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  • Nick the Nevermet
  • Drama tokens: 0
  • Procedural tokens:
    • Green: 1
    • Yellow: 1
    • Red: 1


caption=Dynadan in Tutor of Wizard Staff Uniform
Role: Professor of Embodies Magicks (Gym teacher), Wizard Staff Tutor (head coach)
Story: My Story is the story of a man who is looking for his place in a world he has given up on.
Desire: A sense of peace with the world
  • Dynadan was able to free himself from the paralysis of doubt by giving up on most of his goals in life. All that is left for him really is a desire to just... be. To feel he is where he is supposed to be.
Backstory: Dynadan “Danny” Mather was a star athlete when he was a student: Captain of wizard staff team, and a starting forward on the salamander polo team. When the Morrigans first presented as a threat, he was one of the first to stand to oppose them… and one of the first they struck down. At the beginning of the first fight, he was dropped with a spell that literally paralyzed him with fear and insecurity. He recovered enough to help The Saviors by the final conflict, but the Danny everyone once knew was gone. Dynadan was now a man without hope nor fear, prone to bouts of fatalism.

Over the last five years or so, he’s increasingly taken control of his own life. There was an opening for wizard staff coach, and to his surprise, he both applied to it and got it. Unlike many of the Saviors, his “celebrity” is a bit ironic, as his name became synonymous for a time with a failure to realize one’s potential.

  • Relationships:

Althea is the only person who knows of Danny’s unrequited love of Erik before he passed. Because she knows, Danny avoids her and doesn’t trust her.

Danny was always there to cheer Edmonds up when he got into a dark spell, and Edmonds returned the favour a bit while Danny slowly recovered. Danny’s fatalism has the effect of him not blaming the diviner for letting that fight unfold the way it had to.

Forrest and Danny were friendly when Danny was a star athlete, but Forrest has avoided the broken coach since. Danny has given up on Forrest.

Danny thinks Ethel should be more proud, and Ethel dislikes that Danny teaches teenage boys how to hit each other with glowing sticks.

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Iconoclasm Charity
  • Dynadan has given up a lot to recover from what was taken from him. Sometimes, he doubts anything he does can matter at all. Other times, he thinks it can matter for others. Importantly, neither of these necessarily functional (or dysfunctional). In some moods, he is critical and suspicious of everything as a reflex, regardless of whether it is truly warranted. In other moods, he is giving but also tends to make people into projects to solve.

The people in my life[edit]

The people in my life
Character Player Relationship What I want from them (and why I can't get it) Dramatic Poles
Titus Leighton Iustum Strained friendship
  • To investigate Forrest
  • Titus refuses to assist Danny in investigating Forrest because he thinks Danny is using suspicion of Forrest as a way to distract from Danny's own problems. Titus also already thinks that Forrest is a beneficiary of a corrupt system, and investigating his own personal foibles is a waste of time that could be better spent addressing broader problems and he wants Forrest on-side for that process.
Builder Destroyer
Hepsybeth Dankworth AndersGabrielsson Childhood infatuation
  • To contact Erik
  • Hepsy will not help Danny contact Erik because that is deeply Stygian magic and she is not going to risk what small trust she has won among magical society on that kind of project, even for her childhood crush.
Adaptation Self Expression
Althea Swyfte Lysus Knows Danny's secret Infamy Obscurity
Edmonds Longfellow The Discerning Gentleman Forlorn souls Blistering Honesty Pessimist
Forrest Doegesit Illtry Ex-fair-weather friend Honesty Machiavellianism
Ethel Schmitz EothasianNightLight Conflicting perspectives Atonement Pride

What I can do[edit]

What I can do
Rank Action Descriptor
Strong Fighting Master of Wizard Staff Fighting
Strong Talking Speaks with Authority
Middling Knowing
Middling Moving
Middling Sneaking
Weak Enduring
Weak Making