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Kingdoms is a fantasy game set in the fae realm of Arcadia, where two opposing brother-kings clash in a highly formalised contest of warfare and intrigue to determine who will rule. This is the Game of Succession, which only one brother can win.

Kingdoms is based around the imagery and structure of a game of chess, but does not use the rules or the board of that game. Instead, the contests are based on preparation, player creativity and an element of luck!

As a roleplaying game, Kingdoms is designed with a one-GM / four-player format in mind, with each Game of Succession typically lasting 3-4 sessions of a few hours each. It is heavily structured, and explicitly a player versus player game. It is designed to be most rewarding for players and GMs with strong imagination and the ability to roleplay and maintain multiple roles and characters, but also rewards smart strategic and tactical thinking.

This is, however, a game of narrow focus and finite length, probably most enjoyable for the first two or three times you run through it. Also, it is unashamedly different from most rpgs in that the goal here is to win and to defeat the enemy players. As such, its not for everybody! However, if you like what you see, and you're interested in trying something a little different to the usual rp experience, please give it a go!


For one thousand years the High King rules over Arcadia, just as his father did before him, and his father's father before. Through him, Glamour flows into the realm, sustaining the very existence of his kingdom and his people.

Now though, the millennium draws to an end and Arcadia demands that the High King is sacrificed on the Altar of Seasons. At the very moment the High King dies, his Queen bears him two twin sons.

Watch as the sons grow into adulthood. As has always been, one turns to Light and the other to Darkness.

The Seelie Prince of the White Domain becomes a man of honour and tradition, beloved by his loyal subjects.

The Unseelie Prince of the Black Domain becomes a man of passion and ambition, surrounded by like-minded followers who fear and respect his strength.

They reach their eighteenth birthday, and on that day each Prince receives a bride from realms beyond their own.

As they take their Queens they change from being Princes to Kings, and their Court assembles around them... Two Knights to lead in War, two Bishops who master Intrigue, two Rooks as defenders of the realm, and Eight Armies to fight for the kingdom.

The two brothers realise that there cannot be two Kings, and that the Black Court and the White Court cannot rule the next millennium together. Only one can rule. As in generations and millennia previous a war must be fought.

This war, The Grand Game of Succession will rage for up to twelve years, till only one brother remains. Victory will give him control of Arcadia for the next thousand years, and it will be the victor whose vision shapes reality.

Let the Game commence.

Rules of Engagement[edit]

This section provides all the information you need to play the game.

The Court[edit]

This section explores the different Pieces in more detail. This section is primarily a set of tools for the Adjudicator, to help him put rules to the various descriptions.

The Realm[edit]

This section is additional information and also includes additional resources for players and GMs. Players of the game can read this section, but it isn't essential to gain enjoy the game.

Sample Courts[edit]

This section presents sample courts. Game groups in a hurry can pick up one of these "off the shelf" to play with, but generally they're here just as examples. Creating the Court is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of the game, so the players ideally should do so themselves!

White Courts:

Black Courts:


This is a complete roleplaying game, originally created on the wiki by Asklepios.

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