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Game: Once_more_with_feeling.

Natalzu Chandra Dhiren

Claws of the Silver Moon

Caste: Casteless
Concept: Farmboy Rescued from Slavery

A boy on the cusp of manhood, one can already predict Dhiren's build - tall, with broad, powerful shoulders. His light brown hair is long, shaggy, and tipped with silver. Dhiren usually wears it in a ponytail, but it has a tendency to escape and fall forward, so he's continually having to brush it back from his face and out of his warm brown eyes. He dresses in well-made but simple farmer's clothes. He carries no weapons, but is accompanied by a young bear cub nearly everywhere he goes.

Character Song: Men of Harlech


Protect others from becoming slaves and rescue those who are enslaved


  • Surely-Refulgent Anshu (+)
  • Nuwa (Solar Mate, True Love) (+)
  • Cult of the Illuminated (+)
  • The People from Natalzu (+)
  • Protect Creation with Anshu, Radiance, Nuwa, Salamander, and the others (+)
  • Solitary Talon (-)
  • Mahon (+)
  • Denandsor (+)
  • Discussion and Compromise (2/3 scenes built) (+)


  • Full Moon: 5m to double movement speeds, leaping distance, and Strength (for feats of strength only) for a scene. Activates for free at 11m+.
  • Waxing Moon: For 10m, glow with the light of Luna, illuminating the area as if it was a gibbous moon out to 20 yards. For the remainder of the scene, gain 8B/8L soak vs. attacks from creatures of the Wyld and add 4 to the minimum damage dice rolled for attacks made on creatures of the Wyld. Creatures of the Wyld include: Fair Folk, chimerae, Fae-blooded, and creatures with more than 5 (bonus) points' worth of Wyld mutations. Activates for free at 11m+.
  • Half Moon: For 5m, add 4 dice to Join Battle/Debate/War actions and rolls to detect unexpected attacks for a scene. Activates for free at 11m+.
  • Waning/Changing Moon: 10m to create an illusion for a scene (sounds and scent included) that allows him to appear as any person he knows, granting +4 dice to social actions made impersonating that character. If anima goes to the 11m+ level, illusion is dispelled, but is still hard to recognize, adding 4 to Difficulty of rolls to recognize him. Latter effect activates for free at 11m+.
  • No Moon: Spend up to 8m to create aura of darkness that imposes a -1 external penalty on attacks from those who can't see through it for the scene. Aura reduces cost of Charms calling for an Occult roll by 1 per mote spent. At 11m+, activates for free as if Dhiren had spent 8m.

Dhiren's spirit shape is a grizzly bear, and his tell is his long, shaggy, light brown hair tipped with silver.


Favored Attributes
PHYSICAL: Strength 5, Dexterity 6 (Dodge +3, Martial Arts +3, Thrown +3), Stamina 4
SOCIAL: Charisma 4, Manipulation 5, Appearance 4
MENTAL: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4


Favored Abilities[edit]

Integrity 5
Melee 5
Survival 5

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

Athletics 4
Awareness 4
Craft (Earth +4, Wood +4)
Dodge 5
Linguistics 1 (Riverspeak, Forest-tongue)
Lore 4
Martial Arts 5
Medicine 4
Resistance 4
Ride 4
Stealth 4
Thrown 5


Bronze River Antidote (2, Intelligence, 3, one hour) (Resources 4) - puts out pyre flame


Artifact •• (moonsilver hearthstone bracers)[edit]

Attune Cost: 4m
Holds Farmer's Stone

Artifact •• (moonsilver skin-mount amulet)[edit]

Holds Iron Soul Stone

Artifact ••• (moonsilver skyklaves)[edit]

Attune Cost: 6m
This pair of moonsilver daiklaves can also be thrown as if they were sky-cutters.

Artifact •••• (moonsilver perfected kata bracers)[edit]

Attune Cost: 8m
Perfected kata bracers are prayer strips crafted of a single magical material and curled into bracers. The strips’ sutras are starmetal engravings. When the character activates a Form-type Charm, the sutras inscribed on the bracers glow and lift from the artifact to engulf the character in light for a brief moment. For the rest of the scene, he gains several benefits.

He adds her Essence to the accuracy, damage and defense of her unarmed attacks and of attacks made with the active Form-type Charm’s particular weapons. He may choose to inflict bashing or lethal damage at will and he may parry lethal attacks unarmed. In addition, moonsilver bracers provide him additional flexibility, so he ignores cover and shields.

Backing ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Contacts ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Familiar •••[edit]

Dhiren rescued this God-blooded grizzly bear cub from a circus in Nexus and named it Mahon.

Influence ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Manse • (Farmer's Stone)[edit]

Any crops tended by the owner of this angular, pale blue spindle grow and bear unusually well. If these crops receive at least minimal water and care, they yield an unusually abundant and early harvest despite poor soil or weather. This hearthstone affects any size of farm, so long as the bearer regularly helps to tend it.

The bearer may also aid a farm that he does not normally work by spending one full day tending it shortly after planting has taken place. When used in this fashion, the stone aids up to (bearer’s Essence) square miles. In either case, the stone only protects the crops from natural problems such as droughts, flooding, insects or blights. It provides no protection against armies burning or trampling the fields, although the stone would help the fields recover more rapidly than normal.

The manse is called The Last Homely Home.

Manse ••••• (Iron Soul Stone)[edit]

This smooth, rounded gray stone looks like an ordinary rock with no special properties. However, it protects its bearer and everything he wears or carries from all effects of the Wyld. It also inflicts one level of aggravated damage every 5 ticks to any Wyld-touched creature (including the Fair Folk and mortals assimilated by the Wyld) who comes within five yards of the bearer. Wyld creatures killed by this deadly power vanish in a puff of fine dust.

All creatures associated with the Wyld can sense the stone’s deadly cold from 15 yards away. Also, all Fair Folk within a mile instantly sense if the bearer brings this stone into any portion of the Wyld deeper than the Bordermarches. Nearby Fair Folk may attempt to destroy the stone and its bearer, drive the bearer out of the Wyld, or simply flee, as they judge their strength compared to the stone’s bearer’s.

The manse is called The Ebon Obsidian Redoubt.

Mentor ••[edit]

Li Jin Gang

Past Lives •••••[edit]

Dhiren remembers some of his past lives, including the following:

  • Tiponya, female, No Moon, Owl Totem (1-2)
    • High First Age Exalt, Primordial War Veteran, died fighting a group of nephwracks
    • Motivation: To understand the workings of the Underworld
    • Intimacies: The Dual Monarchy (+), Servants of Oblivion (-), Crossroads Society (+), Solar Mate (+), Servants of the Neverborn (-)
    • War Form: Wings (Fly at twice running speed, ascend at half running, dive at 10x running, Exalted, p. 290); Feathers (+1B/1L soak, Exalted, p. 288); Enhanced Sight (Exalted, p. 288)
  • Kaushal Tahmores, male, No Moon, Fox Totem (3-4)
    • High First Age Exalt, assassinated by an akuma rival
    • Motivation: To enter a winning design in the Denandsor Solar Craftsmanship Competition
    • Intimacies: Denandsor (+), Servants of the Yozis (-), Solar Mate (+), Good Craftsmanship (+), Poor Craftsmanship (-)
  • Oloru Ursi, male, Full Moon, Bear Totem (5-6)
    • High First Age Exalt, died defending his mate in the Usurpation
    • Motivation: Protect and expand Creation's borders
    • Intimacies: Hollow (+), Solar Mate (+), Sun-King Seneschals (+), Dragon-Blooded (-), Sidereals (-)
  • Taquka, female, Full Moon, Bear Totem (7-8)
    • Shogunate-Era Exalt, died in the Baloran Crusade
    • Motivation: Prevent the Fair Folk from threatening Creation
    • Intimacies: Ten Tribes (+), Swords of Luna (+), Silver Pact (+), Church of Balor (-), Chimeras (-)
  • Yamir, male, Full Moon, Bear Totem (9-10)
    • Age of Sorrows Exalt, died to a Wyld Hunt
    • Motivation: Create an independent nation in Greyfalls
    • Intimacies: Greyfalls (+), Silver Pact (+), Winding Path (+), Realm (-), Immaculate Philosophy (-)

If Dhiren ever rolls a botch after applying bonus dice from this background, or if Dhiren rolls more successes than his Dodge MDV on a roll augmented by this background, roll a d10; depending on the result, one of his past personalities will become dominant for 5 hours, or a number of hours equal to the number of threshold successes (over Dhiren's Dodge MDV), whichever is a shorter period of time.

Resources •••[edit]

As the child of a fairly wealthy farming family, Dhiren has a good enough line of credit to buy even rather expensive items, even if he doesn't have the money with him then and there.

Solar Bond ••••• (With Eternal Vow & True Love)[edit]

Dhiren is bonded to Nuwa.

Notable Heart's Blood Forms[edit]

Cynis Jesara


Prey's Skin Disguise (Lunars, pp. 131-132)
Intimate Training Recollection (p. 132)
Honing the Stolen Form (p. 132)
Flickering Star Infusion (p.132)
Twin-Faced Hero (p. 136)
Deadly Beastman Transformation (pp.136-137)

  • Thick Skin: +2B/2L soak (CoCD: The Wyld, p. 147)
  • Inexhaustible: Cannot become fatigued (pp. 146-147)
  • Enhanced Hearing: +2 to hearing-based Awareness rolls (Exalted, p. 288)
  • Enhanced Smell: +2 to scent-based Awareness rolls (Exalted, p. 288)
  • Bear Claws: Spd 5/Acc +5/Dmg +7L/Rate 2 (Custom)
  • Bear Fangs: Spd 4/Acc +6/Dmg +8L/Rate 1 (Custom)


Charms marked with F are Fury-OK. Charms marked with G have the Gift keyword.


First [Attribute] Excellency (Lunars, p.140)
Second [Attribute] Excellency (pp. 140-141)
Third [Attribute] Excellency (p. 141)
Instinctive [Attribute] Unity (p. 141)
Flawless [Attribute] Focus (pp. 141-142)


Wind-Wings Carry Technique (p. 142)
Impressions of Strength (pp.144-145)F

  • Undeniable Might
  • Mighty Ram Practice
  • Ogre's Loving Caress
  • Rock-to-Pebbles Attitude
  • Birth of Flight

Devastating Blow (Hundredfold Facets, p. Lu:36)F
Claws of the Silver Moon (Lunars, p. 144)G


Golden Tiger Stance (p. 151)F
Wary Swallow Method (p. 151)
Wind-Dancing Method (p. 151)
Flowing Body Evasion (Compassion flaw, p. 151)
Flowing Body Ascension (DotFA: Lords, p. 69)
Wasp-Sting Blur (Lunars, p. 154)F
Twin-Fang Technique (p. 154)
Octopus and Spider Barrage (p. 154, bought with 10xp)
Leaping Interposition Method (OMWF Custom)
Pack Mentality Practice (OMWF Custom)
Wedded Moon Form (OMWF Custom)
Herding the Sheep Method (OMWF Custom)
Opportunistic Flanking Practice OMWF Custom)
Bond-Forging Meditation (OMWF Custom)
Glorious Sublimation of the Wedded Moon (OMWF Custom)


Steadfast Yeddim Meditation (p. 156)F
Luna's Fortitude (p. 157)F
Relentless Lunar Fury (12 actions, pp. 158-159)
Durable Battle Mind (p. 159)
Ox-Body Technique (p. 156)
Bruise-Relief Method (p. 159)G
Halting the Scarlet Flow (p. 160, see errata in Hundredfold Facets, p. Lu:39)G
Lunar Perseverance Infusion (Hundredfold Facets, p. Lu:39)
Crashing Beast-Storm Face (Hundredfold Facets, p. Lu:39)
Hide-Toughening Essence (Lunars, p. 160)


Mask of White Jade (p. 172)
Cat-Face Presentation (p. 172)
Labyrinth of the Beast (p. 172)
Commanded to Fly (p. 172, permanent upgrade: automatic success on self-targeted social counterattack)


The Spider's Trap Door (pp. 190-191)
Thieving Magpie Prana (p. 191)
Many-Pockets Meditation (sky-klaves stored for 4m, p.191)


Far-Reaching Might (3m+, 1wp, 8xp)[edit]

  • Wind-Wings Carry Technique
  • Impressions of Strength


Essence: 5
Personal: 11/17
Peripheral: 36/44 + 10 (Skin Mount Amulet)
Committed: 18 (from Peripheral)


Temporary: 0 spent


Compassion: 3
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 2
Valor: 3

Limit Break: Curse of the Whipped Dog (Compassion)[edit]

Dhiren is overcome with indecision and doubt. He capitulates in the face of adversity and cannot resist authority. He refuses to take any sort of leadership responsibility, instead blindly following the suggestions of anyone around him. Dhiren may defend himself if physically attacked, but he will try to remove himself from the confrontation as quickly as possible.
Partial Control: The character may choose to flee from a situation immediately rather than deal with the consequences of taking actions, even those proposed by others. He still feels a compulsion to obey, but balances it with concern for what others might think.

5 Limit



Join Battle: 8

Clinch: Spd 6/Acc +4/Dmg +4B/Def ~/Rate 1
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +4/Dmg +7B/Def +2/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +5/Dmg +4B/Def +6/Rate 3

Claws of the Silver Moon I
Clinch: Spd 6/Acc +6/Dmg +9L/Def ~/Rate 1
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +6/Dmg +12L/Def +2/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +7/Dmg +9L/Def +6/Rate 3

Claws of the Silver Moon II
Clinch: Spd 6/Acc +10/Dmg +9L/Def ~/Rate 1
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +10/Dmg +12L/Def +2/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +11/Dmg +9L/Def +6/Rate 3

Claws of the Silver Moon III
Clinch: Spd 6/Acc +10/ Dmg +11L/5 /Def ~/Rate 1/O
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +10/ Dmg +14L/5 /Def +2/Rate 2/O
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +11/ Dmg +11L/5 /Def +6/Rate 3/O

Bear Claws of the Silver Moon I
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +11/Dmg +17L/Def +2/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +11/Dmg +17L/Def +6/Rate 2

Bear Claws of the Silver Moon II
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +16/Dmg +17L/Def +2/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +16/Dmg +17L/Def +6/Rate 2

Bear Claws of the Silver Moon III
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +16/Dmg +19L/5 /Def +2/Rate 2/O
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +16/Dmg +19L/5 /Def +6/Rate 2/O

Moonsilver Sky-klave
Melee: Spd 4/Acc +6/Dmg +4L/Def +3/Rate 2
Thrown: Spd 5/Acc +3/Dmg +5L/Rate 2/Range 70

Dodge DV: 10
Parry DV: 10 (unarmed/Claws of the Silver Moon, Wedded Moon Form)
Natural Soak: 4B/4L
Hide-Toughening Essence: ~

Health Levels[edit]

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
In [ ]
Dy [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 8

Dodge MDV: 7
Parry MDV: 2


Backstory for Anshu and Dhiren
Dhiren's home and the other kidnapped kids


Dhiren tends to be very gentle around both people and animals. He's always been big for his age, a trait which shows no sign of changing as he grows up. As a result, he's learned caution and consideration. However, he is also fiercely protective of people, things, and places he cares about or that he sees as needing care.

Merits and Flaws[edit]


Dhiren takes no penalty for using anything with his off hand. He also can switch hands with his (melee or one-handed MA) weapon while in close combat, which can distract the person he's fighting against. Doing so requires a Difficulty 1 Dexterity + Melee or MA roll, and if he succeeds the enemy's parry DV goes down by 2 against his next attack.

Unspent Experience[edit]