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  • Solitary Talon of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady
  • Character in Once more with feeling, played by Andrensath.
  • Theme song
  • Caste:Zenith
  • Concept:A musician and singer who dabbles in fencing to defend herself.
  • Solitary Talon is very small, standing just under five foot tall and possessing a very petite figure. Her purple hair is braided into a ponytail, that hangs down to brush her lower back. Small flowers, blossoms of every shade of red, are intertwined with the strands of hairs. A few rebellious curls have fallen out of the braid, framing her face much like a beautiful portrait. Intense violet eyes with twinkling silver flecks gaze out at the world, shining with a touch of happiness and an abundance of innocence. Between them sits a small, button-like nose, sprinkled gently with freckles, and beneath are full lips the colour of a deep red rose. Her ever-flushed cheeks are marked with twin dimples, all too obvious when she smiles - childish markings she never did lose. Not only short, but very thin as well, she takes up almost no room at all. Her neck is slender and fragile looking, flowing into a pair of strong shoulders dusted with freckles, and a well-defined collarbone. Her bosom is perfectly proportioned to the rest of her tiny frame, contributing a bit of curve to her figure. Her arms appear strong, like her shoulders, though not overly muscular, while her fingers are long and thin. Her stomach is slightly muscular, and her legs, although short, are well-toned and fairly muscular. She is normally found in a gown of the purest white silk, slashed with gold.



Destroy those responsible for the attack on Nexus





  • Help save Creation.
  • Performing her creations. (Love)
  • Writing songs. (Love)



  • Dhiren (Hatred) (Elusive Dream Defense)



  • Venusday, the 13th of Resplendent Fire, Realm Year 751.


Describe here in full your Caste anima power. Also tell us your totemic form.



  • Strength •••
  • Dexterity •••••
  • Stamina ••••


  • Charisma •••••
  • Manipulation •••••
  • Appearance •••••


  • Perception •••
  • Intelligence •••
  • Wits ••••



  • Archery
  • (Favoured) Martial Arts •••• (Princess’ Memory, +••)
  • Melee
  • Thrown
  • (Favoured) War ••••


  • (Caste) Integrity •••••
  • (Caste) Performance •••••
  • (Caste) Presence •••••
  • (Caste) Resistance
  • (Caste) Survival


  • Craft
  • (Favoured) Investigation ••••
  • Lore •••
  • Medicine
  • Occult


  • (Favoured) Athletics •••
  • Awareness
  • (F) Dodge •••••
  • Larceny
  • Stealth


  • (Favoured) Bureaucracy •••
  • Linguistics •••
    • Native: High Realm
    • River Speak
    • Old Realm
    • Forest Tongue (Haltan Dialect)
  • Ride
  • Sail
  • (Favoured) Socialize •••••


Allies 5[edit]


Princess’ Memory[edit]

  • Orichalcum Floating Ribbon

Intimate Resonance Rings[edit]

Denandsor Council[edit]

Backing 5[edit]

Contacts 5[edit]

Influence 5[edit]

Cult 2[edit]

  • The Church of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady

Priests and Priestesses of Venus (Henchmen 5)[edit]

  • Worshipers of Solitary Talon.
  • Her subordinates in the worship of Venus.

Followers 5[edit]

  • 10,000 Mortal Extras

Influence 3[edit]

  • Well Known within the Scavenger Lands, for both her cult and for her legion.

Lunar Bond 5[edit]

  • With True Love, Eternal Vow
  • Solitary Talon's bond of love to her Lunar Mates.


Palace of Infinite Desire[edit]

The Denandsor Terminal[edit]

Palace of the Silverhawk Lady[edit]

The Barracks of Ten Ten Thousands[edit]

Resources 6 (Legendary)[edit]

Tattoo Artifacts[edit]

Bracelets of Communal Communication[edit]

  • Master

Proto-Shinmaic Vortex[edit]

Gravity-Defying Bust Tattoos[edit]

Icicle Pendant[edit]

Thong of Enflamed Desire[edit]

Backgrounds: Dragon-Blooded[edit]

Arsenal 5[edit]

  • Used to equip the soldiers in her command.

Command 6 (Legendary)[edit]

  • The Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady
    • 10,000 God-Blooded Soldiers (Inheritance 5)

Henchmen 5[edit]

  • 15 Heroic Mortals of assorted and varied specialties.

Retainers 5[edit]

  • 20 Mortals. Incorporates armsmen, bodyguards and concubines.



Shadow Over Water[edit]

Seven Shadow Evasion[edit]

Reflex Sidestep Technique[edit]

Flow Like Blood[edit]

Leaping Dodge Method[edit]


Temptation Resisting Stance[edit]

Elusive Dream Defense[edit]

Transcendent Hero's Meditation[edit]


Respect Commanding Attitude[edit]

Heart Compelling Method[edit]

Memory Reweaving Discipline[edit]

Indivisible Themes of Splendor[edit]

Mastery of Passion Nuance[edit]


Hypnotic Tongue Technique[edit]

Irresistible Salesman Spirit[edit]

Cutting Observation Interruption[edit]

Glorious Imperative[edit]


Rout Stemming Gesture[edit]

Mob Dispersing Rebuke[edit]

Fury Inciting Presence[edit]

Heroism Encouraging Presence[edit]


  • Permanent Essence: •••••
  • Personal motes: 23/23
  • Peripheral motes: 0/59
  • Committed: 59 Peripheral
    • Orichalcum Floating Ribbon (5)
    • Gravity-Defying Bust Tattoos (2)
    • Thong of Enflamed Desire (2)
    • (Master) Bracelet of Communal Communication (10)
    • Infinite Well of Integrity (20)
    • Infinite Well of Presence (20)
  • Willpower: 10/10


  • Compassion: •••
  • Conviction: ••••
  • Temperance: •••
  • Valour: ••••

Limit Break[edit]

Foolhardy Contempt[edit]

Limit: 0/10[edit]

Merits & Flaws[edit]


Enchanting Features ••••[edit]

Priest (Sol) •[edit]

Priest (Venus) •••••••[edit]


Vice: Pleasure •••[edit]


  • 4 fine warhorses
    • 4 lavish saddles
  • A grand palace, with posh furnishings
  • Royal raiment and jewellery
  • Lamellar Armour
  • Superheavy Plate


  • The woman who would become Solitary Talon of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady was born Mnemon Opile, the seventh daughter of a relatively minor member of House Mnemon. Raised in the lap of luxury, the young Opile was constantly schooled in diplomacy, musicianship, singing, dancing, and the arts of fencing. At 16, her mother was sent to Nexus as the Realm Ambassador, ordered to take her family with her.
  • On the way there, Opile got bored and took a side trip, ending up in a Manse that had been lost since the First Age. While exploring the Manse, she freed one of the Mice of the Sun from where it had been trapped for centuries. Shortly after, Opile suddenly had a strange vision of conversing with the Unconquered Sun while bearing the image of a large, golden disk on her forehead. When the vision finished, she awoke as one of the Zenith Caste of the Solar Exalted. Taking the artifact, the newly renamed Solitary Talon of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady set out for Nexus once more, now planning to become the best performer in the entirety of Creation, and take over the Scavenger Lands along the way.

Conflict Values[edit]

Health Levels[edit]

  • -0
  • -1
  • -1
  • -2
  • -2
  • -4
  • Incapacitated

Wounds are designated as bashing, lethal or aggravated



  • Dodge DV: 12
  • Parry DV: 10


  • Dodge MDV: 14
  • Parry MDV: 9




Basic Awards (8XP)[edit]

  • 16/06/2009
  • 23/06/2009
  • 30/06/2009
  • 7/07/2009
  • 14/07/2009
  • 21/07/2009
  • 28/07/2009
  • 4/08/2009
  • 11/08/2009
  • 18/08/2009
  • 25/08/2009
  • 1/09/2009
  • 8/09/2009
  • 15/09/2009
  • 22/09/2009
  • 29/09/2009
  • 6/10/2009
  • 13/10/2009

Story Awards (10XP)[edit]

  • 12/07/2009: Escaping Nexus shadowland
  • 4/08/2009: 'Because'.

Other Awards (Variable)[edit]

  • 14/07/2009: 9XP refund from Influence •••
  • 12/08/2009: 1XP Good roleplay award
  • 24/08/2009: 50XP End of Story Arc award




  • 25/09/2009: Lingustics •••
  • 21/10/2009: Integrity •••••

Backgrounds (3XP/dot)[edit]


Favoured (8XP)[edit]

Unfavoured (10XP)[edit]


  • 25/09/2009: Linguistics: Forest Tongue (Haltan Dialect)

Merits (2XP/dot)[edit]

  • 28/09/2009: True Love (Silveria Arc)
  • 28/09/2009: True Love (Ta'an Aesin)
  • 3/10/2009: Enchanting Features ••••
  • 11/09/2009: Priestess (Venus) (7-point level)
  • 21/10/2009: Prodigy (Integrity)

Flaws (-2XP/dot)[edit]

  • 22/10/2009: Vice: Pleasure •••



Debt Buffer[edit]


Flag of the Solitary Talon of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady[edit]


House Cathak[edit]

Cathak Azeala[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's aunt, born Mnemon Azeala. Married into House Cathak as part of a political agreement. Mother of Eldran, Nonami, and Silveria Arc. She died ten years ago.

Cathak Eldran[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's cousin, brother of Nomani and Silveria, and the son of Azeala and Zhao. He died ten years ago.

Cathak Hustal[edit]

  • Cathak Hustal is everything his cousin Mnemon Uthek is not; admired by his soldiers, has a good mind for war, appreciated by his peers and writes decent poetry (which he publishes under the name The Unknown Soldier, which contains many gruesome pictures of the hard work, brotherhood and horrors of the legions).
  • Hustel retired several years ago to become a full-time poet, though he has now returned to leading troops in the west of the Blessed Isle.

Cathak Nonami[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's cousin, sister of Eldran and Silveria Arc, and the daughter of Azeala and Zhao. She died ten years ago.

Cathak Zhao[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's uncle by marriage, Zhao is father to Eldran, Nonami, and Silveria Arc. He died ten years ago.

Silveria Arc (Lunar)[edit]

  • Born Cathak Mina, the twenty-three year old Silveria is Solitary's cousin, sister of Eldran and Nonami, and the daughter of Azeala and Zhao. Thought to have died ten years ago, Silveria was in fact captured by forces of House Ledaal and forced to serve as their slave. The pair have recently become lovers. Silveria is bonded to Ta'an Aesin.

House Cynis[edit]

Cynis Galoril (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's cousin, half-nephew, and nephew. Son of Mnemon Yavanadir and Mnemon Retu an unknown Dynast. Married into House Cynis to secure an alliance. Husband of Jetoli and father of Iyrilsar and Jesara.

Cynis Iyrilsar (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Daughter of Galoril and Jetoli, and the younger sister of Jesara. A friend of Solitary Talon, Iyrilsar is also her cousin once removed, half-grandniece, grandniece, and first lover. She and Solitary Talon share a birthday, and, although this is not generally known, the pair Exalted on the same day.

Cynis Jesara (Wood Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's cousin once removed, half-grandniece, and grandniece. Jesara seduced the fifteen-year-old Solitary in an attempt to get close to her grandmother. She is Iyrilsar's elder sister, and the daughter of Galoril and Jetoli.

Cynis Jetoli (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Wife of Galoril and mother of Iyrilsar and Jesara.

House Mnemon[edit]


  • Mnemon is the grandmother of Solitary and (as you all know) a skilled sorceress and head of the family. The two did not have a particularly good relationship, as not only Solitary Talon was unwilling to study thaumaturgy, but she remained unexalted at 16.

Mnemon Achaias (Born Tepet Achaias) (Wood Aspect)[edit]

  • Achaias is an ex-Immaculate monk who served Solitary Talon's brother as dragonlord in the Sole Claw campaign. Recently married into House Mnemon with the transformation of the 22nd Imperial legion into the 2nd Mnemon. Husband of Talil, and step-father to Sarates.

Mnemon Aethrelis (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • A distant cousin of Solitary Talon. Married Uthek to bring the 22nd Imperial under the control of House Mnemon.

Mnemon Ai (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary's only brother, Ai is Strategoi of the Second Mnemon Legion (The Bridge-Builders). He has recently separated from his second wife, Taria, but they are still resident in the same household.
  • Solitary Talon often boasted of her brother's Anathema-killing prowess, prior to her Exalting as Anathema herself. What is currently unknown to Solitary Talon is that the two Anathema Ai killed were her shard's two previous incarnations.
  • Father of Dethor and Juin

Flashbacks on remeeting Ai[edit]

Mnemon Alit (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Alit is Solitary's niece and her brother's first child. She exalted early and showed as her grandfather, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother an affinity for magic. She has recently finished her studies at the Heptagram, and is betrothed to her second cousin Sarates.

Mnemon Anel (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Mnemon Anel is Solitary's mother, a beautiful woman in her third century. She is a daughter of Mnemon and, until recently, held a position within her mother's household as hostess and administrator of the lands around it. She frequently moves among the higher circles of Realm society, where she is renowned for her beauty and her dancing skills, and has a large number of lovers and companions, but has only recently remarried after she became a widow about 130 years ago. Anel is slightly unhappy about the marriage, as Onalo's blood is far weaker than hers, and their only child remained unExalted at 16. She loves her four children who love her back, although she has to say that she feels that her own mother is stealing the attention of her second child, Ai.
  • Anel was recently sent to Nexus to serve as the Realm ambassador. Her fate after the Mask's attack is, as yet, unknown.

Mnemon Asari (Fire Aspect) (Dead)[edit]

  • Asari was the first wife of Ai, a Lost Egg sponsored by the Mnemon family through Pasiap's Stair. Adventurer and sorceress she charmed first Ai, and then both Anel and Mnemon, which made them agree on the marriage between the two, despite Asari's much weaker breeding. The two loved each other deeply and fitted perfectly together as a couple.
  • However, the time they spent together as wife and husband was not long, five years after the marriage (and the fourteen years of being engaged) the pregnant Asari went to see her husband before the birth of her child, since they both wanted him to be present, but he could not abandon his post. On the way there her travel party was ambushed by rebels, Asari, wild as she was, had decided to not bring many guards and the party was soon overwhelmed. Asari herself was weakened due to the pregnancy, but still managed to kill all of her assailants. However her wounds were too deep, and she was found the next day dead just outside a village.
  • Solitary Talon and Asari never met, as Asari died long before Solitary's birth.

Mnemon Dethor (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Son of Ai and Karla, and twin brother of Juin. Solitary Talon's nephew and grand-nephew.

Mnemon Fallup (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Immaculate monk attached to the 2nd Mnemon. Known as Master Adamant Scion. Cousin to Solitary Talon.

Mnemon Gan (born Atares Gan) (Earth Aspect)(Dead)[edit]

  • Mnemon Gan is the father of Solitary Talon's siblings and was a Lost Egg found at the age of 50. He was a skilled sorcerer and chose to join the legions, where he became a cadre mage. His skills soon won him some fame and glory, and he was invited to the court. There he met Mnemon and they both managed to charm each other and they became bed companions. Gan was adopted into the house and married to Mnemon's daughter Anel, which led to the birth of three children with Anel (it is only known to Nara-O and Mnemon herself if he got any with her mother). Soon after the third child was born Gan went away on a Wyld Hunt, where he was killed by a superior Anathema sorcerer.

Mnemon Jemala (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Second cousin of Solitary Talon, a dragonlord and sorceress. Was removed from duties during the campaign against Sole Claw after a plot by the vile anathema, but was recovered by Mnemon herself. Recently returned to the 2nd Mnemon.

Mnemon Juin (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Son of Ai and Karla, and twin brother of Dethor. Solitary Talon's nephew and grand-nephew.

Mnemon Karla (Air Aspect)[edit]

  • The oldest of Solitary Talon's nieces, Karla was born one month later than Ai. The two spent a lot of time together in childhood (and some time together in bed in their older youth), and she has become a sort of closer sister to him than his real ones. They have remained sporadic, but regular, bed companions since then as a sort of bonding, and it was through Karla's care that Ai managed to live through the loss of Asari, his first wife.
  • Mother of Dethor and Juin.

Mnemon Limfanhir (Air Aspect) (Dead)[edit]

  • Talil's first husband, and Sarates' father. Killed by a slave uprising in the Scavenger Lands four years after fathering Sarates'.

Mnemon Onalo (born Blue Ocean Sword) (Water Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's father and Anel's second husband. A Lost Egg, Onalo was allowed to marry into House Mnemon solely so that they could gain control of his trading fleet. He possesses extremely poor breeding, and it is unlikely that he will have any more children with Anel.

Mnemon Retu (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Supposedly the son of Mnemon and an expensive concubine with Jade Dragon Tattooes, only one person in all Creation is aware of Retu's true parentage, namely Mnemon herself. Retu is in fact the son of Mnemon and Onalo, making him both Solitary Talon's half-brother and uncle. Retu is also the father of Cynis Galoril.

Mnemon Sarates (Air Aspect)[edit]

  • Sarates is the son of Solitary's cousin Talil and Limfanhir, and betrothed to her niece. A graduate from the House of Bells with decent marks, who shows more interest in fighting itself than the leading of units, but still a decent officer.
  • Now a Winglord in Ai's Legion.

Mnemon Talil (Air Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's cousin, wife of Achaias, and the mother of Sarates. Talil is a respected martial artist, and is currently on a tour of the Northern Threshold. Recently married Achaias as part of the process of turning the 22nd Imperial into the 2nd Mnemon. Her first husband, Limfanhir, was killed by a slave uprising in the Scavenger Lands, a few years after Sarates' birth.

Mnemon Tar (Air Aspect)[edit]

  • Tar is Solitary Talon's nephew and Ai's second child. He is twenty-two, and has been Exalted for less than a decade. Tar is currently finishing his studies with the Immaculate Order.

Mnemon Taria (Air Aspect)[edit]

  • Mnemon Taria is Ai's second wife, a far relative from the Air branch of the Mnemon house. The two have been married for 40 years and though there is strong affection between the pair, there is little love. She has worked for a long time as a minister, but is currently vying for becoming a Satrap. She has two children with Ai, Alit and Tar, who she has big plans for.
  • Ai and Taria separated ten years ago, as part of a political arrangement with House Sesus involving the marriage of Ai and Sesus Liusa, a long-time lover of his, and the mother of one of his few children. Unfortunately for Ai, House Sesus did not live up to their end of the deal, refusing to let him marry Liusa. This caused somewhat of a scandal, as he had already acknowledged Finsel as his daughter.

Mnemon Tisahan (Earth Aspect)[edit]

  • Tisahan is far from the children producing factory that her elder sister is, having only one child. She was married politically with a Tepet dynast, whom she gave a child within short time. However, short after that the two came into conflict with each other, and their marriage was declared null and void two years ago. She returned to her grandmother's house a long time ago, however, bringing the child with her, who has become a smaller conflict between the two houses.
  • She has recently married Zeni T'Hor as part of the process of making the Bridge-builders the 2nd Mnemon Legion.

Mnemon Uthek (born Cathak Uthek) (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Cathak Hustel's cousin, previous dragonlord in the 22nd. During the campaign against the Sole Claw he earned grudgingly Ai's respect and the two became friends. He was married into the Mnemon family with Aethrelis, a distant cousin of Solitary Talon's, as the 22nd became the 2nd Mnemon (he had already taken a princess in the threshold as bride during the campaign against Sole Claw). Part of the 2nd Mnemon.

Mnemon Yavanadir (Wood Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's eldest sister is a proof of House Mnemon's excellent breeding. Yavanadir was betrothed and married very early, since she turned out to be pregnant only half a year into the betrothal, and the family rushed the marriage to be three months later. In the following 150 years of marriage she has managed to produce no less than 21 children, of whom 18 has exalted, one has just entered the age of exaltation and one is still a small child, and she has currently become pregnant again. The group of children is a palette of the five elements, leaning towards the ones of the house, but still varied with 6 Earth Aspects, 5 Air, 3 Fire and 2 Wood and Water.
  • There is, however the question of fatherhood, as Yavanadir has spent time in bed with most men (and a large portion of women) in the imperial court, something like half of those in the imperial city (including her own brother once, which they talk very little about) and many more outside the city. This however is not a large problem, since her husband has claimed all children as his and raised them as such, and her grandmother Mnemon trust her in her choosings of well-bred males to produce offspring with.
  • One could believe that 21 births would wear even a dynast's body, but not this woman's. As the philosopher Ni'Tache said "what does not kill makes stronger.", and Yavanadir is still in excellent physique and is a great charmer of both sexes.

Mnemon Zeni T'Hor[edit]

  • Zeni was one of her brother Ai's most senior dragonlords, and one of the clear candidates of taking over the legion, should Ai leave it. He was born a peasant on the isle, but found no happiness in working the earth and left for the legions. By the age of 25 he had climbed up the field promotion ladder to Scalelord when he suddenly exalted, probably due to him possibly being the bastard child of his home's Prefect.
  • Since then he has climbed the hard way up the ranks to Dragonlord, proving his abilities on the field over and over again. As Ai was promoted he gained command over the legion, and shortly after that married Tisahan.
  • As Ai reclaimed his legion only years after he was transfered to another Mnemon Legion, but stayed in close contact with Ai over the years as they served in the same area. He is currently serving under his old general alongside in the composite force.

House Ledaal[edit]

Ledaal Aedeneys[edit]

  • One of Solitary Talon's few unexalted nieces. Daughter of Yavanadir, wife of Norsinair, and the mother of Camralthil.

Ledaal Camralthil[edit]

  • A mortal, Camralthil had been betrothed to Solitary Talon before she Exalted. Son of Aedeneys and Norsinair.

Ledaal Norsinair[edit]

  • Unexalted. Father of Camralthil and husband of Aedeneys.

House Sesus[edit]

Sesus Finsel (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's niece, the ten year old Finsel is Ai's child with Sesus Liusa. She has recently Exalted as a Fire Aspect.

The Scarlet Empress[edit]

  • AKA Her Redness. Solitary Talon's great-grandmother.

Close Companions[edit]


Li Ji Gang[edit]

  • Half Moon Caste Lunar Exalt.
  • Solitary Talon's bondmate.

Sakura Tenchi[edit]

  • Waning Moon Caste Lunar Exalt
  • Solitary Talon's bondmate.

Ta'an Aesin[edit]



Casteless Lunar Exalt. Bonded to Starcc Antonee, the Adamant Man and Rowan Marmalade.

De’aneir’a Sera Vestra[edit]


  • Casteless Lunar Exalt. Bonded to Nuwa.

Invisible Crow Hunter[edit]



  • Dawn Caste Solar Exalt.
  • Bonded to Dhiren.

Starcc Antonee, the Adamant Man[edit]

  • Dawn Caste Solar Exalt.
  • Bonded to Cael.

Sun and Moon United in Splendor[edit]

  • Waxing Moon Caste Lunar Exalt.

Surely-Refulgent Anshu[edit]

The Shining Lord of Gold and Ivory[edit]

  • Twilight Caste Solar Exalt.
  • Bonded to Lilijana.

Ziyad Antarah[edit]


Asidisi Phame[edit]

  • Earth Aspect. Commands the Special Forces of the Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady.

Heisen Lilaze[edit]

  • Air Aspect. Commands the Archers of the Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady.

Isar Malach[edit]

  • Fire Aspect. Commands the Heavy Infantry of the Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady.

Larna Eyaso[edit]

  • Wood Aspect. Commands the Cavalry of the Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady.

Valish Carna[edit]

  • Water Aspect. Commands the Artillery and Warstriders of the Legion of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady.

Priests and Priestesses of Venus[edit]




House Sesus[edit]

Dragonlord Sesus Liusa (Wood Aspect)[edit]

  • The foremost lover of Solitary's brother Ai and one of the Dragon Lords in the remnants of a Sesus Legion under Ai's command. She and Ai have had a relation for about 50 years now and it has grown stronger and stronger with time. However, both of them makes difference between love and work, and when acting in command of the legion they are both professional and Ai treats her no better than any other of his Dragon Lords (except for Cathak Utes, but he is a stupid asshole getting his position by friends and not by action). She is still un-married and not even betrothed, since the house Sesus still is unsure to whom to marry her. Ten years ago, Liusa gave birth to Sesus Finsel, openly acknowledged as Ai's daughter. This caused something of a scandal, as House Sesus refused to let Ai and Liusa marry.

Sesus Sikandi (Fire Aspect)[edit]

  • Daring adventurer and skilled monster hunter, Sikandi is sister to Sesus Liusa.



Armoured, with Princess' Memory

Casual, with Princess' Memory

Formal, with Princess' Memory


Black Fuku
Yellow Fuku
Purple Fuku
Pink Fuku
Green Fuku
Blue Fuku
Female Servants
Male Servants