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  1. First off, you must find out which Campaign Style you will be playing in. This will tell you how many Option Points you have, as well as how much money.
  2. You may select a Race. This will tell you your natural abilities and starting Attribute bonuses. You may also select one or more Sub-Races.
  3. You may select one or more Classes. These are occupations, training regimes or other groups of Skills and Advantages. Some will be Race specific, while others will be open to anyone.
  4. You must calculate your Attributes, adding any Race bonuses or penalites to a base of 2. You may also increase any Attributes at a cost of ten OP per point.
  5. You must now calculate your Derived Attributes, and may increase them with OPs (see the page for calculation and OP costs).
  6. You may now increase existing and select new Skills; see the page for OP costs.
  7. You may take on Disadvantages; these will give you extra points to spend.
  8. You may purchase any number of Advantages.
  9. You may purchase Augmentations, Magic and Psionics.
  10. You must calculate Humanity Loss.
  11. You may buy Equipment.

Note that after step three, you do not have to proceed in the order of the list, for example you may take a Disadvantage and spend the OP earned on Attributes.