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Son of Fiona
Looks Early 20s

Trevian's auburn hair and gray eyes fit oddly, but pleasingly with his tanned skin and Asian features. His teeth and complexion are almost unnaturally perfect: shining white smile, not a single freckle. He's short, perhaps 5'8", slender and quick—quick to smile, quick to frown, ready with a wisecrack or a penetrating observation by turns. Trevian is unpredictable, but his actions always seem in retrospect to have had a plan behind them from the beginning. He's more likely to carry knives than a sword, and more likely than either (where Shadow permits) to carry a gun.

He's rarely to be found around Amber, as his mother keeps him on the hop with mysterious errands in Shadow. (Probably they're less mysterious than he makes them seem.) Even before he walked the Pattern in Tir, he was a seasoned traveler, having accompanied his mother, and sometimes his uncle Bleys, on many voyages. If any of the cousins have encountered him in Shadow, he was surprised, perhaps even frightened to see them, and stonewalled any questions of what he was doing or why he was there.

Publicly Known Incidents[edit]

One time when Adam was on some Shadow exploring a long-lost temple, he stumbled onto a trap that had already been set off. Hearing faint groans, he started moving boulders out of the way, and discovered his cousin Trevian. Once Adam had cleared the majority of the boulders, Trevian, in his rush to get free, managed to shove the last one off him, exhibiting a level of strength greater than Adam had thought he had.

While riding from the Forest of Arden up Mount Kolvir, Ambrose and Trevian happened upon a massive oak blocking the road. For reasons unknown, Trevian decided it was better to move it out of the way all by himself. He failed. Ambrose gave him a scathing look and jumped over the oak with his horse.

Cara saw Trevian once in a near Earth Shadow, and watched him handle a marathon better than she expected.

Nick once saw Trevian run a marathon. Afterwards he was winded more than usual. Maybe, the party the night before took something out of him.

At the camping ground on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius where Ryan and Trevian crossed paths, they were ambushed during the night by a pack of Chaos creatures. Ryan saw Trevian strike down the initial attackers with enough strength to kill them outright.

Initial Rankings[edit]


Nicholas >> Midna > Bax, Cara, Ryan > Adam, Ambrose > Trevian > (Amber rank)


Cara >> Adam > Midna > Ryan, Bax, Trevian > Ambrose, Nicholas, (Amber rank)


Adam > Ambrose, Bax > Ryan, Cara, Nicholas > Trevian > Midna > (Amber rank)


Ambrose >> Ryan >> Bax, Cara > Nicholas > Midna > Adam > Trevian > (Amber rank)