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Once you all shared a dream.

Not just a hope or an ambition, an actual waking dream. The Empress came silently into your class on the first day of school, ignored the grovelling teacher and looked through the rows of awestruck, kneeling children. She looked directly at each of you, one by one, as though marking you out in some way or trying to learn something about you. Then she walked out, without a word.

Nobody seemed to want to discuss it for a few days but then you realised: nobody else remembered it, teacher or children. But all of you did and that was how you formed the close-knit group that you did -discussing your vision and what it might mean together turned into discussing your hopes for the future in general. Maybe not all of you were equally close and maybe not all you always got on, but you were a closed wall to outsiders and, as your teachers quickly learned, a formidable team in any kind of problem-solving exercise: physical, martial or mental. Combining your various skills and aptititudes, there was very little beyond your reach and it was always an unspoken assumption that things would stay like that forever, after you graduated and (of course) swore an oath of brotherhood.

But they didn't. The summer after graduation, six years ago, was the last time you were all in one place together at the same time -a Cynis garden-party. What happened? Some of you might have felt pressure from your families to stop seeing your unsuitable friends, some of you might just have had ambitions you had to pursue alone. Some of you might have had fierce quarrels awakening years of buried resentment; others might have just drifted apart after half-hearted attempts to keep in touch.

But now, one of you is dead and the group must come together again.

Exalted: The DragonBlooded: Rumours of War[edit]

The Wiki page for the Exalted play-by-post game heavily based on intrigue, mystery, interaction and relationships between the PCs and NPCs

Player Characters[edit]

  • Cynis Hasinja Kytharsis: Ruthless, charismatic Cynis politician. Played by Rip van Mason.
  • Cynis Hasijna Zende: Earth Aspect rough vice thug who is obessed by the Empress. Played by chrespo.
  • Mnemon Guilo: Freelance pirate hunter. Played by Drakensis.
  • Mnemon Horus: Rigidly loyal and scrupulous commander in the Legions. Played by CrazyIvan.
  • Ragara Calel Falia: Passionate Warrior Training to Become Head of Ragara’s Security. Played by S7Michelle.
  • Tepet Usera: Unhappy general and would-be artist. Played by Kayshi.
  • Sesus Deneri Ravel: Former arrogant bully turned devout Immaculate monk. Played by Tyrnis.
  • V'Neef Desro: Trickster and trader with a twisted sense of fair play. Played by Toras.

Rumours of War Character Sheet Template

Non-Player Characters[edit]

Relationship Charts[edit]

Time Line[edit]

Recruitment Notes[edit]

Hello. I'm just testing out interest in a 2E Dragonblooded game, heavily based on intrigue, mystery, interaction and relationships between the PCs and NPCs. As the opening text indicates, you're all part of a once-close group of Dragonblooded Exalts who were students together and share the same ambiguous memory, dream or vision of the Empress visiting their class and picking them out. I particularly want creation of the group dynamic to be a group effort, so when thinking up a character, I'd like you to consider the following questions (you don't need to explicitly answer all of them, just to bear them in mind):

  • How did your character react to the Empress' appearance and the realisation that only the others remembered it?
  • Who is your character closest to in the group? Who are they least close to and why? Have they had any romantic feelings towards other group members and/or have they had any serious fights with other PCs?
  • What role did your character play in the group, in group debates and arguments and in overcoming challenges?
  • What caused your character to break off contact with the others?

There are a couple of other points, but I want to wait til I know definitely who's in before asking anyone to contribute them because they'll be quite fundamental to the game in different ways, so don't answer them just yet but you can be thinking about them if you like:

  • Contribute one fact about the dead member of the group (anything from gender, Aspect or House to a personal detail of your relationship with them or a story about them -the idea is that the group and myself will actually generate the character as a group. I'll give more details on in time)
  • What was your character doing at a certain moment in the Cynis garden-party, the last time you were all together? (again, I'll return to this and explain it later on)

Setting Information[edit]