Titus Leighton

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  • Iustum
  • Drama tokens: 0
  • Procedural tokens:
    • Green: 1
    • Yellow: 1
    • Red: 1


Role: Professor of Crafting and Artifice
Story: My story is the story of a man trying to find a difference between building and destroying.
Desire: Absolution.
  • Titus feels very guilty over the weapons of war that he built during the conflict and the people that they killed - both enemy and innocent.
Backstory: Titus was a pure scholarship student - almost a charity case. His family, which has produced a few school graduates but no one outstanding, had fallen in socioeconomic status generations ago and seemingly fallen from magical talent as well. But, the residue of the always-marginal Leighton name and Titus's real (though apparently meager) talents were just enough for him to squeak into Concordia.

Then came his first magical crafting class, which revealed or unlocked his true magical talent: creating magical devices and artifacts. For all that he may lack in ability with spontaneous evocation, he's a once-in-a-generation, probably once-in-a-century, maybe once-in-a-millenia crafter. The talent served him and his friends well in the conflict with the Morrigan.

He returned to Concordia to teach because he feels a great deal of guilt over some of what he and his devices did during the conflict, and he seeks to expiate that through teaching the next generation of wizards to exercise more responsibility with their workings.

  • Relationships:

Titus has romantic feelings toward Althea, but this is complicated both by her former relationship with Edmonds (who Titus despises) and the conflict between Althea and Ethel (who is Titus's best friend in the group), so he's never acted on them. This skein of issues has led to a sort of mutual awkwardness.

Titus blames Edmonds for many of the deaths during the conflict, and in fact thinks that Edmonds may have orchestrated or allowed the deaths of others to save his (Edmonds') own hide after prophesying dangers directed at himself. He'd see Edmonds cast out from Concordia if he had enough influence to do it.

Titus regards Forrest as everything that is wrong with Concordia - a person getting by on their family history and reaping all sorts of undeserved praise. Titus is sure that the resentment runs both ways regarding his own background.

Ethel and Titus don't seem like a natural fit, but their mutual (though quite different) outsider status in fact makes them very good friends and allies.

Titus has tried his best to stick by Danny through his recovery - the two were fairly good friends before the conflict, and Titus is unreservedly a fan of Danny's sports heroics - but Danny's continued attempts to push Titus away are starting to wear on the relationship.

Titus was lucky to have Hepsy in the same class in school: she drew the attention of much of the schoolyard ire that would likely otherwise have been directed at him. He feels like he owes her something for this, and has tried to help her out when he can.

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Builder Destroyer
  • Titus is a builder by nature and wants to construct a bright future out of his past but he recognizes that the only way forward is to tear down the edifice of the old magical world, probably including Concordia.

The people in my life[edit]

The people in my life
Character Player Relationship What I want from them (and why I can't get it) Dramatic Poles
Forrest Doegesit Illtry Resentment
  • Recognition (that the system is flawed)
  • Forrest can’t give Titus recognition of the flawed system which favored him as the acknowledgment of a mistake would completely destroy his sense of order. The world makes sense to Forrest because each person has their place, which he can exploit to his advantage.
Honesty Machiavellianism
Dynadan Mather Nick the Nevermet Strained friendship
  • Openness
  • Dynadan cannot grant Titus openness because Dynadan views Titus as too supportive to be sincere.
Iconoclasm Charity
Althea Swyfte Lysus Awkwardness due to failed romance Infamy Obscurity
Edmonds Longfellow The Discerning Gentleman Despise each other Blistering Honesty Pessimist
Ethel Schmitz EothasianNightLight Outsider friends Atonement Pride
Hepsybeth Dankworth AndersGabrielsson Owes her Adaptation Self Expression

What I can do[edit]

What I can do
Rank Action Descriptor
Strong Making Intuitive design
Strong Enduring Stoicism
Middling Fighting
Middling Knowing
Middling Talking
Weak Moving
Weak Sneaking