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Kuei are the spirits of deceased ancestors whose descendants failed to give them proper funerals, or who showed disrespect at their graves. The impropriety of their descendants gives a chance for demon chi to flow in from hell, and to reanimate these creatures as tortured restless spirits.

Such spirits are initially focused on punishing their family, and their hauntings can be lethal. Once they have dealt with their families, the ghost remains hungry for death, and will become more indiscriminate in its evil. Sorcerers will sometimes bind ancient hungry ghosts to their service, and send them to harrass the Xia - such creatures are particularly tenuous and nasty opponents.


  • Physical 1
  • Mental 3
  • Social 2

Demon Trigrams[edit]

  • Hell 2 (equivalent to Heaven)
  • Chaos 2 (equivalent to Fire)
  • Storm 2 (equivalent to Wind)
  • Lightning 2 (equivalent to Thunder)
  • Mud 2 (equivalent to Earth)
  • Blood 2 (equivalent to Water)
  • Smoke 2 (equivalent to Mist)
  • Bone 2 (equivalent to Mountain)

Demon Trigrams can be channelled in the same way normal "natural" trigrams can (i.e. Hell for Accuracy, Chaos for Power, etc.)

However, they provide none of the other benefits that the natural trigrams normally do. For example, having a high Blood Trigram doesn't give protection against Fire-based Trigrams in the same way that a high Water Trigram would. Also, significantly. Demon Trigrams don't provide Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Chi Pools[edit]

  • Demon Chi 12

Demon Chi is spent to activate monster powers and to channel Demon Trigrams. It is not interchangeable with Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Resilience Pools[edit]

  • Physical Resilience 12
  • Mental Resilience 16
  • Social Resilience 14

A Hungry Ghost is immune to physical effects of most sorts - weapons and fists just pass straight through them! To harm a hungry ghost in physical combat requires a weapon blessed by Tao Alchemists using the Burn the Hungry Ghost spell.

A Xia with a ghost-banishing spell of some sort can engage in Mental Conflict to try to return the ghost to its grave, where it will sleep and become a restful ancestor again.

For Xia without recourse to such spells, Social Conflict is the best bet, cajoling, intimidating or persuading the ghost into leaving them alone. Ghosts don't really respond to human social cues though - the best tactic is to convince the ghost of promises of offerings to its grave, or to remind it of the man it used to be. A successful Social Conflict will persuade the ghost to leave, though it may return again another night.

Kung Fu Secrets[edit]

  • Manifesation

A Hungry Ghost can choose to be invisible or manifest at the start of each round, at no cost. If manifest, it can make physical attacks (though it remains immune to them). If invisible, it cannot make physical attacks, though it can still perceive its surroundings, and can still speak audibly. Striking physically at an invisible ghost is at -4 Accuracy. This penalty can reduce Accuracy to 0.

The spell No Mind allows the elementalist to see the ghost as if it were visible. The spell Reveal True Form will force an invisible ghost to become manifest, and prevent it from becoming invisible for the rest of the conflict. To use Reveal True Form the elementalist need only know that the ghost is present - exact location is not needed.

  • Energy Drain

As an action, a Hungry Ghost can make a mental attack. Instead of dealing mental resilience damage, however, it steals 1 Yang Chi per point of damage, converting it into the same amount of demon chi. It can only use this attack while manifested.

  • Creeping Fear

As an action, a Hungry Ghost can make a mental attack that deals mental resilience damage. It can use this attack while manifested or invisible. This attack power's forms vary, for example: blood dripping out of walls, items flying about or just a creeping sensation of unnatural dread. A target reduced to 0 Mental Resilience by this attack is overcome with unnatural fear, and will run hysterical and screaming from the ghost.

  • Laid To Rest

If a Xia (or other living person) approaches the ghost's physical remains with respect and propriety, the Hungry Ghost will not move to harm that Xia while he is doing so. The Xia can then perform a rightful and correct funeral for the ghost, including placing true jade with the remains, burning hell money and interring the corpse properly and respectfully. If he does so, then the ghost will return to a more human mien, and fade away returning to join the other Ancestors in heaven.

  • Redemption's Reward

Anyone who successfully lays to rest a ghost (as noted above) will be rewarded by Heaven for his good deeds. This counts as a strongly righteous act for the purposes of measuring Disharmony and Righteousness, whereas merely destroying a ghost is merely neutral with regards to righteousness..


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