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A&O Setting
The recruitment thread
A&O House Rules
Timeline! (A work in progress!)

Chapter Logs[edit]

A&O Chapter 3: Devil's Night The Reboot!
OOC Thread 3

OOC thread (Now closed as per forum regs)
OOC Thread 2 (Also closed at 100 pages!)
A&O Chapter 1 (character journals: John Palmer, Rob Grimm, Liz Albrechts)
A&O Chapter 2: Consequences
A&O Chapter 3: Devil's Night (interrupted by hiatus)


A&O Character Template

A&O Party Relations

A&O Changing Stats Tracker

AstraKiseki as Cassidy Starbreeze, a Zenith Vegas showgirl

Khayin as Gabriel Cordova, inner-city school-teaching Twilight and vigilante

Dakkareth as Elizabeth 'Liz' Albrechts, a Night caste traceuse

mpascal02 as John Palmer, an Eclipse caste "legitimate businessman"

Alectai as Xiu Lin, a Waning Moon Lunar, mistress of lost lore and ally of the Beast Courts

Meriss as Johnny Wu, scion of an ancient bloodline of the Wan Xian

JaneBond as Ling Sui Mae, Flaming Champion of the Middle Kingdom

The Missing[edit]

Avilister as Robert Grimm, a Lunar young wolf without a pack

The Dead[edit]

Li of Orchid as Darius Prescott, a Dawn Caste ex-military hit man -- Fell defeating Nimrod, Troile's lieutenant and a 4th generation Brujah.



Fluff and Group Projects[edit]

Character Albums - Archive of music that fits the cast
Gallery of Fools - Gathering spot of pictures of the cast.
Interview Sessions - Archive of questions and answers from the OoC Thread
AlphaOmega's Tropes - By using the power of TV Tropes... Well, let's just see how many we can get.
Crack from the OoC - Because Astra has no life during Thanksgiving Holiday. Let me work on this.
Character Poetry - Random blurbs of awesome. Because what Astra and Dakk and Meriss did must be preserved. It's too awesome not to be.
Pretty Pretty Princess Squad Go!! - Pascal and Astra got really bored. This is the cartoon inspired by the cast's adventures, and has actually appeared in-game (admittedly, in a possible-future omake). Sol Invictus Help Us All.
AlphaOmega/Conversations - A bunch of conversations between Liz and Cassidy, some of them have happened, some are still in the future