The Slayers II

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PCs for the Platemail subcampaign of The_Wyzard_Runs_OD&D
Please list characters in alphabetical order. Let me know if you have any questions or difficulties. Copy and Paste the blank character sheet into position, then add the relevant information where indicated by parentheses. Please don't overwrite the blank sheet.

The Slayers[edit]

Blank Character Sheet[edit]

Character Name[edit]

  • (Class): (Level)
  • (Starting XP Here)/(XP needed to level up)
  • Hits: ()/()
  • Combat Pool: (number of dice here)
  • Modifiers:
  • Morale:
  • Reaction:
  • Initiative:
  • Movement:


  • Gifts & Curses: (Give their names and a brief description of what they do in the blanks below.)
  • Abilities: (Same as for G&C)


  • Armour: (List Armor and Shields here)
  • Weaponry:
  • Gear: (To save space, place all equipment here in one line)
  • Treasure
    • Marks:
    • Crowns:
    • Shillings:
    • Pennies:
    • Farthings:
    • Gems, Jewelry, and so forth: