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Interest Re-recruitment IC OOC

The Premise[edit]


The player characters[edit]

Skuld, played by Argent

Ylva, played by AndersGabrielsson

Miekke, played by Atlictoatl

Solveig, played by Lysus

Freyr, played by Dirty Chai


Highlighted stats are bold/red.

Name Playbook Cool Hard Hot Sharp Weird
Skuld Battlebabe +3 -2 +1 +1 +1
Ylva Maestro D' =0 +1 +3 +1 +1
Miekke Skinner -1 0 +2 +2 -1
Solveig Brainer +1 +1 -2 +1 +2
Freyr Gunlugger +1 +3 -1 +1 0


Column has Hx on Row, as listed

Skuld has... Ylva has... Miekke has... Solveig has... Freyr has...
...on Skuld N/A +3 +1 +2 -1
...on Ylva -1 N/A +2 +2 +2
...on Miekke -2 +2 N/A +1 +3
...on Solveig +3 +1 -1 N/A -2
...on Freyr +x +1 +1 +3 N/A

Former characters[edit]

Dragi, played by DannyK

Loki, played by The Tim


  • Skuld can trust Ylva. Her needs are simple and obvious, and dealing falsely is the surest way to undermine her position, such as it is.
  • Can Skuld trust Loki? If trust means predict, no. If trust means will have her back, no. If trust means won't lie to or use her, no. Unless trust means something really weird, nope not at all.
  • Skuld can trust Miekke to be who they are, and to do what they can to help out in a pinch.
  • Skuld stood up to Loki and the Wolves, for the sake of Key. Loki follow-up
  • Ylva figures she could take Loki in a fight. Not because she's stronger or faster or a better fighter. Loki can afford to lose. Ylva can't.
  • Miekke rode with the Wolves for a time, first on the back of Hel's snowmobile, then on the back of Fenrir's.
  • Skuld is Ylva's favourite. Weird, mysterious, sexy and/or strangely endearing. Though Ylva has her own reasons.
  • Ylva finds Miekke most attractive.
  • Ylva is Miekke's friend.
  • Skuld is Miekke's lover, very much like a cat that shows up now and then like nothing happened; show up, be really passionate for a little while and then go off on some new gig or something before returning a week or more later with a gift. Loyal if really needed but very rarely overtly romantic.
  • Loki ordered Miekke off the snowmobiles at one point, out somewhere their survival wasn't assured. Miekke won't forget.
  • Dragi is in love with Miekke.
  • Miekke has been with Dragi for days on the road. They rode with him for fun, until he talked about losing his legs and took them to the glacier called Freya's Heart and the dead city underneath it, still glowing like a second aurora borealis. Upon coming back, Miekke never later acknowledged that it had happened.

NPCs and their groupings[edit]

The Wolves of the Blizzard beyond Time[edit]

Loki's snowmobile-riding gang. They run protection across the ice wastes, and steer scavengers who can pay towards places they might get lucky. And when it gets too cold, there's always Surtr's Forge.

Fenrir - Loki's second.

Hel -- Loki's other second. She drives a big heavy custom bike, practically a half-track, and pulls the gang's fuel bowser.

Völva (Witch) - Doesn't have the same sense of humour as the rest of the gang. With child, likely Loki's.

Flosi (deceased) - Jumped Ylva one morning, after closing, maybe at Been’s order (they used to be as tight). He took her eye, scarred her face up bad. She got better, or better enough to pay him back tenfold, and kept his blade. He didn’t have the friends to do anything about it, so he ran, and now he runs with Loki. Betrayed the gang under unclear circumstances - left dead in the snow by Loki.

Agneta - Laughed at Loki once, and got away light.

Styrmir - Has a condition that requires medicine. Carved the moustache on Loki's wolfhead. Was repaid with pain. Crippled on the night of no moon

Ketil Goatbeard

Kalla Stretch-Neck - Someone, somewhere, tried to hang this one. It didn't take.

Thorstein Black (deceased) - killed in the forest, on the night of no moon, by creatures with eyes of blue fire.

Elli - badly injured on the night of no moon

Narfi - survived the night of no moon without injury, surprisingly. Not much of a fighter.

Randúlf - whose easy charm masks a mind like cold clockwork.

Ylva's crew and regulars[edit]

Bucket - Bouncer. Fat and friendly and doesn't have a bad word for anyone, but he'll stomp your face if you hassle anyone.

Helga - handles the performers. She keeps to herself, doesn't smile much.

Jinders - An old-timer, always laughing and joking. Picks up weird crap for props, and also picks up strays.

Bits and Jenga - the stars of the show, and a package deal.

Half a dozen or so other helpers, choristers, dancers, musicians - right now there's Babbers, Oula, Seven and Mill performing, and Old Lars pouring booze and stoking the fires. One of the others is Zeds - tall, intimidating, with a nose that's been broken more than once. Doesn't talk much. Does repairs and general carrying and fetching,

Camo - a welcome guest. He mostly keeps to himself without being unfriendly, and he's helped defuse potential situations more than once.

Ba - An attention hog, she's loud, and the fucking drama.

Rolf - is pushing on "investing" and "expansion". May be hot for Ylva, but flirts with everyone.

Gams - helped get the place up and going, and see off Bumpers. Never pays.

Been - has crazy ideas about steam power and piped hot water and shit. He's mostly been quiet since Flosi left town, and since Ylva had a serious talk with him about how he should stop fucking digging fucking holes to divert the water or maybe he'd dig too deep a hole and wouldn't find his way out of it. Probably hasn't given up though.

Plower’s crew[edit]

What's left of the roads are kept clear by Plower and his crew of crazy fuckers who drive these ancient snow-clearing machines, chopping up trees that fall across the roads, and get all the food, drink, and heat at any settlement that doesn't want to end up cut off, never to be heard from again.

A road is any stretch of frozen ground with less than a foot of snow on it, or any river or lake with more than a foot of ice. If Plower's crew says you can drive there, you can drive there. Anywhere else? You're taking your chances.

Plower - in charge.

Dog’s Head - had a little dalliance with Loki some time back. There was still some feeling on her part, but Loki beat that out of her.

Minko - a scrawny scraggly-bearded old coot who talks about snow a lot. No relation to the Minko who owns Crash/burn in Splitsville, as far as anyone knows.

Surtr's crew[edit]

Surtr - in charge.

Morth - a drunk. Used to be part of Mother Superior's crew, before they split. Tells the story of finding Skuld to anyone who'll listen.

Kiartan Wood-leg - bad-tempered. Has a prosthetic leg.

Urdakott - tall, thin enforcer, feral beneath a civil mask.

Halfdan the Even-Handed - keeps things smooth in the Buzzard Market.

Sjöfn's crew[edit]

Performers, whores and staff, though it can be hard to tell one from another.

Sjöfn - in charge. Used to work for Ylva, but kicked out for whoring. Runs that new place in Forge, giving the metalworkers somewhere to relax at the end of a hard shift.

Ulf Fishingpole Dances. Well named.

Snowhands - attends to the baths.

Thorolf - occasional help, mostly manual.

Moothskegg - occasional help, mostly manual.

Rodi - muscle. A tall, wiry woman, blonde and broad shouldered, she looks a bit like Skuld.

Kniv - muscle. A stout man with bloodshot eyes and wild hair just barely kept in check by a full set of silvery hair clips.

Einar Beardless - muscle of sorts. Bald, beardless, soft-spoken, he's good at talking people down.

Mother Superior´s crew[edit]

Found Skuld in the woods; mostly gone or split up now.

Superior - tough as old boots, but something Skuld told her scared her.

Thief Eyes’ crew[edit]

Woodsmen, that crazy, creepy bunch who harvest timber and sometimes never come back?


Those damn slim kids with their oddly sleek feather coats, daring the winds to either skim along the icy ground or even take off of it... Sure they can be run down, but they turn erratically. And killing one will make everyone pissed at you. Everyone needs quick messengers willing to take risks and go fast.


Brokkr Works on the Wolves' snowmobiles. Friendly with Loki. He does good work and he likes being paid in bits and pieces, so he doesn't need to go out scavenging for himself. Lives in Logger's Town.

Golem Weaponsmith - a fixer of broken guns, and maker of bullets. Supplies Skuld with custom ammo for her rifle. Lives and works in Forge.

Flatnose A purveyor of finest liqueurs - or at least of booze that likely won't kill you straight off. Operated out of the back of the markethall in Forge up until a few weeks ago - now relocated to Logger Town, under Ylva's patronage. The cause of the disagreement between Ylva and Surtr.

The Muckers Two, previously three brothers (probably; they're lumpy and filthy enough it's hard to tell) who make swill that's of a slightly better quality than the swill everyone else makes. If you mix it right it could almost pass for drinkable, but it's nowhere near the quality of Flatnose's brew. Ylva killed Hen, the middle child.

Barker – the cloeset thing Loggertown has to a doctor. Barker lives in a fortified trailer with an added tent used for medical operations and drug-cooking. Iggy Pop-thin and of indeterminate gender, Barker is always wrapped in at least three layers of cloaks or ponchos, their face nigh-permanently hidden by a jury-rigged gas mask. Way too cheerful about their work, which tends to deter prospective clients.


The ice wastes[edit]

What's left of the roads are kept clear by Plower and his crew of crazy fuckers who drive these ancient snow-clearing machines, chopping up trees that fall across the roads, and get all the food, drink, and heat at any settlement that doesn't want to end up cut off, never to be heard from again.

A road is any stretch of frozen ground with less than a foot of snow on it, or any river or lake with more than a foot of ice. If Plower's crew says you can drive there, you can drive there. Anywhere else? You're taking your chances.

The woods[edit]

Some go there because they have to get some jingle and wood is at a fucking premium all the fucking time. If they go alone, and they stay on the edges, and they get out before night falls, maybe they come back nine times out of ten.

But for the most part it's slavery. You fuck up bad enough and don't have the jingle to settle the debt, off you go on a lumber crew.

And then there's those who claim to trade with folk who live in there.


The world is cold now, but in a few places there are hot springs or vents and you better believe someone owns that shit.

Some try to make do with firewood but that means the woods.

Logger Town, also called Gösta[edit]

Previously just a few shacks around Bumpers' place. Nothing left of that now that we've got logs coming in from the forest for proper houses.

Nowadays most outsiders call it Logger Town. I figure they're even less eager to go into the woods elsewhere.

Those who've lived here longest call it Gösta, supposedly short for "City of the Gods". The olds take the rituals up at the ruins very seriously.

Ylva took Bumper’s place at the springs, and built Ragnhall. The guy selling bedwarmth now is called Greensleeves.

Ragnhall - hall of the gods[edit]

Ylva’s place. People come to Ragnhall to escape the darkness, the dreariness, the bleak fucking cold. For a few hours they get songs and dance and they get to be the gods of their own stories. Sure, there's some food and drink to be had, but the main feature is the crew of dancers, singers, and actors who bring the stories to life, with enthusiastic and welcome audience participation.

Main attraction: Spectacle Supporting attractions: Music, art Atmosphere: Intimacy, fantasy, forgetting, dancing


Surtr's place. Huddled alongside and inside old ruined factories from before, it's got more than its share of makers and builders.

The Buzzard Market - selling, buying, renting by the hour; once a month the narrow corridors and claustrophobic siderooms of Forge’s crumbling markethall writhe with life. People come from Logger Town, a couple of other nearby settlements, even down from Splitsville if they really want something.

The Scrapyard - where the rusted hulks of old trucks and buses and shit have been pulled together and remade to quarters, mostly for the indentured. People get sick in there all the time. Skuld lives here, and so does Key.

The Chandle House - where the flesh of the inglorious dead is rendered into tallow – for candles, soap, biodiesel and food for thralls – and their bones are stored.

Sjöfn´s place[edit]

In the basement of a crumbling concrete silo near the scrapforge - all the better to draw in a decent crowd at the end of a hard shift feeding the roaring furnaces.

  • Skuld: I imagine Sjöfn´s place to be a place of pleasures that aspires to be at least semi-classy. Baths with or without attendants (mostly, but not necessarily for sex), drugs, drink, maybe some entertainers in market times. I picture something like this going on, mostly because I just saw it.
  • Ylva: Sjöfn is a clever and underhanded bitch. She always seems to be three moves ahead, as long as she doesn't let her temper get the best of her. I don't know if she's actually mean and mostly hides it or if she just lashes out hard when she gets pissed at someone. I kicked her out for whoring and trying to get some of the other cast members to join her. I don't want that shit at my place, not after getting away from the shitface Bumpers. She claimed she had planned to leave anyway so I'm not sure how she felt about it. I... kinda miss her. She's a bitch, but she's fun to be around as long as she doesn't turn on you.


Somewhere to the northeast, on the trade route. Where the snow never settles and the fjord never freezes.

Brettir has been there - he says there's a guy, I shit you not, runs a fucking spa. A spa - big steaming pools of hot clean water. You ever heard anything like that?


Two days up the trade route, such as it is, in Splitsville, they've got these skate races where they go around a track out over the lake and in through the town, and half the time someone breaks a leg or their neck. A body can make good jingle at that racing if they've got the skill and the looks, or can bet on those who do.

Crash/burn - Minko's place, in a prime spot where you can see almost the whole track.

Tyrs Hafn[edit]

Where Dragi is from. Ruled by the Tyr amputation cult.

The Mythic[edit]

An edited compilation of all the PCs' forays into the mythic. Lengthy, occasionally annotated.

Inspirational Materials[edit]