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WarpSystem Introduction[edit]

This project is a psuedo-generic rule system, designed initally as a RIFTS conversion, but also suited for playing in most fantasy space-opera worlds (WH40K and Star Wars should convert quite neatly).

It is primarily based on the FUZION rule system, with some influences from MEGS, and a focus on fast play and minimal record keeping. Unlike the Palladium system, combat is intended to be fast and deadly; Armour isn't depleted, it is punctured. Psionics use is limitless; no points are tracked. Magic is much more powerful but is limited to a handful of spells per day.

The overall intent is to change the tone from an adventuring game to a military one, but I will end up rewriting the whole thing...

Core Concepts[edit]

Characters are built using a template/point system. Players are assigned x number of Option Points at the beginning of character creation, depending on the Campaign Style. These points are used to buy Templates and additional stats and abilities.

Templates may be chosen for Race and Class. Once these are paid for, the player may spend surplus Option Points on whatever they wish. Note that players may ignore templates and design their own characers from scratch.

All characters have six Attributes, measuring finesse and power in the physical, mental and emotional spheres, as well as four Derived Attributes. They also have Skills which improve their abilities at specific tasks, and may have Advantages, Disadvantages, physical Augmentations, and Magic and Psionic powers. Finally, they may start with and will accrue Humanity Loss as they progress through the game.