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Back to Concordia, one of the most prominent wizarding schools in the world, founded 1800 years ago, teaching the Magical Laws to wizards from the British Isles and foreigners abiding to the Roman rule.

Back to Concordia after the battle against the three Morrigan sisters and their followers, your classmates, 20 years ago, where two of them perished, and the third one, the Phantom Queen, who was cast away into a dimensional rift, bringing with her Erik Carter, the Saviors’ leader, your leader, and the arch chamberlain’s son.

Since then, the few Morrigans’ followers’ cells that remained were witch hunted, with some of those of those followers being given a second chance, some of them even being now important members of Concordia and of the wizard community in general.

One thing is sure : now the mortal world knows about the existence of wizards, magic, and the Saviors, treating them like celebrities.

After your battle against the Morrigans, in the wizarding community some of you experienced fame, some others infamy as you weren’t able to cope with the horrors from the past.

Back to Concordia, not as student but as teacher now, about to mentor a new generation of wizards and witches, along with your fellow Saviors, except Erik Carter.

The Saviors[edit]

Althea Swyfte, Professor of Enchantment
Edmonds Longfellow, Professor of Divination
Forrest Doegesit, Assistant to the Head of school and substitute Professor of Charms
Ethel Schmitz, Professor of Arts & Art History
Dynadan Mather, Athletics Coach
Hepsybeth Dankworth, Professor of Banishment
Titus Leighton, Professor of Crafting and Artifice

Relationship Chart[edit]

Relationship Chart
Althea Swyfte Edmonds Longfellow Forrest Doegesit Ethel Schmitz Dynadan Mather Hepsybeth Dankworth Titus Leighton
Althea Swyfte n/a Former Lovers Cousin Distrust Knows Danny's Secret Frenemies? awkwardness due to failed romance
Edmonds Longfellow Former Lovers n/a Childhood Bullying Close Friends Forlorn souls Close Friends Despise each other
Forrest Doegesit Cousin Childhood Bullying n/a Admired Ex-Fair-Weather Friend Rivals Resentment
Ethel Schmitz Distrust Close Friends Admired n/a Conflicting Perspectives Distrust Outsider Friends
Dynadan Mather Knows Danny's Secret Forlorn souls Ex-Fair-Weather Friend Conflicting Perspectives n/a Childhood infatuation Strained Friendship
Hepsybeth Dankworth Frenemies? Close Friends Rivals Distrust Childhood infatuation n/a Owes her
Titus Leighton awkwardness due to failed romance Despise each other Resentment Outsider Friends Strained Friendship Owes her n/a


Your desire
Althea Swyfte Status
Edmonds Longfellow Internal Peace
Forrest Doegesit Love
Ethel Schmitz Rectification/Indemnification
Dynadan Mather A Sense of peace with the world
Hepsybeth Dankworth Acceptance
Titus Leighton Absolution

Dramatic Poles[edit]

Dramatic Poles
Althea Swyfte Infamy Obscurity
Edmonds Longfellow Blistering Honesty Pessimism
Forrest Doegesit Honesty Machiavellianism
Ethel Schmitz Atonement Pride
Dynadan Mather Iconoclasm Charity
Hepsybeth Dankworth Adaptation Self Expression
Titus Leighton Builder Destroyer

What you want from others[edit]

Alma Mater Magica Relationships Map 1.jpg

What you want from others (and why you can't get it)
Althea Swyfte Edmonds Longfellow Forrest Doegesit Ethel Schmitz Dynadan Mather Hepsybeth Dankworth Titus Leighton
Althea Swyfte: n/a
  • To admit he doesn't deserve his celebrity
  • Forrest can’t admit that he doesn’t deserve his celebrity to Althea because he truly believes that he deserves his place, his position allowed him to gain stardom yes, but he sees his battling with agents and publishers as making him deserving.
Edmonds Longfellow:
  • Reconnection
  • Althea can't give Edmonds what he wants because she never felt all that strongly for him in the first place. He was what was available at the time, and she left him as soon as it no longer seemed like the best option. She doesn't see him as anything more than a past fling that she barely thinks about anymore.
  • Forgiveness
  • Titus refuses to forgive Edmonds because Titus regards Edmonds as fundamentally selfish - until that changes, he’ll never believe that Edmonds was trying to look out for others instead of himself.
Forrest Doegesit:
  • Exculpation
  • Edmonds would never able to forget the horrible things that Forrest has done to him during their younger days. He feels that any attempt at reconciliation from Forrest at this time would be a facade, and just another arrogant attempt to manipulate the faculty at the school.
  • Friendship
  • Ethel is trying to fix strained relationships, and knows Edmonds still has a huge problem with Forrest. Ethel wants to get along with Forrest, but doesn't want to damage the relationship with Edmonds further.
Ethel Schmitz:
  • Friendship
  • Althea can't give Ethel what she wants because she hasn't forgiven Ethel for the years of sniping, backbiting, and distrust. It's not an easy thing to let go of your opinion of someone who tormented you in your most vulnerable years.
  • To reset her relationship
  • Edmonds remembers Schmitz as a bit of a drama queen and disliked her attitude towards Althea. His ability to reconnect with anyone, especially Schmitz, is nearly impossible. The more personal he gets with someone the more he sees, and this is the greatest cause of his misery.
  • Reconciliation
  • Hepsy can't reconcile with Ethel because she thinks Ethel is refusing to express her true self by denying her gift for Conjuration.
Dynadan Mather: n/a
  • To contact Erik
  • Hepsy will not help Danny contact Erik because that is deeply Stygian magic and she is not going to risk what small trust she has won among magical society on that kind of project, even for her childhood crush.
  • To investigate Forrest
  • Titus refuses to assist Danny in investigating Forrest because he thinks Danny is using suspicion of Forrest as a way to distract from Danny's own problems. Titus also already thinks that Forrest is a beneficiary of a corrupt system, and investigating his own personal foibles is a waste of time that could be better spent addressing broader problems and he wants Forrest on-side for that process.
Hepsybeth Dankworth:
  • Trust
  • Hepsy disagrees with Ethel's change in direction and avoidance of certain potentially destructive conjurations. Ethel finds this a dangerous opinion and has a difficult time with someone questioning such a fundamental and deep-seated belief, and puts up walls in response.
  • Closure
  • Dynadan cannot give Hepsy closure because she's one of the few people he trusts (she's always liked him, even before he was popular in school), and he's afraid of losing her.
Titus Leighton:
  • Recognition (that the system is flawed)
  • Forrest can’t give Titus recognition of the flawed system which favored him as the acknowledgment of a mistake would completely destroy his sense of order. The world makes sense to Forrest because each person has their place, which he can exploit to his advantage.
  • Openness
  • Dynadan cannot grant Titus openness because Dynadan views Titus as too supportive to be sincere.