Cards and Hearts

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The Queen of Hearts has gone to war against the enigmatic card shark known only as the Dealer. As a result, they've split the Mad City right down the middle, causing such chaos to the point that even Officer Tock and the Tacks Man can't keep order in the streets. Mother When is gone, slaughtered by an Awake who took the form of a swarm of clockwork roaches and devoured her alive. The great AI called Borealis is dead as well, his realm of Electric Avenue rendered dark and silent, secrets buried in defunct machinery. The Wax King remains huddled in his underground realm, desperately trying to figure out how to stop this crisis while continuing his own plans. Even the Paper Boys and their Editor-in-Chief are having trouble getting the news out on the streets.

That's where you come in. Three Awake dragged into the Mad City for various reasons, in the midst of a war you can't understand, to do something you couldn't possibly fathom. What is it, you ask?

You'll find out.


DRYH Player Dis Ex P-Mad Special Conditions Response Response Response Hope Despair
Emily Fey Brahnamin 3 1 0 Fight Flight Flight
Scarlett Waits The Tim 3 1 0 Fight Fight Flight
Carl Ericsson Baeraad 3 0 0 Fight Fight Flight
Rebecca Song Squidheadjax 3 0 0 Fight Flight Flight
GM Pandorym 0 0


DRYH Exhaustion Talent Madness Talent Scars Recall Trans
Emily Fey Vanishing Act Princess
Scarlett Waits Lying Timeline
Carl Ericsson Baseball Illness
Rebecca Song Doctor's Hands Change