMRA, LA 100 (autumn)[edit]

6. "Harvest", this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.

This is the estimated day that Zal'Kazzir's men should arrive in First-Hold, travelling from Sharuun.

Arc of HALAIL, LA 100 (summer)[edit]

5. "High Summer", in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.

On this day, if all goes well, Walden and Khalim's family should arrive in First-Hold.
On this day, the Full Moon of Halail, Eranon has predicted that the epoch of the "lunar eclispe" will happen.
By 10am of this day it is estimated Anaximath will find the Crystal Keep, from the elf's taunting dream visions!!

CURRENT 04/15/08 & end of Chapter 45[edit]

Kyuad learns of a possible plan of the Arrows who may be splitting at the Bloody Tower to move both to Gasterfang and the Scar. This plot is noted by the High Captain who seeks the "weapon" the elves carry on his "Plague Quest".
As Durgaz and Eranon search for clues and info in visions and communes, the elf (Zal'Kazzir?) seeks advice from the Witch Queen on what to do about the Bloodguard, Anaximath and the Arrows.
The High Captain of the Bloodguard negotiates with Kyuad (whom he believes to be the Lord of House Gyrn) to allow his men refuge from the open tundra for the night...
After Midnight, in the morning of Bimba, the Bloodguard of Steel Hill ride on Crystal Keep...
Returning to Crystal Keep in hopes Dierro and his forces will not be able to track/find them, the pathwalkers discuss current needs:
Should Zal'Kazzir be returned to the living if it is possible through the magics of the Elven staff?
With the revelation of Ahemia being with child, what is the baby? An examination is needed...
Eranon, with Kyuad's direction, examines Ahemia. The child is not "evil" as the magics tell them, and Durgaz learns that she is with twins!
Following Kyuad seeking out Zal'Kazzir in the "Gray Realms", the group uses a spell of Reincarnate to conjure a new body for their old friend Zal'Kazzir to inhabit. Hopefully free of the demon beast that he had become... If this is Zal... he has returned as an Elf... Cairnsil
On the morning the pathwalkers leave Crystal Keep, they make their way toward the Bloody Tower to the North-East. Only a quarter days travel out - Kyuad, Durgaz and Eranon (to his surprise) spring the trap laid for Zal'Kazzir. The execution of Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne takes place.
As their "friend" falls into peddles of roses on the ground (a halmark of his demoic nature) the calling card left days ago comes. Dierro has brought a dragon, and it is on the wind coming to intercept the pathwalkers, now down a warrior and resources spent from the execution... They run! As they do so Durgaz captures and kills Dierro's asterax tracker (Neega) by driving him into the ground at terminal velocity...
The group takes refuge at Crystal Keep, one of the fortfresses along the wall seperating the Cold Downs from the Weal in the Northern Marches.
Kyuad faces a "wizard's dual" with Irding the monster duke of House Gyrn. Kyuad slays the beast.
After leaving the Corbron Isles (by way of Eranon's spell to change the group into gasseous clouds), the pathwalkers make their way into the high north, their trip takes winding through the province of the Black Mirrors of the Cold Downs... But there amid the endless tyga... from the sky a crate falls... Collune's severed head - a calling card from Dierro out of the Gray Realms.
On this day Eranon has predicted that the beginning of a week to two week "astrological event" will begin. The skies will progressively grow darker. This darkness seems to be a magic fog making Darkvision function as Low-light vision and Low-light function as normal vision in the starless night...
At the other's approval Zal'Kazzir (Zael, prince among princes) calls to him the Succubus Vepheri whom he questions for knowledge of the area of the Cold Downs (Gasterfang's larger region). The demon-witch reluctantly gives the name of another demon that may know more. "the Just Advisor" is called, but not fully controlled... Appearing in the illusionary form of the Night King Ardherin, it toys with the pathwalkers providing little confusing informations. But Kyuad and Durgaz return the confusion attacking it with questions to learn that they've taken it off guard... Durgaz "sees" that Ardherin is actually nearby watching (perhaps speaking through the Outsider?) but soon leaves... The pathwalkers continue their planning.
The group spends some time organizing and preparing to take the next leg of the journey north toward the Bloody Tower along the Fortress Wall below Gasterfang. They plan to take the Paths again, risking the dangers...
Learning of the tragedy of First-Hold's murders, Walden and Khalim's family plan to begin travelling south toward First-Hold. Following their explanation of the events of the past months, Walden tells the patherwalkers that he will continue into Caradul to right what's wrong with Aradil... They plan to leave on the next ship south, this would have them arriving at First-Hold approximately ~17 days later (travelling ~12 days by ship, ~5 days by cart)
The pathwalkers arrive in the forest wood on the isle of Bildgewater, in the Corbron Isles.
Durgaz begins a meditation on the banks of the Pelluria, sitting alone for 24 hours. The others plan and prepare for the trip along the Paths of Dal Colia toward the Corbron Isles.
Late in the evening the group travels the Paths of Dal Colia to the Pirate Isles. On the Paths Kyuad is struck by the Beast in the Black and loses memory of Zal'Kazzir, while the group is almost seen by the Shadow in the Black!
Zal returns to the rendezvous site with Durgaz.
Kyuad and Kaiel arrive at the rendezvous site in the evening having ran from First-Hold nearly 26 hours straight.
With the aid of his faithful companion, Belal, Zal is saved from sure death at the hands of the powers that be of the Bluff. And he is reunited with the Lady Ahemia in his sisters cottage amid the Bluff. They ride out under cover of the Shadow Hour at Midnight.
Eranon reunites with Zal'Kazzir and Ahemia at the rendezvous site as planned from the Paths of Dal Colia - thought Durgaz is nowhere yet to be seen.
Eranon rushes out to stalk Dahiran, Ahemia's Asterax cat - while Zal decides to leave to intercept Durgaz, who he's heard rumor of from Belal's info gathering from the Bluff.
Zal'Kazzir finds his way back along the southern shore of the Pelluria, soon making his way to Baden's Bluff. Trying to find entrance into the Bluff's Quarrie district from the sea atop his nightmare steed, Vishmala, he attracts the attention of the Bluff's Drake - Zaindal... In a fierce attack Zaindal is shredded and strewn across the Quarrie cliffs as all of Baden's Bluff experiences the shocks of the arythquake resulting. Zal falls unconscious from the strain of the battle and crash into the sea, before he can see the result.
Kyuad leaves First-Hold for the rendezvous site.
Eranon finds himself beneath Aryth, having "fallen" out of the Paths of Dal Colia inside the Salt Mines of Aarl. He quickly finds his way out but not before his new friend and companion, Kethrial, gives her life for his defending him from salt-water logged "Brine Fell".
Durgaz finds himself backdated in time within the Emerald Tears of the Trollskarl. When he leaves the wood, he travels nearly two days south-east before heading back toward the rendezvous site near the Bluff.

Arc of SENNEACH, LA 100 (summer)[edit]

4. "the Arc of Battle", this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.
Early Fall - 100: Harvest and the seasonal temperatures of the Arc of Autumn begin early in this year at the death of the Lord of Summer.

The Festivals of First-Hold take place. Three couples are married, games begin, and on the last day the trial of Dern Halfhand and his band are held.
Zal'Kazzir rides from the Paths of Dal'Colia, making his way over the Sea of Pelluria - he strides over the norther coast before making his way back south...
Kyuad confronts a new problem at First-Hold as he continues his studies. Believing the Cadaverous Eye has caused strange phenomenon, something he coins as a "necromental" rises from the ashes of the fallen graves of the shanty town below First-Hold. The combination of this necro-power and the earth elemental summoned days prior by Zal'Kazzir form this creature. But it is satiated somehow, not frenzying - the same is true of smaller creations called "grave or tomb motes". Following taking care of these beasts Kyuad comes to believe that it is he that holds back their evil hunger, the same hunger that his new friend Kaiel seems to be free of in his presence...
The last morning of the Festivals, Zal'Kazzir opens the Paths of Dal Colia. He, Durgaz and Eranon walk the paths finding many treacherous points along the way. Zal nearly gets lost along the way and the group is separated as they jump from the Paths.
The Pathwalkers take the days following the battle to recuperate and plan their next moves, to save the world
From out of the Green March as Sarcosan man, who had apparently fought alongside the Elves near the Rivers Fangs attached to Lord Liafan's men, Kaiel seeks out Kyaud - the center of a "storm" that calms his hunger. He is Fell, and he doesn't know it.
Zal'Kazzir sends a dream vision to his father in Sharuun asking that they send a troop of Zal's men to First-Hold (this should take roughly 73 days)
  • 27th-28th: Zal'Kazzir, at the request of the pathwalkers, forms "The Council of Captains for First-Hold. Creating an election for the High Captaincy of First-Hold. The council also determines the heroes of First-Hold (Durgaz, Eranon, Kyuad and Zal'Kazzir) will have voting seats on the council 'In absentia'. The vote is collected by Zal'Kazzir and announced that it is Captain Wilhelm Fogg who will be the new High Captain of First-Hold.
Zal'Kazzir sends his Dream Vision to Aradil, a dream that seems to be intercepted by what he believes to be Vrolk the Vile in the form of Sovaliss the Eyemaster of the Witch Queen. He wakes to tell the pathwalkers of these problems.
Meanwhile Durgaz begins speaking with his new command (the Black Masks), sending 'the Four' out to track many of the deserters that have fled.
Eranon seeks out a new aid in the fight against the Shadow, with Anauil having died in the Battle for First-Hold. Eranon is found and accepted by a large plains leopard that he then calls Kethrial (Wind hunter in Elven)
  • 26th-27th: Following taking down Varzon, the pathwalkers determine that they will bury the dragon beneath First-Hold. Zal'Kazzir spreds the word that this is a boon to the fledgling town.
  • 25th-26th: The Pathwalkers learn of the deaths of the Council of First-Hold and begin to aid the town in recovery.
The group seeks out the dragon, Varzon. Finding him near death, having fended off the Sons of Izrador to safeguard the Cadaverous Eye - at the cost of the deaths of Eranon tree-herder friends and the Lord of Summer himself. Soon they learn that Varzon has (forcibly?) accepted a deal with the devil, falling to Shadow.
25th (Bimba)
Early Fall: Harvest and the seasonal temperatures of the Arc of Autumn begin early at the death of the Lord of Summer.
Some 10 hours later "The Battle for First-Hold" ends. Shelgraf One-Arm Legend is dead by the hand of a child and the resistance holds the fort out of Shadow.
Meanwhile, not far away Aryth's protectors fight for their lives as asked by Eranon to guard the Cadaverous Eye. A demon pack, Izrador's sons - Razors, attempt to rip the hearts of the resistance away from the Tree-Herders, the Lord of Summer and Vor'zon the 1st Dragon born since the Sundering. At battles end, the Razors are scattered and defeated but only kindling lie in the clearing with Vor'zon mortally wounded...
25th (Bimba)
"The Battle for First-Hold" begins at sundown.
As predicted the FIST scout unit arrives and is repelled and destroyed by the newly trained human refugees.
Following the defense of First-Hold, the Pathwalkers discuss multiple items including:
  • Eranon & Durgaz estimate and later pinpoint the current location of the Plague-Orcs and Ossion's Arrows (just outside Fallport by 2-3 days)
  • Faravor's apparent deception (as told by Kyuad)
  • The great conspiracy of the Order of Shadow (as told by Kyuad)
  • Eranon is alerted to a coming offensive, in 4-5 days a force of some 2000 Orc will be on First-Hold! This is the army for which the previous orc FIST was a scout unit.
Zal'Kazzir opens the council to communicate the "new way" to the villagers after nearly a week of talks and community work.
Eranon is alerted to an inbound scout unit FIST, a group of 24 Orc Worg riders - his animal companions note they will likely arrive in just over three days.
Durgaz & Eranon speak to the village of First-Hold to rally them to the new cause.
Eranon assuring the Council & his Pathwalker companions that the area is clear of hostile threats out to a range of 3 days by the "crow's flight" (approximately 80 miles).
Zal'Kazzir (with Kyuad aiding) begins "deprogramming" the human refugee villagers to understand the new government system they're putting in place at First-Hold. This will take less than a week to level the majority to "indifferent" and ready for the council to begin anew...
Durgaz & Eranon begin training the human refugees for battle, they choose key leaders to be First-Hold's captains.
The gathering of the new Council of 13 at First-Hold meets with a feast celebration as Dern and his men are imprisoned.
Gathering some 87 human refugees, Eranon leads Durgaz and Kyuad on the trip toward Dern's Hold.

Arc of SAHAAD, LA 100 (summer)[edit]

3. "Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.

Zal'Kazzir makes the trip to Dern's Hold, by hypogriph. There he begins to assume control in the guise of Legate Menethas.
Zal'Kazzir makes the trip toward Giant's Face as the Pathwalkers work within the human refugee villages of the Green March moving Eastward. On there travels they stop and capture Dern Halfhand and his band of mercs on their westward raids. They spend the next ten days travelling South East toward Dern's Hold, picking up villagers willing to come as they go.
The pathwalkers reaquaint with Kyaud as they travel to find Faravor, Collune and the Eye.
24th - the FULL MOON
The return of Kyuad! "returning at the turn of the tide"
The pathwalkers arrive outside Baden's Bluff near the Salt Mines of Aarl. It is morning and the sunrises as the group moves off toward the Erethor to meet Faravor.
Faravor makes his way into the Green March and finds Collune and Mi'shun. With 5 surviving Arrows and 3 Druids of the Hamlet, they collect the Cadaverous Eye and move into the Green March east toward Giant's Face.
The pathwalkers and Khalim travel south via the Shadow Path...
Following a good conversation and a better dinner, the pathwalker pick up an allie in the fight. Khalim Nahon-Duhale son of Ismar Toren of Menah-Seton and faithful son of the southern-most coastal city of Paol sets aside his life to fight for his loves. Walden offers a boon to the man, standing in his place Walden will protect his family as events unfold.
the Group arrives on Bildgewater on the Corbron Isles and sneaks down to speak with Khalim, they enter his home to dinner... (the Group consists of: Zal, Durgaz, Eranon, Belal, Walden, and the Rim Tusk Boar)
As the battle on the lines of the Green March continues from last evening the Cadaverous Eye "expels" the being from within (nicknamed: "Vryuad" by the PCs). The result has all the fighting armies blown down.
unknown to the pathwalkers - as a demon lead orc legion crashes the beaches of the Green March, Mi'shun and her Arrows aid the Lord of the land's Elves to hold them.
Zal'Kazzir orders Faravor to fly south into the Green March to scout the Cadaverous Eye, then later reconnect with him in the Erethor beyond Baden's Bluff (taking Faravor about 2 days travel to the Green March from above Fallport: 720 Miles a day, 8 hour travel at 90' movement). Zal'Kazzir then conjures the magic path of "the Shadow Walk" (taking the group about 1 days travel to the Corbron Isles from above Fallport: 600 Miles a day, 12 hour travel at 50 MPH)
Deeper north, about 1 day out of Fallport the group escapes but not before turning Vindicator to realize that he his actually the masked Walden. Durgaz talks him down and frees him of the mindwashing, in return Durgaz also aids his own troubled mind (alignment shift return).
17th - the FIRST QUARTER
the Greedy Knave arrives at Fallport. Vindicator departs with the group in cages being driven by Durgaz's Rim Tusk Boar.
Collune and the research team of the Hamlet and Caradul near the location of the Cadaverous Eye.
13th - the MOON CRESCENT
Waking up on a ship imprisoned the pathwalkers soon find that they are being taken north on the Greedy Knave captained by Capt. Aesir Norfall, commanded by the bounty hunter "Vindicator". Severely weekend (negative levels, 5th level) and still charmed, they wait for a better time for escape.
11th - the MOON ZENITH (a child born on this day is said to be "destined for greatness.")
Dinner with Jaedyn Norfall's "court". Meeting Darshod and the Vindicator (bounty hunter). The group is assaulted by charms, Eranon nearly allows escape before falling himself.
Walking into Bildgewater, Krell and Durgaz literally runs into Zal'Kazzir. As Eranon sees the battle from the forest he runs to intercept driving off or slaying Krell's asterix while Durgaz turns on his new boss allowing Zal'Kazzir to take revenge, ripping Krell into pieces with his polymorphed wyvern talons!
Late evening, Durgaz "washes up" on shore beneath the coves of the Bloody Lighthouse Isle. There he meets Krell who seems to be dealing with the coven witches. A deal is arranged and Durgaz works as bodyguard for Krell for passage back to the main isle of Bildgewater.
In these days Eranon and Zal'Kazzir search for Durgaz, having heard rumors of his death/suicide sinking to the bottom of the Pelluria. Zal'Kazzir conjures aids to work with him, but is less than impressed with the help. It is Etri who is found to have been a hidden demon of the succubus variety - following dealings with Eranon. The pathwalkers learn that Prince Jaedyn Norfall seems under the spell of Etri's coven of witches on his island fortress of Tumbledown.
Late evening aboard the Spear of Grief, Durgaz kills three Dorn shipwright carpenters while docked at Bildgewater.
Following the slaying Durgaz "committs suicide", walking off the deck of the docked ship into the Pelluria - he sinks to the bottom due to his armor. Following rumormongering coming from the Bildgewater commoners, Eranon and Zal'Kazzir search but assume him dead four days later...
Late afternoon, the Spear of Grief arrives at Bildgewater on the Corbron Isles.
By morning, an agreement is made and the Norfall House Pirate Princes begin taking the pathwalkers to the Corbron Isles.
The pathwalkers sail on the Spear of Grief following the battle. On the evening at sundown three Pirate ships, the Norfall approach.

Arc of DOSHRAM, LA 100 (spring)[edit]

2. "Planting", This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.

32nd Evening, the battle of the Eye at Sea. All but the Spear of Grief sink, it is taken by mutany.
Sunrise, the Cadaverous Eye is taken out of Baden's Bluff port. Pathwalkers follow, moving to meet Mi'shun at the Green March.
Kyuad enters the Cadaverous Eye and assumed dead! All Aryth's Fell fall!!
31 Sunrise, the Spear of Grief Leaves Baden's Bluff port with the 75 Oruk Fist.
30 Morning, White Worm actually arrives in Baden's Bluff.
28th Krell's man barters ship passage in the Bluff.
27th Arrival in Baden's Bluff.
23th Krell's man makes deal in the Bluff. (Durgaz's vision)
20th Crossed the Plains of Ash & Blood.
10th Radagug is executed for escape attempt.
9th Arrival at the Felthera River, below the Plains of Ash & Blood.
8th Zal'kazzir and Eranon catch-up to the others who have been traveling for 13 days.
6th Zal'kazzir returns to Hamlet and picks up Eranon.
3rd Zal'kazzir finishes business in Sharuun and returns to the Hamlet.
2nd White Worm is near Eisin, headed toward Baden's Bluff. [unconfirmed] (750 miles, 22-24 days)
1st Zal'kazzir arrives in Sharuun

Arc of SHAREEL, LA 100 (spring)[edit]

1. "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

31st Eranon returns on hippogriff to The Hamlet, Zal'Kazzir leaves for Sharuun.
28th Eranon and Zal'Kazzir fly to the Hag Swamp. Spend next two days working on cure. Kyuad and Durgaz leave for Baden's Bluff. White Worm is at Al Kadil, headed toward Eisin. [confirmed] (250 miles, 6-8 days)
18-27th Working on crafting, meetings with officials: War Council of Aradil, Sovaliss the Eye-Master, questioning Vrolk, etc.
19th Zal'Kazzir's family is murdered, his daughter kidnapped by Krell and his men.
18th PCs Arrive in The Hamlet.
9th PCs rescue Alamath and the slave caravan.
8th Vrolk's Ritual. (FULL MOON). Ivilose makes his stand at Worgren's Moor vs. the White Worm's additional troop of the 75 Oruk Fist, the same that fought here a year ago on this day!
4th White Worm is near Cambrial, headed toward Al Kadil. [unconfirmed] (500 miles, 15-16 days) {.5 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}
1st PCs arrive under the Obsidian Spire at midnight of the 100th year.

Year 99, LA[edit]

Arc of SUTARA, LA 99 (winter)[edit]

10. "Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

29th Pact with the Dire Gators.
25th Bog Hag attacks PCs.
24th Frostbitten Taint on "Satan Rock", Durgaz runs Thorton to safety a half day away.
22nd The Cratering of an Undead Wyvern! The meeting of Ivilose the Elven Eye of Aradil. Crossing the Shadow's Highway
15th-21st PCs stay at ShadowWall. The Destruction of NEEGA, or Just Another Crow. Disection & Diagnosis of the Aranasil beast, Crowbeast Feathers & such. Kyuad allows Diero to escape.
14th White Worm is near Worgren's Moor, headed toward Cambrial. Radagug is near ShadowWall. [unconfirmed] (750 miles, 29-31 days) {1 month from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}.
Jahzir's host begins to move west toward Eisen from the Plains of Erenland driving great herds of boro, wild horses and sheep before them.
12th-14th Durgaz and Eranon run for over a day without rest to get to the point seen in Durgaz's vision so that they may try to save Kyuad, Thorton and Walden.
12th Southern CAMPAIGN BEGAN

Arc of HISHA, LA 99 (winter)[edit]

9. "the Arc of WINTER", this time marks the heart of the winter season. The zenith of Hisha coincides with the winter solstice and is called "the Day of the Sun".

17th The Day of the Sun White Worm leaves Erenhead, headed toward Worgren's Moor. [unconfirmed] (1000 miles, 30-32 days) {2 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}
Orc tribes from the north move south toward Eisen/Zorgetch to join Jahzir's army. The FeyKiller prepares for the arrival of his host, standing ready to put new pieces on the board.

Arc of HANUD, LA 99 (winter)[edit]

8. "the Arc of the Dead", this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony "the Calling of Honors".

28th White Worm is near Worgren's Moor, headed toward Erenhead. [unconfirmed] (1000 miles, 30-32 days) {3 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}
4th White Worm is near Cambrial, headed toward Worgren's Moor. [unconfirmed] (750 miles, 22-24 days) {4 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}

Arc of OBARES, LA 99 (autumn)[edit]

7. "the Arc of AUTUMN", and time for the last preparations before winter comes. Nomadic tribes returned to winter camps and settled in for the long winter by the zenith of Obares, also known as "the Day of Rests".

22nd White Worm is near Al Kadil, headed toward Cambrial. [unconfirmed] (500 miles, 14-16 days) {4.5 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}
15th White Worm is near Eisin, headed toward Al Kadil. Radagug is sent to track Durgaz. [unconfirmed] (250 miles, 6-8 days) {5 months from 1st of Dorshram, LA 100}

Arc of ZIMRA, LA 99 (autumn)[edit]

6. "Harvest", this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.

Arc of HALAIL, LA 99 (summer)[edit]

5. "High Summer", in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.

Arc of SENNEACH, LA 99 (summer)[edit]

4. "the Arc of Battle", this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.

Arc of SAHAAD, LA 99 (summer)[edit]

3. "Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.

The Shadow minions of the north are given an initiative to form a second burning line near the forests beyond Cale. A band of resistance forms to thwart this effort before it fully gathers - Roland's Raiders (2000+ Dorn) join with nearly 3000 Snow Elves in a deadly battle in which they are out matched 3-to-1. They hold back the tide. But a massive army of undead rise from the battlefield heading south... Northern CAMPAIGN BEGAN

Arc of DOSHRAM, LA 99 (spring)[edit]

2. "Planting", This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.

Arc of SHAREEL, LA 99 (spring)[edit]

1. "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

The Shadow in the North summons the Night Kings to Theros Obsidian for punishment for failing him for so long.
8th (FULL MOON). Nodin makes his stand at Worgren's Moor vs. the White Worm's troop of the 75 Oruk Fist, holding off the band so that the "Pathwalkers" can evacuate the village of Shadowdown. Pathwalker CAMPAIGN BEGAN

Year 98, LA[edit]

Arc of SUTARA, LA 98 (winter)[edit]

10. "Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

Year 77, LA[edit]

  • BORN this Year: Kyuad Finustion

Year 74, LA[edit]

  • BORN this Year: Durgaz the Mirrorbreaker

Year 68, LA[edit]

  • BORN this Year: Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne

Year 1, LA[edit]

The dwarven clanholds of the Kaladrun Mountains begins.
The assault on the Great Forest of Erethor begins.
Erenland has been conquered.

During the Last Age[edit]

The fall of Erenland marks the end of the Third Age, ushering in a time of war, death, and despair that scholars ominously call the Last Age of Eredane.
In the aftermath of the Last Battle, a great tower is built in which children are taught the ways of Izrador to become a new generation of unholy clerics and warriors in his name. Soon, as the wars spread and Izrador’s forces needed more and more aid, the breeding programs were stepped up. Newborns stolen from across the land began to appear at the tower known as Theros Obsidia, where they were trained to serve the Shadow in the North. These, the dark god’s most faithful servants, are known as legates.


Year 897, 3A[edit]

The Third Age ends.

The Last Battle, 2A[edit]

The Enemy's march down the Eren took only months, and by midwinter the Shadow holds all the heartland of Eredane from the Northland Frontier to the Kasmael Sea. Orc hordes march east into the footfills of the Kaladruns and in the west the borders of Erethor to begin the burning.
A desperate rallied force of elves, humans and a few weary dwarves make a final stand on the coast of the Pelluria. The vigilant elves are steeled and ready, butthe humans are unprepared and fractious. The dwarves, battle hardened but with haunted souls and are simply too few. Elven scholars refer to this engagement as the Last Battle, but that name lends it too much glory.
The Last Battle is lost.
Hedgreg the Last, last of the Old Kings of the Dorns, dies in battle opposing him.
Jahzir returns as the leader of Izrador’s armies, transformed and terrible.
Izrador's armies again poured across the frontier, there is nothing to stop them. Led by the Night Kings, the Shadow's hordes drive southward crushing what little opposition they meet.

Arc of SHAREEL, 3A 897 (spring)[edit]

1. "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

When the Shadow’s armies sweeps out of the north in the spring, Jahzir rode at their head. His strategic expertise and intimate knowledge of human tactics allowed his army to cut through the arrayed defenders like so much wheat and march south virtually unchecked.

Year 895, 3A[edit]

Izrador sends a host of 12 mighty demons rampaging through the Veradeen. Ardherin consults with his colleagues, his notes and lorebooks, and then traveled to northern Erethor to battle the threat. Ardherin laid a powerful, sorcerous trap for the demon horde. When the elven wizard moved to spring the magical snare, he found himself bound instead. He had become a summoned creature, and like the demons he had so often trapped, he had become bound to a greater power—Izrador himself. The demon horde spirited Ardherin away to the presence of the Shadow, where the great elven sorcerer was lost to a nightmare of torture and magical transformation that left him at once destroyed and reborn. When some measure of sanity returned to his mind, he had become one of the immortal Night Kings. His body had been reformed into a terrible apparition of his original elven form. Ardherin, the servant of Shadow, retains the general build of his kind but is even more slender—almost gaunt. THE SORCEROR OF SHADOW, Ardherin, IS BORN

Year 891, 3A[edit]

One night, six months after an old woman began telling Jahzir her tales, the general stole from his quarters, mounted his horse, and road north alone. For days he traveled, not truly sure why, but certain his promised greatness was at stake. Then one day a black storm swept down from the northern horizon, engulfing the general, and he knew no more. When he came to, Jahzir was no longer on the plains and he was no longer entirely human. Jahzir’s form had become frightening indeed. He was much the same in aspect—dark skin, almond eyes, long black hair—but he was now larger than even the burliest Dorn, standing nine feet tall. His body was covered in the blackest plate armor, but armor that was not worn and was instead an unnatural part of his living skin. He was no longer Jahzir, Lord General of Erenland, but had been transformed into Jahzir the Night King, Lord Master of the Armies of the Shadow. His sole desire was to serve Izrador and in doing so subjugate the lands of all Eredane. THE SWORD OF SHADOW, Jahzir, IS BORN
Jahzir Kamael, Lord General of all the armies of Erenland, disappears after several seasons of fighting renegades and raiders in the north.

Year 890, 3A[edit]

An old woman begins telling Jahzir her tales...
As the threat of Izrador was again on the rise, Erethor was suffering increased infestation by demonic forces. On one of his spirit hunting forays, Ardherin begins his fall to Shadow...

Year 889, 3A[edit]

Jahzir becomes incensed, when the king decides to wed his daughter to a Dornish prince rather than him, to bolster ailing political ties. The insult infuriated him and he seethed with the righteousness of the betrayed. To hide his self-perceived shame, Jahzir rode north with his personal cadre, ostensibly to support the Dornish princes still loyal to Erenland in their civil wars. There he spent more than a year fighting renegades and wallowing in prideful bitterness.

Year 882, 3A[edit]

Jahzir's rise through both military and social ranks was as earned as it was expected, and when in this year he was made sussar and Lord General over all the armies of Erenland, no one was surprised. Jahzir’s staunch loyalty and impeccable honor were the stuff of legend and he was considered a hallmark of Sarcosan nobility. The only thing greater than Jahzir’s reputation was his pride, a fault that would eventually fell the kingdom.

Year 881, 3A[edit]

Arc of SAHAAD, 3A 881 (summer)[edit]

3. "Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.

Claiming he was retiring to found a monastery, Sunulael leaves Sharuun and takes his cult of followers to Cambrial in the summer, taking up residence in an old manor. Beneath the building he constructed the first temple to the Shadow in the southlands and erected a zordrafin corith. THE PRIEST OF SHADOW, Sunulael, IS BORN

Year 875, 3A[edit]

Arc of HANUD, 3A 875 (winter)[edit]

8. "the Arc of the Dead", this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony "the Calling of Honors".

In the winter of this year, Sunulael's meditations begin to fill with subtle visions. At first, he assumes they are the signs of age, for he was hardly a young man anymore. In time, the visions gained in strength and Sunulael began to hope that perhaps his dearest wish had come true—that the gods had finally deigned to speak to their most devout priest. Over the course of several years, Sunulael became convinced it was indeed the voice of a god speaking to him, and in truth, he was correct. It was the corrupting whispers of Izrador that intruded upon the old priest’s mind.

Year 863, 3A[edit]

  • BORN this Year: Eranon the Stalker

Year 795, 3A[edit]

Sunulael, Chief Acolyte of the Badrua, begins to serve the Sarcosan faithful, an 80 year quest, as a devoted priest of the Sorshef. He labors on the Book of Sahi, maintaining the long traditions it extolled and initiating new priests in its ways. His reputation for piousness and generosity was well deserved and he was considered the holiest man in Erenland.

Year 243, 3A[edit]

Aradil’s agents discover a coven of elven devotees of Izrador operating in Erethor. The queen personally attends to the traitors and no sign of them is ever seen again.

During the 3rd Age[edit]

Izrador spends the first centuries of the Third Age cultivating his black priesthood and sowing corruption amongst the free races. As predicted in ancient prophesies, four great heroes are corrupted by the Enemy and turned to his cause. The identities of these four remain a dark mystery to most, but they shatter the alliance that opposes Izrador and corrupts them from within.
In these days of the Last Age, Jahzir is the high commander of all the Shadow’s military forces and the campaign to subjugate the continent is his domain. He is the crowned king in Erenland


Year 1948, 2A[edit]

The Second Age ends.
Zardrix is mortally wounded during the battles and crashes to the ground in a broken and bloody heap. She lay dying for days, unable to summon aid from her surviving kin or even lift her head, before Shadow embraces her. THE WRATH OF SHADOW, Zardrix, IS BORN
Izrador is defeated again, but at great cost.
When defeat was all but certain, a warm southern gale heralded the arrival of victory. A host of raging dragons unexpectedly appear across the many fronts and savagely join battle against the Enemy and their traitorous kin. Death was everywhere, chaos was absolute. When it was over both sides are broken. Orc hordes are scattered to the north and the only dragons to be found are the broken bodies of their dead. The Fortress Wall stood, but many of its keeps lay smashed and in ruins. The armies of Eredane pray to the Lost Gods that Izrador would not rise again.
The southern dragons join the fray on the side of the humans and fey. The rise of the dread power of the Shadow only aggravates this anger and hatred, however, and when their kin allies with Izrador, Zardrix convinces her compatriots that even the dragons are not safe from such a threat. Rising from their hidden sanctuary, Zardrix leads them north to meet the Shadow’s dragon horde over the plains of the Northern Marches in the catastrophic battle that ended the Second Age.
The outcome of the war balances on the edge of a knife, everything seeming lost as flights of ancient dragonkind allies with the dark will of the Enemy ravaging the Fortress Wall.

Year 1920, 2A[edit]

A brutal war of constantly shifting battle lines proceeds for nearly 30 years. Millions of fey and humans are killed in battle or slaughtered by the invaders.
The Enemy's forces begin several tentative thrusts against the Fortress Wall.
The second rise of Izrador.
The Second War with Izrador begins with dozens of small attacks, probing sallies by orcs and savage bands of human horsemen, all along the northern frontier. No single battle would come near the carnage and destruction of the Battle of Three Kingdoms of the 1st Age, but there are far more and in the end they take a much greater toll on the lands of Eredane. Millions die, soldiers and civilians alike.

Year 1216, 2A[edit]

Across the nations, soldiers are recruited to garrison the newly completed forts.
Construction of the last of the keeps along the Fortress Wall of the Northern Marches is completed.

Year 1123, 2A[edit]

The river town of Fartherness is refounded as Alvedara, capital city of Erenland, and construction begins on the first of what will eventually be known as the Bridge Towers of the Kalif.

Year 1112, 2A[edit]

Not until after the Kingdom of Erenland emerged, proud but bloody from its forging, did the Order of Shadow regain cohesion and unification under a strong leadership. As peaceful accord was reached between the Dorns and the conquering Sarcosans, travel across Eredane became easier and more frequent; on the dusty highways, sinister emissaries traveled unnoticed with merchants, soldiers and royal envoys. The Order of Shadow was once more spreading its black tendrils, but this time it sought to infiltrate its own scattered houses and bring its wayward children back into the fold. By the time the war of rebellion erupted between the Old Empire of Pelluria and its colonial descendants, the Order had quelled its own insurrection and began to turn its eye to corrupting the emerging human nation. In the heady years that followed the casting off of the imperial yoke, it was an easy task for the legates to inveigle their way into the new structures of government. At its very inception, the seeds of destruction were planted in the Kingdom of Erenland. The legates bade their time, watching unrevealed the wars of attrition that hounded the age to its end. At most, the insidious priests acted from the shadows to sabotage the human kingdom from within, distracting, weakening resolve, undermining old alliances, and fanning the flames of fear and mistrust. The Shadow was finally driven back into the north, but the victory was hollow, and the price proved ultimately too much for Erenland to bear.
At wars end, a great meet is held. The Conclave of Kings, at this gathering the Sarcosan kalif accepts the fealty of the Dornish Kings and founds a unified human nation, the Kingdom of Erenland.
Ultimately the Old Empire is too distant to respond quickly to the needs of the war fleets. The crushing defeat of the Old Empire armada at the island fortress of Stormhold finally ends the conflict. The Old Empire relinguishes claim to the colonies in Eredane and the Sarcosan lords are free to forge their own destiny.

Year 1062, 2A[edit]

A fleet of colonial warships begin intercepting Old Empire vessels bound for Eredane. An alliance of colonial Sarcosans and their Dornish oathmen wage a bloody sea war along the Eredane coast, from Sharuun to Landfall. Hundreds of ships are destroyed on both sides, and savage ground battles are fought when Old Empire troops come ashore.

Year 861, 2A[edit]

Marriage of Hedgreg the Younger to Princess Ialla initiates an era of alliance between the Dornish kings and the Sarcosan colonial nobility.

Year 853, 2A[edit]

The Sarcosan/Dorn Wars ends, Sarcosan colonial lords offer the Dornish Kings the retention of their lands and titles in exchange for oaths of fealty.

Year 318, 2A[edit]

The Battle of Pethurin. Elven sorcerers assassinate the five Sarvosan generals comanding the assault, allowing the fey infantry to crush the attacking army. Emissaries from the Sarcosan lords sue for peace with the elves, realizing that this strange race of forest dwellers seem unbeatable within the trees and will not be drawn from them. By the end of this year hostilities cease.

Year 230, 2A[edit]

A new threat to Eredane arrives from the Dornish homeland from across the sea - the Sarcosans land a series of large invasion fleets in southern Eredane. They begin to cut and burn trees in the Erethor. The elven armies again go to war.

During the 2nd Age[edit]

The Years of Unity[edit]

Aradil beckons that the armies of Eredane are rebuilt.
Construction begins on the Fortress Wall of the Northern Marches. This vast series of defenseworks against the orc hordes eventually span the entire continent and takes centuries to complete.
For more than two centuries the races of Eredane live in harmony. Economies flourish and frontiers expand, trade grows accordingly.
At the end of the Second Age, an alliance of elves, dwarves and men defeated the armies of the Shadow in the North for the second time. In the aftermath of this war, the undead begin to plague the lands of Eredane. With the material realm veiled from the celestial kingdom by the Sundering, the souls of the dead have no way to escape the mortal world.
Eredane was again invaded in the Second Age, this time by the conquering armies of Sarcosa, the Old Empire of Pelluria. The Sarcosan Empire was a great civilization of advanced knowledge and science. They brought steel swords, great war machines, and sophisticated warcraft to Eredane, and they were the first to introduce horses and mounted knights to the continent.
The Sarcosans battled the elves, cutting and burning deep into the fringes of Erethor. Settlers from the Old Empire poured into Eredane, and the Sarcosans built great cities along the southern coasts. They eventually made peace with the elves and began trading with Erethor and the Kaladruns, carving great roads across the newly tamed wilderness. With their hold on the southern regions of Eredane secured, the Sarcosans turned their attention to the Dornish kings in the north. After years of war, the Dorns were finally beaten and the northland kings surrendered their crowns to the lords of the southern cities.
During the Second Age, the Order of Shadow came close to extinction. Persecution, isolation, and internecine warfare threatened to extinguish it where the armies of the Three Kingdoms had failed. The legates were hunted by peoples now only too aware of the dark and sinister canker in their midst. In the towns and cities, corruption and conspiracies were exposed and those involved were publicly executed; in rural regions, entrenched cultists were rooted out and destroyed. Innocents inevitably suffered in these bloody pogroms, victims of the righteous fury and fear of their fellows. In this climate of unfettered recrimination and fear, a fertile recruiting ground emerged from which the order of Shadow was able to regenerate its decimated numbers. However, with its leadership dead or in hiding and the dark god weakened by defeat, the far-flung parts of the order became estranged. Numerous cults and sects evolved in isolation from the doctrines and dictates of Bandilrin and from each other. In the centuries that followed, the fractured nature of the order became entrenched, with separatist groups following their own agendas oblivious or in opposition to the dictates of the First Legate and his ruling council.


Year 5133, 1A[edit]

Arc of SHAREEL, 1A 5133 (spring)[edit]

The Battle of the Three Kingdoms begins! Lasting 6 days, more than 5,000 elves, dwarves, and humans die. 40,000 Shadow minions are slain as the dark forces are broken and flee. The kingdoms of Eredane are victorious! And the 1st Age is at an end.

The Shadow's armies skirt the forest intending to enter at Althorin and force their way southwest to Caradul. Aradil and her generals do not give them the chance, marching defenders to meet the orc horde on the plains of Eris Aman. These allied forces of elf, dwarf and man rally about the standard of the Witch Queen and join in battle the likes of which had not been seen as yet in the history of Eredane.
The cities of Nalford, Cale and Haldred are sacked - killing everything that did not flee before them.
In the first months of the invasion, the orc army floods out of the mountains and pours across the plains. With orc come goblin, ogres, trolls and giants with the foul demons trapped by the Sundering and enthralled by Izrador. Even corrupted humans and fouled elves come with dark magics wielding divine powers not seen since the time of the elder fey burn a path toward Erethor.
The attack comes out of the Highhorn Mountains, and the Enemy's army drives southward toward the heart of the Erethor, knowing the elves are the most powerful opposition - he intends to destroy them in the first assault.
The long peace is shattered as a vast orc army pours out of the north. It is supported by goblin hordes and countless other foul creatures. The long quiet along the fronteir was only a time of spawning and preparation as the Enemy bred and armed his invasion force.
The Whispering Wood is formed.
The first rise of Izrador.

Year 4975, 1A[edit]

A Dornish King, Sedrig the Sly, founds an enlightened monastery of learning. It will eventually become the Scholar’s Academy at Highwall, a great repository of knowledge.

Year 4705, 1A[edit]

The monastery of Bandilrin, a remote outpost and quiet place of learning and meditation, has one of its younger members (Beirial the Betrayer) begins hearing a quiet voice during his meditations.

Year 4560, 1A[edit]

The entire shoreline of the Ebon Sea (now called the Sea of Pelluria) has been settled by the Twelve Great Houses of the Dornish Kings and are carved up into small kingdoms, baronies, and manorial estates. Each kingdom as its own nation, bound to one another by a complex web of fealty oaths.

Year 4410, 1A[edit]

A series of diplomatic emissaries from the Witch Queen to the Dornish Kings lead the way to a final peace.

Year 4397, 1A[edit]

Packs of undead from the Dornish battlefield become a horrifying scourge as they learn to hide and move beneath the coastal waters of the Ebon Sea, rising from the depths at night to stalk through shoreline villages.

Year 4393, 1A[edit]

Word of a new threat first reaches the elven court at the end of the last years of the Dornish War. Initially the stories of battlefield dead rising to fight again are passed off as delusions suffered in the heat of battle. Then official reports claim that dead soldiers are returning to attack the living.
The Order of Truth see it as a portent of the Enemy's growing influence and warn Aradil.

Year 3951, 1A[edit]

Arc of SHAREEL, 1A 3951 (spring)[edit]

1. "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.

The Dorns war with the elves of Erethor and the dwarves of the Kaladruns.
The Dorns land their small ships in southern Eredane, coming from across the Pale Ocean, from the continent of Pelluria, fleeing a powerful empire that has conquered their homeland.

Year 3893, 1A[edit]

Arc of SUTARA, 1A 3893 (winter)[edit]

10. "Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

'Ressial, an old seer, comes to the court of the Witch Queen, bearing word that he promised was of dire importance and Aradil agrees to a private audience. Though it is not known what passed between them, or what proof he offered for his claims, the Queen emerges from the meeting in a black and terrible fury. Aradil orders Ressial to summon his brothers to Caradul where they are installed as secret advisors to the throne - the are called the Order of Truth, beyond the walls of the elven court, they are blind prophets of lost gods now known as the Abandoned. Their portents claim a great darkness would rise and fall across the land. The prophecy speaks of a fallen god, a power from the ancient world, the incarnation of destruction, death, war, black magic, and evil. The portents names the darkness a true god and calls it Izrador, meaning the Shadow in the North in a lost elven dialect.


Eredane was invaded from across the sea by barbarian raiders from the Dornland river valley on the continent of Pelluria in the middle of the First Age.

Year 2101, 1A[edit]

Poedren of the Urthec Tribe becomes the first halfling to study magic with elven tutors in Caradul.

The Year of the Queen, Year 1, 1A[edit]

The 1st Age, now 8,234+ years ago, begins with the coronation of Aradil. Aradil the Witch Queen is crowned monarch of all the elves.
The scribe calendar begins with Aradil’s coronation. Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends.

During the 1st Age[edit]

During the First Age, the ancient kingdoms of the elves in Erethor and the dwarves in the Kaladruns were the greatest civilizations of Aryth. The heartland was home to scattered clans of nomadic halflings and gnome river folk, but much of it was untamed wilderness.
The River Eren winds through central and southern Erenland from the Sea of Pelluria all the way to the Kasmael Sea. This verdant river valley has been the homeland of the gnomes since the First Age. Their river barges sail up and down the Eren and their raft towns are scattered all along the river and the shores of the great lake the gnomes call the Goil.
The 1st Age, now 8,077 years ago, begins with the coronation of Aradil.
The Gnomes continue sailing the Goil and the River Eren, but are now most often transporting orc troops and supplies for the Shadow's war effort.
The great castles and keeps of the Dorns are razed, the last survivors of the Old Kings wage a desperate guerilla war against the ultimate triumph of the Shadow.
Sarcosan nobility who do not turn to the Enemy are nearly exterminated. Only a few brave freeriders remain to oppose the minions of Izrador on the open plains.
The forces of the Night Kings - patrols of goblins and orcs roam the countryside, killing, looting and crushing any resistance.
The dwarven clanholds of the Kaladruns experience a time of great peace and achievement. Though skirmishes with the orcs continue, the dwarves' own often-contentious relations are peaceful, and they welcome the trade and culture exchange with other races. During this time mithral is first discovered and from it built keen weapons and stout armor.
Zardrix and her draconic cohorts are unable to mediate peace among the dragonkin and so they retreat to unknown lands far to the south of the Kasmael Sea. They find solace in the old ways and hoped that in time the animosity of their northern kin would wane.
The crowning of Aradil ushers in a golden era for the elven people that becomes one of the highest points in the cultural history of Aryth.
During the First Age, the legates, led by Beirial the Betrayer, marshaled their forces in the secret places of the Highhorn Mountains and desolate wastes of the Northern Marches. They explored new vistas of power granted by the returning strength of their dark god, and their ranks were swollen with those who felt the call of evil in their blighted souls and followed its siren song into the north. In the war that ended the age, Izrador’s legates wielded his divine might to terrifying effect and the lands were scorched and defiled by black magics. Yet despite his dark power, their god was defeated at the Battle of Three Kingdoms and the order was fractured, the survivors fleeing into the hinterlands to rebuild their strength.
The Order of Shadow's beginnings in the First Age at the remote monastery of Bandilrin, the Order spreads like a poisonous cloud through the lands of Eredane, in its touch was corruption and where it passed suffering and death followed.


Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends.

Year Behind the Red Moon[edit]

Continuous earthquakes shatter the region for more than a decade.
The Vale of Tears forms in the far north of Eredane as Izrador stirs.

Year of the Far Water[edit]

The last of the dragons is born, as was foretold by the prophetess Kirinhi in her Fables of the Lizard’s Eye.

Year of Colder Stone[edit]

A miner of Modrun Clan is the first dwarf in history to kill an orc. His distinction is forever lost as, moments later, he and his party are slaughtered by the dead orc’s fellow raiders.

Year Before the Rain[edit]

Shadiuil is born. In time he will become the first of the High Kings of the elves. Aradil, known in later days as the Witch Queen of Erethor, will eventually become the greatest of this line.

Year Under the Black Sky[edit]

Erum Pel, chieftain of the Aru tribe, takes his followers deep into the Great Forest. They are saved from the demons there by spirits of the wood.

Year of the Seer Wind[edit]

Xircxi, Patriarch of the Dragons, gifts a crown of scales to Suthail Aman, High Lady of the Elthedar. The present is a token of highest honor.


When the Sundering tore divine magic from Aryth, entire species perished while others were changed. Many feral species were transformed into greater creatures and came to be known as the dire creatures. The once noble giant-men of the Kaladruns became reclusive and violent race, warring amongst themselves. In time their kind gave rise to the ogres and trolls.
A great schism formed within dragonkind as the chaos of the Sundering turned these enigmatic beings against each other. Dragonkind fought an endless war for dominance between one another, rarely concerning themselves with the ways of lesser creatures. In time the Shadow in the North would subvert many dragonkind while the nobler dragons were forced to rally with the descendants of their elthedar allies.


As is the nature of life, the elthedar that survived the Sundering grew accustomed to the new world, and in time the fear and disasters of the years of the Sundering faded from memory. Each scattered group adapted in its way, and civilization was reborn in the new forms and traditions. In time these new races, the younger fey (alethar) rise to dominate the lands of Eredane.


Zardrix is birthed in the Time of Years and becomes an ally of the Elder Kings. She was a devoted friend of Xircxi and bore him many eggs. When the Sundering fractured the draconic race, she sided with Xircxi and fought at his side. For thousands of years she was a champion of draconic honor and even advocated alliance with the children of their elthedar friends, the younger fey.

The Origin of These Years[edit]

The scribe calendar begins with Aradil’s coronation. Dates are recorded as the number of the year and the age, and with the advent of each new age the sequence of numbers begins again. Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends.
As is the nature of life, the elthedar that survived grew accustomed to their new world, and in time the fear and disasters of the years of the Sundering faded from memory.


As the sky clears, the elder fey adapt to the new world, becoming the ancestors of the dwarves and elves, halflings and gnomes, and other fey races of Eredane.
In time, the black Shadow recoils from the sky, its dark tendrils retreat to the frozen north where its shattered form lies dormant, slumbering and in time regains its power.
The remaining fey pray to the silent gods, begging for salvation. Their supplications are not heard and they fall into despair.
Fey civilization are destroyed by a maelstrom of divine chaos. Cities are razed and their inhabitants burn to ash. Those that survive are hunted by foul creatures or starve to death in the endless winter that follows.
When the Shadow fell a black veil crossed the sun and all the lands of Aryth went dark. the darkness brought with it earthquakes, floods, and rains of fire. Foul demons trapped by the veil ravaged the lands. Forests burned, mountains shattered, and waters boiled. The soul of Aryth is shattered. A shadow crept out of the darkest reach of heaven to challenge the lords of light. A great celestial war raged as the gods did battle with a dark lord and his kin. The terrible contest cracked open the sky and Aryth itself was shaken. In the end the gods of the elthedar vaquished the Shadow and banished it to the mortal world, but at a horrible cost. The dark lord's fall tore Aryth from the grasp of heaven, separating it forever from the celestial realm and its gods. Not only could the gods no longer serve their mortal children, their victory had condemned those children to the wrath of a merciless and evil lord.
This was the time of the Sundering!


In desperation, the Lords of Light sever the black spirit of the dark god Izrador, casting him out of the celestial kingdom. The fallen god's spirit is severed from his physical form, so too is the celestial kingdom severed from all contact with the material realm. The Sundering falls.
A war in heaven begins