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  • AndersGabrielsson
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Role: Professor of Banishment
Story: My story is of a woman who is choosing between compromise and loneliness.
Desire: Acceptance. Ever since she left her family Hepsy has been an outsider, and even before then she felt estranged from those who should have been closest to her. In adulthood she has grown lonelier still, with anyone approaching her either wanting part of her small fame, attracted by her notoriety, or otherwise wanting something from her other than herself. She doesn't need to be accepted by society at large, but she needs someone to see her for who she is and accept her.
Backstory: Hepsybeth Dankworth grew up in a family famous for being flamboyantly ambiguous about their relationship with the Morrigans in public and fiercely loyal to them in private. From a young age, Hepsy herself reveled in the notoriety of her family's reputation and played her role as heir-apparent to the Dankworth name, fortune, and social standing to the hilt. The rumours of the Morrigans' imminent return bolstered her even further, and she found herself the leader of a clique of cruel bullies.

However, when the Morrigans finally did return and Hepsy was shown first-hand the extent of their malice, she blanched. Some of what her teachers had tried to impart on her had stuck with her, and she switched sides. Most of the other Saviors never trusted her, but her fierce fighting for their side in the final confrontation made her a darling of the public and won her some grudging acceptance from a rare few among the survivors.

She has returned to Concordia to take up the post as Professor of Banishment - not her greatest talent, but one of few positions where she is trusted enough to serve.

  • Relationships:

Althea's younger brother was part of Hepsy's band of bullies and Hepsy was alternately trying to befriend Althea and teasing her to show who was on top.

Edmonds' foresight allowed him to see the truth of Hepsy's repudiation of the Morrigans and he was one of few who believed her from the start. She is still intensely grateful.

Hepsy clashed with Forrest several times during their school years, their families' different positions on the Morrigans used as cover for their own popularity contests.

Ethel never trusted Hepsy, even after Ethel's family took Hepsy in when she fled her own after they had openly pledged themselves to the Morrigans. Hepsy found Ethel in turn a pathetic nerd and brown noser barely worth tormenting, a self-righteous suck-up, a horror to share a house with, and finally an unexpectedly gracious not-quite-but-could-become friend in that year before Hepsy left for her old family home.

Basically, Hepsy is ashamed of how she treated Ethel before, but she hadn't reconciled the bookish nerd with the fierce fighter before they were parted, and meeting her again in Concordia after not seeing her for so many years has stirred up old complicated feelings.

Dynadan was the object of Hepsy's youthful infatuation, and she still has feelings for him.

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Adaptation Self Expression
  • Hepsy is well aware of her family's reputation, and though she has rejected their ideals she still looks like a Dankworth and a Dankworth looks like a Stygian Caster, which along with her tendency towards a certain abrasive frankness means she has difficulty fitting in.

The people in my life[edit]

The people in my life
Character Player Relationship What I want from them (and why I can't get it) Dramatic Poles
Ethel Schmitz EothasianNightLight Distrust
  • Trust
  • Hepsy disagrees with Ethel's change in direction and avoidance of certain potentially destructive conjurations. Ethel finds this a dangerous opinion and has a difficult time with someone questioning such a fundamental and deep-seated belief, and puts up walls in response.
Atonement Pride
Dynadan Mather Nick the Nevermet Childhood infatuation
  • Closure
  • Dynadan cannot give Hepsy closure because she's one of the few people he trusts (she's always liked him, even before he was popular in school), and he's afraid of losing her.
Iconoclasm Charity
Althea Swyfte Lysus Frenemies Infamy Obscurity
Edmonds Longfellow The Discerning Gentleman Close friends Blistering Honesty Pessimist
Forrest Doegesit Illtry Rivals Honesty Machiavellianism
Titus Leighton Iustum Owes her Builder Destroyer

What I can do[edit]

What I can do
Rank Action Descriptor
Strong Fighting Countering spells
Strong Talking Provoking
Middling Enduring
Middling Knowing
Middling Sneaking
Weak Making
Weak Moving