Althea Swyfte

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  • Lysus
  • Drama tokens: 0
  • Procedural tokens:
    • Green: 1
    • Yellow: 1
    • Red: 1


Role: Professor of Enchantment
Story: My story is of a woman who wants recognition for herself instead of for her family name.
Desire: Status.
  • Althea grew up in a family of means, but by no means among the truly upper crust of the wizard community. She has felt put upon her whole life and primarily sided against the Morrigans as an act of rebellion against her parents, who she felt saw her as little more than a prize to show off to others. Her family name is now mud and she craves a place at the top of the social order.
Backstory: The child of two Morrigan followers, Dr. Swyfte has been dogged by rumors about her connections to the Phantom Queen ever since the Morrigans' defeat. She detests her celebrity and would like nothing more than to fade into the the background. That's the reason she has returned to Concordia - though she can't truly get away, it's isolated enough that she can at least forget the outside world for a time.

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Infamy Obscurity
  • While Althea would like most to forget her family ties, it's hard to be respected if no one knows who you are. She constantly struggles with the fact that revealing the full extent of her knowledge of the Morrigans' art would instantly reveal her prevarications over these intervening decades, but would equally establish her as one of the most advanced Enchanters in the world.

The people in my life[edit]

The people in my life
Character Player Relationship What I want from them (and why I can't get it) Dramatic Poles
Forrest Doegesit Illtry Cousin
  • To admit he doesn't deserve his celebrity
  • Forrest can’t admit that he doesn’t deserve his celebrity to Althea because he truly believes that he deserves his place, his position allowed him to gain stardom yes, but he sees his battling with agents and publishers as making him deserving.
Honesty Machiavellianism
Edmonds Longfellow The Discerning Gentleman Former lovers Blistering Honesty Pessimist
Ethel Schmitz EothasianNightLight Distrust Atonement Pride
Dynadan Mather Nick the Nevermet Knows Danny's Secret Iconoclasm Charity
Hepsybeth Dankworth AndersGabrielsson Frenemies Adaptation Self Expression
Titus Leighton Iustum Awkwardness due to failed romance Builder Destroyer

What I can do[edit]

What I can do
Rank Action Descriptor
Strong Enduring Resisting spells
Strong Talking Glamours
Middling Fighting
Middling Knowing
Middling Moving
Weak Making
Weak Sneaking