Edmonds Longfellow

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  • The Discerning Gentleman
  • Drama tokens: 0
  • Procedural tokens:
    • Green: 1
    • Yellow: 1
    • Red: 1


Role: Professor of Divination
Story: My story is of a man who wants forgiveness from his peers and from himself.
Desire: Internal Peace
  • Ever since Edmonds was a teenager he has always struggled with his gift. It has allowed him to see the worst in people, as well as the inevitable deaths of all those he is closest to. This often leaves him withdrawn and depressed, wondering what the purpose of all this is, as he watches it all turn to dust before his eyes.
Backstory: An orphan left to surviving at a young age, Edmonds natural ability at foresight helped keep him out of harm's way, except from himself. The aftermath left him with a deep dark depression, unbearable guilt, and self loathing. How could he had not seen what was to happen on that fateful day?
  • Relationships:

On returning to Concordia and seeing Althea once again, it was like a light cast upon the Darkness of all the years past. But there was probably no way she would ever consider dating him again...

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Blistering Honesty Pessimism
  • Edmonds doesn't often hold his tongue, especially when prodded. Since he doesn't sugar-coat things and doesn't fair well in social navigation, this often leaves him with close friends who admire his keen perception, or without friends who deem him a doomspeaker.

The people in my life[edit]

The people in my life
Character Player Relationship What I want from them (and why I can't get it) Dramatic Poles
Althea Swyfte Lysus Former lovers
  • Reconnection
  • Althea can't give Edmonds what he wants because she never felt all that strongly for him in the first place. He was what was available at the time, and she left him as soon as it no longer seemed like the best option. She doesn't see him as anything more than a past fling that she barely thinks about anymore.
Infamy Obscurity
Titus Leighton Iustum Despise each other
  • Forgiveness
  • Titus refuses to forgive Edmonds because Titus regards Edmonds as fundamentally selfish - until that changes, he’ll never believe that Edmonds was trying to look out for others instead of himself.
Builder Destroyer
Forrest Doegesit Illtry Childhood bullying Honesty Machiavellianism
Ethel Schmitz EothasianNightLight Close friends Atonement Pride
Dynadan Mather Nick the Nevermet Forlorn souls Iconoclasm Charity
Hepsybeth Dankworth AndersGabrielsson Close friends Adaptation Self Expression

What I can do[edit]

What I can do
Rank Action Descriptor
Strong Knowing Intuitive
Strong Moving Foresight
Middling Talking
Middling Enduring
Middling Sneaking
Weak Fighting
Weak Making