Dark Times At Aspen Hill

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Welcome to Aspen Hill School, a private college preparatory school in New Jersey. You're Juniors, and Junior year is widely considered to be the hardest year at school academically, as this year's grades are going to make all the difference in how good a college or university you get into. And that's just academics. There's junior prom coming up soon, and Sweet Sixteen parties and whole loads of other social events. You certainly don't want to be seen as being single, especially for prom!

It's a stressful year for anyone. But you're monsters. That might make it easier. It'll probably just make everything worse.

Cast List

Alastor the Ghost

Amanda the Vampire

Baron the Infernal

Brittany Harper the Queen

Vanessa Blackwood the Witch


Teachers and staff at Aspen Hill

Mr. Hartsfiels - English teacher and wrestling coach

Mr. Jenkins - Janitor

Mr. Larkin - Spanish teacher and lacrosse coach

Mrs. Moore - English teacher

Mr. Rince - Art teacher

Miss Patricia Wells - History teacher

Mrs. Gyloff - School nurse

NPC Students at Aspen Hill

Phil Tork - Computer geek

David Thompson - Student Council President, honor student, captain of the football team

Christie Hamilton - Popular, snide, and very, very rich. Old money rich.

Chad Lumley - Basketball star. Leader of the group who killed Alastor

Randi, Brandon, and Blake -- Members of Brittany Harper's Clique and her band The Hive Mind.

June Vinters - Tomboy. Wanders from clique to clique in search of acceptance. Currently busy being a goth.

Other NPCs

Alice Blackwell - Mother of Vanessa. Very New-age-y. A bit of an air head.


Mr Larkin's Homeroom
Vanessa Blackwood Alastor Brittany Harper Randi Amanda
Baron NPC Sarah Kirkwell NPC NPC