Veiled Vrentae

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This is the wiki page for the Houses of the Blooded game, Veiled Vrentae. I've split the sections below into PC and PC facts, Domains, NPC and NPC facts, World Facts, and a place for PC journals if you would like to have one.


Neiton Thayl Played by Nick the Nevermet - Style 3

Tzao Andrente Played by Kroysemaj - Style 4

No Yvarai Played by OldKentuckyShark - Style 4

Fyx Myrr Played by KreenWarrior - Style 3

Dhirkan Eshu Played by Delacroix - Style 3


Baron Thayl's Domain

Baron Andrente's Domain

Baroness Yvarai's Domain

Baron Myrr's Domain

Baron Eshu's Domain


Filessa Andrente

The Countess Vala Kilana

Jella Jasnine

Marquis Varunte

Baroness Selve

Baroness Volun


Journals and Pillow Books

Rumors about Tzao Andrente