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Historical Overview, The Swallowing, The Rescue, The Golden Age of Siyathemba, The Witchking and Mjimfu, The Dark Ages, The Rise of Milikyunjovu, The Empire Today


Imperial Society, Languages, Government, Clans, Societies, Land Ownership, Recreational Drugs


Currencies, The Economy, Trade Routes


Magic and Technology, Medical, Communication, Maritime, Martial, Transportation, Agriculture, Building and Architechture, Consumer


Overview of Kidini, Origins, Cosmology and Mythology, Masafu ya Kidini, The Kanisa, Utawa, Uguzi, The Ancestors, God of Many Names, The Saints, The Legends, The Spirits, The Law,Hero Societies, Cult Societies (Nyamazimu - SpiritAnimals), Trade Societies, Witches and Njama

Regional Variations[edit]

Confederacy, Wakayesa, Wangumbi, Wakomoga

Nonhumans in the Empire[edit]

Wajovu - Elephants, Wazimwi - Ogres, Wakonyingo - Heavenpeople, !Tsharg - the People who Sit on their Hands, Spirit Animals, Integrating Yrth Races

Kingdoms of Ubantu[edit]


Welcome to Milikyunjovu, the Empire of the Elephant
The Governing of the Empire
Ameru, Transmontane Colonies, Cities, King
Kaagwe, Ukayesa, Cities
Mbolu, Utsima, Cities
Newara, Ngumoga, Cities
Serawe, Transmontane Colonies and the War, Cities
The Confederacy, City1, City2, City3, City4, Kabakaswa, Mshabeleswa, Other islands, Port Colonies

The South[edit]

Wasakara Kingdoms

The North[edit]

The Umugombe Kingdom, Othamaki, The Oregi League

The East[edit]


Places and Geography[edit]

Geographical Overview, MAP

The East[edit]

Nyasa Sea, Bay of Chomba, Katigongo Range, Mountains of Heaven

The West[edit]

Ugenji, Ipori, Borderlands

The North[edit]

Gwanyija Jungles, Ulangwa Savannah

The South[edit]

Khoinama Steppes, Xang/a Desert, //Tane Swamp


Magic Intro, MaUtawa - Preists, Uganga - Sorcery, Uguzi - Channeling, Uchawi - Witchcraft, Unga - Necromancy, Beads,


Overview of the Peoples


The Wadiningwayo - tropical slash and burn horticulturalists, The Walangwa - semiarid temperate mixed agarian/pastoralists, The Wachomba - sailors and fishers, The Wakoka - modern pseudofeudalists, The Watsima - lake dwellers and rivermen, The Wamugombe - tropical savannah agarians, The Wakayeso - tropical silvaculturalists, The Wakomoga - tropical agarians, The Wangumbi - tropical sedentary pastoralists, The Wasakara - savannah nomadic pastoralists
Heavenpeople: the Wakonyingo
Pygmies and Others: The Massai - warrior pastoralists, The Twafwe - jungle hunter-gatherers, The Tsan - desert hunter-gatherers, the Khoinama - semiarid pastoralists, The Wagumba - burrowing agarians in the Empire
Amazimu: Wazimwi - Ogres, Churimu - Leopardweres, Simbrimu - Lionpeople, Fisrimu - Hyeanaweres, Chiwandrimu - twofaced Cannibals, Watabele - Halfmen
Sentient Animals: The !Tsharg - baboonlike slaves, The Wajovu - psychic elephants, Spiritanimals - Nyamazimu
Variant Births: Albinos, Twins, Breachbirths


Domesticated Animals[edit]

Overview of Species, Cows, Other Ruminants, Walangwa Domesticates, Oryx, Quagga, Fowls, Dogs, Cheetahs, Apiculture, Rodent Control, Parrots, Monkeys, Rainbowsnakes,Totempets

Wild Animals[edit]

New Animals, Inanimals, Heavenfigs


Advantages Old and New, Disadvantages Old and New, Skills Old and New, Character Types