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Currently Playing

Build A Universe Where a bunch of gods from different places build a universe together. I am playing [ Argotyorn} a god of hunger and vermin who is determined to grow past his limitations and bring a world of plenty into existence.

Order of the Watchtower A city of mist game where we protect our city from mystical threats. I am Playing Garry aka BlueRain A burned out fireman who has taken up the mantle of a magical girl.


Mare In The High CastleA alternative time line my little pony friendship is magic. In which I played Mutter a courier and underground member

[BESM 3rd] Mage Brigade! A magic is summoned universe wher we play a fairy tail style guild in Austin. Where I played Rick Kay a Fox kin shadow wielder.

Highwind Adventures on the-Cloudsea A final fantasy style game ran in finalfantasyd20 on a fragmented realm. Where I player

Masks the Proving Ground A simple masks game where I played Biomass a boy who is now in control of an alien body that only wishes to consume and grow.

Mythic Fate a JRPG A Jrpg theme Fate game using mythic as the gm, I Played Rassra Trasrell A Naga magic using Apothecary

Ironclaw fur and fury A simple Ironclaw game ran using mythic as teh Gm, I played Odion A savagely built Otter mage of the earth and water.


Otter's Ransom A dungeon crawler game based out of the boom town Otter's Ransom.

Ran these

Supers of leyline island A super hero game ran in a personal fate variant

Mythic Fate a Jrpg 2 an unofficial sequel to the jrpg style fate game where I gm instead of using mythic.

Future games

Hope to run FATE in the stars someday a fate space opera trading firm game.