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Dungeonpalooza is a collectively-created world for any version of Dungeons and Dragons, Castles and Crusades, or just about any fantasy system where the GM wants to add a bit of levity -- and dungeons. LOTS AND LOTS OF DUNGEONS.

Dunegeonpalooza is designed to be a "living system" -- constantly in flux, with enough freedom for GMs to throw in just about any creature, location and dungeon their minds can create. The tone is generally humorous, although there are opportunities for drama and even terror. It is safe to say that if you aren't playing the setting at least some for laughs, though, that you are missing the point.

Read Thoth93's DungeonpaloozaIntro for a general introduction to the ideas behind Dungeonpalooza, or check out Dungeonpalooza's continents and deities to get it straight from the horse's mouth (but watch out, this is Gygaxian D&D; that might turn out to be a Vorpal Horse).

Enjoy what we've created so far, and add your own ideas -- either to the offical thread in the forums, or here.

The Continents of Dungeonpalooza[edit]

Cretaton, where gnome meets dinosaur in a land of savage, one-sided battle.

Kas-Turaaal, now with every type of climate for your adventuring convenience.

Pagurus; In Pagurus, the crabs scratch you!

Schlackengravva, storied birthplace of dwarven surliness.

S'yar Wan, a rainy, depressing and rodent-infested haven for adventurers too low-level to fight real monsters.

A Low-Rent, Black and White Map of Dungeonpalooza

Prestige Classes[edit]

The Axemaster is a student from Urferberf's Academy of Axemanship who emulates his mentor's axe-based combat style.

The Dino-Tamer has attuned his spirit to the dinosaurs of western Cretaton, granting him a dinosaur companion, special skill at defending himself from dino predators, and even a few spells and quirks derived from his link with nature.

The Dwarven_Widow is a member of the elite Dwarven Widow Corps, a Schlackengravva security force that employs widows as front-line warriors against criminals and invaders.

Gods and the Afterworld[edit]


Bloat, Chaotic Neutral god of reproduction voted "Fertility god least likely to put you in the mood"

Dwarven_Ancestors, great heroes, sages, and glove-makers worshipped by their living descendants in the Dwarven Empire

Elro_Mittin, Neutral Good greater deity and crazy old father of the halfling race

Festus, Chaotic Neutral god of weather and agriculture

Galfyndwr, Chaotic Evil god of fire and healing (to keep those peasants burning hotter, longer)

Girek, Neutral Evil Lord of the Damned

The_God_Of_Irony, Neutral god of irony and poetic justice

Harus, (arguably) Neutral god (arguably) of hotly-debated jurisdiction

Kyrb, Chaotic Neutral, sworn enemy of architecture (yes, he is Orcish, how did you know?)

Lulham, Chaotic Neutral demigod of twisted traps, cursed items and messy pranks

The_Laughing_Goddess, Chaotic Neutral goddess of adventure

The_Lurker_Beneath, Chaotic Evil cthuloid horror worshipped by parrot-wielding cultists

Melathea, Chaotic Good goddess of elves and unfathomable, horrific kindness

Polaza, Chaotic Good child-god of toys, now offering the magic of childhood in convenient spell list format

The_Red_Handed, Lawful Evil god of military might

Saint_Arkeos, Lawful Neutral god of architecture and master of the Flying Buttress

The_Shining_One, Lawful Good sun god and patron of spelunkers

Singsong_Slingswinger, Chaotic Good goddess of gnomes, song and trade

Vashar, Neutral Good goddess of relaxation, putting in a half-day in the fight against evil

Vermilax, Neutral Evil lord of creeping things

Madawasafa, Chaotic Neutral gnomish goddess of invention