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Very much a work in progress!

This is the main page for Acrozatarim, a home-brewed fantasy setting created by ___. It is being used in conjuction with Pelgrane Press' 13th Age roleplaying game.

The Initial Pitch

Dramatis Personae[edit]

The Player Characters

The main characters in this saga.

Bikwaphi - Water Genasi Thaumineer

Iskander Hajarius - Naserian Iron Knight

Pethio - Aasimar Bard

Vallin - Carthagian Vanguard

Lilwen - Nephian Assassin

Non Player Characters

Supporting cast - Important and regularly recurring NPCs

Other characters - any other NPCs of note

Setting Commentary[edit]

Details of the world in which the game takes place.

Cosmology - how things came to be, from the first elemental beings, to the creation of the Elder and Younger gods.

History - from the time of the Dawn Empire to the cataclysmic war against the Elders and bringing us up to date with the creation of the Huron state.

The Drakkath Gazetteer - A guide to the lands of the former Drakkath Empire, in which the game takes place.

Nations and Peoples - an outline of the nation states and major organisations, along with the myriad peoples of the southern continent.

The Nephians - A mysterious people behind a continent-spanning network.

System Commentary[edit]

Details of the ways the setting impacts the system.

Icons - the important power-players in the setting, whose relationships with the Player Characters can drive the story forward.

New Races - rules for playing Genasi, Gnoll and Verman Player Characters.

New Classes:

New Monsters:

  • Mephits - A host of elemental imp-like creatures.


In Sanity We Trust Productions. This is where our podcasts are hosted. Here you can listen to the sessions, mostly as they happened (we've only edited out dead air, not the general blather, noise of clattering dice and so on) for yourself. All are broken into two parts for ease of digestion.
Podcast listing - direct links to the podcasts, broken up by story/episode.
Blank character sheet

Other works from us

Mass: the Effecting - the rules for our custom-made nWoD Mass Effect hack.
The campaign wiki for Mass Effect: Transcendence - a Mass Effect game charting the adventures of Penumbra Securities, an ethical mercenary company.
The Unforgiving - Mage: the Awakening - a historical Mage game set in 1750 New York province.
Tyche's Favourites - Our historical ACKS game set in Massalia 300BC.
The Library - a semi-historical Mutants and Masterminds game about a team of occult investigators in the British Empire during the Victorian era.
City of Light - Our Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd edition game set in contemporary Paris.

Other related links

The Archmage Engine - The System Reference Document for 13th Age.