Last Voyage of Delilah, Season One

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ACQUISTION: Feb 2525 - Apr 2525

01 Feb 2525 - Episode 101: An Auspicious Start ––– The crew meet at the Eavestown Docks after each fleeing Triad thugs for different reasons. Freddie Piper is shot and killed. They escape and manage to repair Delilah enough to fly, but discover a dangerous treasure aboard.

03 Feb 2525 - Episode 102: The Wolf You Feed ––– Valentine wins free of predators and moral dilemmas in the Black but becomes trapped by both once on the dirt of Anson's World.
06 Feb 2525 - Episode 103: The Wolf That Wins ––– A peaceful solution to the Paderborn situation wins in the end, but paranoia and doubt manage a victory, too.

09 Feb 2525 - Episode 104: Home Fires Burning ––– Valentine goes home to Paquin to settle outstanding debts ... and finds himself embroiled in new ones.

12 Feb 2525 - Episode 105: Beaumonde Shell Game ––– Valentine must fulfill his duty to his cargo and his crew without incurring casualties to either.
23 Feb 2525 - Episode 106: Newhall, New Directions ––– Valentine draws closer to Beylix and desired freedom, only to find himself mired in an unexpected situation on Newhall.

10 Mar 2525 - Episode 107: Junkyard Dogs ––– The crew rescues a struggling town harrassed by mauraders and Valentine had to decide where he will go from there.

14 Mar 2525 - Episode 108: Clementine Run ––– Valentine finally commits to Delilah and her crew. He takes on his first job as the official Captain ... and of course, it goes a little sideways.
26 Mar 2525 - Episode 109: Sophian Secrets ––– Nuri's post-op recovery takes a downward turn and the crew scrambles to find a hospital that can treat her. The search leads them to Sophie but not before they become tangled in secrets along the way and on the ground.
01 Apr 2525 - Episode 110: Confidence Games ––– Valentine manages a quid pro quo to the benefit of the crew on Sophie but discovers Poco and Rachel pulling an end run around him on Beaumonde. A complication from Tian's past shows up just before the crew takes off for Rockhaven Waypoint in the Halo

05 Apr 2525 - Episode 111: A Rock and a Hard Place ––– The crew arrives at Rockhaven Waypoint to find it embroiled in dangerous stalemated battle for control of the station, stranding several uninvolved ships and crews, while representatives of Corone Mining look on.
09 Apr 2525 - Episode 112: Artemis Artifice ––– We rendezvous with our cargo's clients ... but things don't go smooth with the transfer. Val has to pull a gun to win the crew free of entanglements, making an enemy of the CPA along the way and throwing Tian into a maelstrom of doubt.

18 Apr 2525 - Episode 113: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, Part 1
20 Apr 2525 - Episode 114: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, Part 2

Season One Hiatus[edit]

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