Amber and the Golden Circle Kingdoms

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This page is for the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance game.

Amber sits at the top of a pinnacle of a great Empire. It sits in the middle of a web of allied kingdoms. It sits at the east end of a great road that's other end is the vast western shapeless Chaos.

Empire of Amber[edit]

Amber is mostly a feudal nation. Ruled by its king, Random, and its royal family, House Bariman. Beneath the royals is the Nobility consisting of numerous noble families. The order of nobles is Duke, Count, Baron, & Viscounts. The Gentry are topped by Knights or Mayors.

Kingdom of Vulsara[edit]

Originally Vulsar Base or Vulsara which was the headquarters of the Amber Star Fleet. It recently was ennobled when Admiral Vane of Talwir, Son of Delwin, captured a shadow of the pattern in the Abyss and drew it out and landed it on Vulsar. While the pattern is wild currently it was the occasion for King random to create Vulsar Base as a separate Kingdom under the Banner of the Empire of Amber


An autonomous Kingdom under the auspices of the Empire of Amber


An autonomous Grand Duchy under the auspices of the Empire of Amber.


A series of warlike shadows with a rotating collection of kings, queens, dukes and warlords who constantly fight among ach other but all are fiercely loyal to Amber.

Golden Circle Kingdoms[edit]

Rebma: The often forgotten kingdom that shares the same world as Amber itself. Though a close ally Rebma contributes very little to the Military of Amber directly. They work in cooperation with the Amber military under their own colors. Almost all Rebman military recieve training under Amber instructors. Almost all the Amber Navy spends time training with the Rebman forces.

Calrabon: This world is a close trading partner of Amber providing a great deal of the produce that the populace of Amber thrives on. Nearly a 7th of the personnel the Amber Military, including naval, army, Guard and police forces are Calrabon natives.

Dreana: The realm of Dreana, led by the House Brolic, isa a mighty realm of very dour warriors. 1/20th of the Amber military are Dreanans, mostly in the Army, Guard, and Police Special Units. A disproportionate number of Dreanans become drill sergeants. The reason for this is that regimentation and inflexibility is a common characteristic of Dreanans.

Thelusia: The second signatory of a Golden Circle treaty, and Amber's closest ally off it's own shadow. Second only to Rebma. Fully 1/4 of the non-native forces of the Amber military in all its branches are Thelusian. Almost no Thelusian military officers can claim to have never served under Amber colors; Those that can, rarely achieve high rank. Much of the higher education for the people of Amber, royals, nobles, gentles, and populace, is held in Thelusia.

Deiga: (not Diega) This great realm sits at the crossroads of the 3 main branches of land based paths leading into Amber. it is here that many of the shadow paths from many points in shadow connect to the Jeweled Road. Several of the great sea lanes connect here and they merge into the one sea lane that reaches into Amber on the surfaces of the sea. Diega has a love/hate relationship with Amber. The royalty and nobility of Diega are closely allied to Amber. The gentry and populace, though mostly acknowledging that antipathy to Amber is not in Diega's interest, nonetheless frequently complain about the intrusion into their affairs. Imagine Canada with a strong sence of national pride that has to deal with the USA being its close ally. Numbers between 1/20th and 1/15th of the Amber Military forces are of Diegan origin, especially in the Navy, Guard, & Police forces. Diegans often leave Amber service to enter the enormous private military industry, supplying caravan guards for travel into the deeper portions of shadow.

Begma: A largely agricultural nation with strong ties to Amber but little interaction with the Amber Military.

Kashfa: A world with a strong sword & sorcery tradition. It recently became a GCST kingdom and is ruled by a son of Brand, Rinaldo.

Nations of Note

Halzir, Taxorami Taxorami is a world in the Amber Sway but not close. However it has a place that has been seen as a nuetral place amongst the shadows; Wet Wendell's Hothouse.