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This is the wiki page for the play-by-post Exalted game, A Date with Destiny.


  • Year: RY 774
  • Month: Resplendent Fire, 17th Day
  • Moon Phase Third Day of the Full Moon


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Character Generation Rules
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Character Template

The Solars[edit]

Dawn Caste[edit]

Zenith Caste[edit]

Twilight Caste[edit]

Night Caste[edit]

Eclipse Caste[edit]

The Abyssals[edit]

Dusk Caste[edit]

Zarthrax as Vengeance of the Righteous, bonded to Unknown

Midnight Caste[edit]

KreenWarrior (Inactive PC) as Tarnish-Tongued Elegy of Creation, bonded to Unknown.

The Lunars[edit]

Full Moon Caste[edit]

Changing Moon Caste[edit]

Full Moon Caste[edit]

The Sidereals[edit]

Chosen of Serenity[edit]

Chosen of Battles[edit]

Chosen of Secrets[edit]

The Terrestrials[edit]

Aspects of Fire[edit]

Major Personalities[edit]

Destiny's NPC Template

Destiny's Lookshy Dragon-blooded
Destiny's Immaculate Dragon-blooded
Destiny's Lost Eggs
Destiny's Sidereals
Destiny's Abyssals
Destiny's Solars
Destiny's Gods
Destiny's Demons


Realm Year 769[edit]

Descending Wood[edit]
  • 8th Day - The Circle arrives in Lookshy and meet for the first time.
  • 9th Day - Wrath of Fallen Kings is invited to the Lookshy Manse.
  • 10th Day - Wrath of Fallen Kings and Veil-Winged Shrike arrive at the Lookshy Manse to meet with the General Staff. Wrath's army is accepted as a mercenary company in Lookshy's service.
  • 13th Day - Wrath of Fallen Kings is asked to search out the sky pirate that plagues Lookshy's shipping.
  • 14th Day - The Circle departs Lookshy to serach for the sky pirate using a Lookshy airship and a pleasure barge.

Ascending Fire[edit]
  • 6th Day - The sky pirate Killing Frost, a Full Moon Lunar, spots the pleasure barge and takes the bait. Discovers that Shrike is his Solar Mate. Decide to work together. Mutiny aboard the Lookshy airship as Purists attempt to take over because of anti-Solar sentiment. A prison barge carrying a Twilight Solar, two fallen Immaculate Monks, and other prisoners is taken over by Wrath of Fallen Kings and Mari. Five Immaculate Monks swear fealty to Wrath.
  • 27th Day - The Circle returns to Lookshy. They discover that the city is under martial law. Elements of the city are seeking to overthrough the government. It is revealed by a recently returned ally, Tarnish-Tongued Elegy of Creation that the Mask of Winters is moving on Lookshy.
  • 28th Day - Veil-Winged Shrike, Taimyo Rika, and Wrath of Fallen Kings meet with the General Staff.

Resplendent Fire[edit]
  • 1st Day - The Circle divides its attention to different ends. Shrike, Determination of Mountains, Mari, and Wind of Lament remain in Lookshy to keep the peace and forge alliances. Killing Frost, now a member of Wrath's company takes his airship South to verify the Mask of Winters is sending his army north. Wrath of Fallen Kings marches out with a Dragon of troops to retaliate against Linowan raids on behalf of Lookshy. Viridian Inkwell returns to the Wyld to begun construction of artifacts for himself and his Circle.
  • 3rd Day - Killing Frost saves Laughing Falcon from an Abyssal attack. The town is evacuated because of the coming dead army. Killing Frost reaches Thorns and discovers the Mask's army is moving through the Underworld, northwards.
  • 4th Day - Viridian Inkwell discovers the existence of part of a Directional Titan within the Wyld. Mari saves Lookshy from certain destruction by disarming a Soulbreaker Orb. Shrike meets with the General Staff to convince them to turn from traditions and work with the Helots. Killing Frost and Laughing Falcon make it back to Lookshy.
  • 5th Day - The Circle meets with the Security Director of Lookshy. The Circle subdues the Security Director and force him to their side. The Chumyo arrives because of a desperate cry from the Director for help using Wind-Carried Words Technique. Mari finds a new friend and Frost and Shrike seek out the Abyssal, Resplendent Servant of Dust and Ash in the Helot District.
  • 7th Day - Killing Frost leaves Lookshy to begin a colony for the survivors of his trip South.
  • 10th Day - Rina is summoned from Malfeas.
  • 11th Day - Mari leaves Lookshy to look for a Manse.
  • 24th Day - Killing Frost returns from his ventures North. Wrath of Fallen Kings and his Dragon of Tiger Warriors enters the city to a cheering crowd. General Yamamoto shows the Circle the Lookshy Battle Plan. Mari returns to Lookshy. Killing Frost, Rika Karal, and Veil-Winged Shrike take a contingent of Dragon-blooded to Frost's Manse. Mari cleanses two gunzosha of their unnaturally shortened lifespans.
  • 27th Day - Wrath of Fallen Kings and Viridian Inkwell have a conversation about Inkwell's origins. Killing Frost, et al. return with a First Age airship. Mari has continued to heal gunzosha and helping with defensive position creation.
  • 28th-29th Day - All is silent on the Lookshayan Front.
  • 30th Day - An hour before midnight a small group of Abyssals infiltrate the Agriculture District and cast Blood Monsoon. Half an hour before midnight the Resplendant Servant of Ash and Dust makes his way to the chambers of the General Staff in the Lookshy Manse. There he gives the Mask of Winter's ultimatum. The Staff and Veil-Winged Shrike deny the ultimatum. Five minutes before midnight the combined armies of the Lover and the Mask march out of the Mourning Fields and attack.

Descending Fire[edit]
  • 1st Day - At midnight the Blood Monsoon takes effect and most of Lookshy and the fields surround it are dropped into the Underworld. There the bulk of the Mask and Lover's armies wait. They attack in full force from all sides. Wrath of Fallen Kings rallies the Lookshy army and begins to push back against undead forces. Killing Frost in the Sword of Valinth takes on the great hekatonkhire Mother of All in the air. While Second Thoughts and Wind of Lament rescue the goddess Blossom from the mind control of the Lover. By 1 in the morning the forces of the Mask and Lover have been broken and a new Solar makes his debut, To Brave the Flames. He annhilates the undead forces in single display of Solar power. Wrath, Mari and Shadows were able to take two deathknights prisoner in the fighting, the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile and the King of the Unholy Sepulchre. The Maiden is eventually locked away in a tower to be given as a gift to the Walker in Darkness. The King is set free under the condition of not taking action against the people of Lookshy while in the city.
  • 2nd-5th Day - The Solars, Lunars, and Sidereal begin to plan their next move and begin reconstructing Lookshy after the battle.
  • 5th Day - Wrath leaves for Rubylak. He stops a plan by the chiefs to assassinate him and his queen.
  • 6th Day - Wrath confronts and defeats the Bull of the North in single combat. They agree to not wage war on one another and the Bull begins to pull out of the East. Second Thoughts and Wind of Lament leave for Yu-Shan. There they are told that they are to be judged in front of the Fivefold Fellowship. Kejak dismisses the charages against them and instead put them as the head of a division meant to deal with the Deathlords of the East. Mari and Shadows meet with Tien Yu and discover that despite Seven's besst attempts she is still in pain. She is also kept from entering Yu-Shan. She requests that they get five peaches of Immortality for her. Mari and Shadows make into Heaven, meet the future city god of Lookshy, Soldat, and meet up with Second Thoughts. Mari and Second Thoughts infiltrate the Bureau of Secrets and use a First Age device to restore Mari's memories. Shadows meets the Daimyo of Masks who gives him a mask of Amoth City-Smiter, who is believed to be working with the Deathlords. Flames closes the Mourning Fields.
  • 7th Day - Veil-Winged Shrike, Killing Frost, and Vengeance of the Righteous arrive in Great Forks along with an ambassador from Lookshy. They meet a new Solar, the Broken Princess, who decides to join them. They meet with the two of the three gods that run Great Forks, Dreamweaver and Dayshield. They discover that Resplendent Servant is a guest of the gods and is kept isolated in one of the towers. They confront Resplendent Servant, who they then chase and kill. Their attempt to meet with the Three again is rebuked as they are in a meeting. They decide to leave Great Forks for the now dead city of Nexus. Before leaving Vengeance spies on the Three and discovers they were in a meeting with a deathknight or deathlord. Killing Frost leaves for the southeast after meeting with a representative of the Silver Pact. They are hunting down the new incarnation of the corrupted Lunar Frost killed in the Battle of Lookshy.
  • 8th Day - Mari, Second Thoughts, and Shadows arrive back in Lookshy and give the peaches to Tien Yu. The peaches cause a reaction that gives birth to Shades of Glories Past. She finishes the realignment of dragon lines so that Port Calin, Nexus, Thorns, and Lookshy are all connected. Second Thoughts, Mar, and Shadows decide to meet up with Shrike outside of Nexus. Killing Frost arrives in jungles of the southeast where he finds the lost Lunar who attacks him and Kiritsu, the fox Lunar. Ma-Ha-Suchi already got his hands on her and crudely tattoed the girl. He confronts Frost and Kiritsu. Kiritsu changes sides out of fear and Frost grabs the girl and flees.
  • 10th Day - Everyone meets on the Cloud Runner outside of Nexus.

Year 774[edit]

Descending Wood[edit]

  • 11th Day - Raksi, Queen of Fangs arrives in Lookshy. Announces that Wrath of Fallen Kings is her mate. Thorns is attacked by Ma-Ha-Suchi and another Lunar. There are possibly 4 Lunars involved.
  • 14th Day - A banquet is held in honor of Raksi and Lookshy.
  • 24th Day - Wrath discovers that his wife, Queen Arkasi of the Linowan, was murdered. He also discovered the current position of Ma-Ha-Suchi's forces. Lilith made contact with Voice of Many, an older Lunar, to gather a Moot of Lunars.


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