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Shadows of Shen Zhou: An alternate modern day/ near future setting based on Weapons of the Gods. A massive city of skyscrapers, neon lights, golden dragons, electric highways and squalid slums; where corporate marketing departments wield the secret arts and backsteet daoists will curse your enemies for the right price. Wulin can be media superstars, government enforcers, corporate liquidators, gangland enforcers or protectors of the downtrodden - or any of the above.

Welcome to the Shadows of Shen Zhou wiki page. This is a PBP Weapons of the Gods game being run in the forums. This page will hold character information, setting, rules changes and - most importantly - Loresheets.

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As a general point about lores, (most of) the ones from classic WotG are still available to purchase. The history presented there is the history of the Shadows of Shen Zhou setting, and you can be just as descended from one of the historical figures as you would in the default setting. Use your common sense.




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Much of this setting is inspired by the awesome folks that brought us ZaijianHoneyBlues. Kudos!