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Game: Once more, with feeling/Dawn of the Third Age

Surely-Refulgent Anshu

Anshu with one razor claw extended

Caste: Zenith
Concept: Immaculate monk turned Anathema

Anshu is an attractive but unremarkable-looking man in his late 20s. He dresses as a Fifth Coil Immaculate Monk, in a silk robe adorned with gold trim, along with a pair of simple sandals. He has gray eyes, is clean shaven and possesses the requisite shaved head of the Order.

Character Song: Origa - Rise|Lyrics



Discover the cause of the madness of the Anathema.


  • Justice (Belief, Duty) (+)
  • Cerise (Lunar Mate, True Love) (+)
  • The people of Denandsor (Duty, Loyalty) (+)
  • Dhiren (Duty, Friendship) (+)
  • His vows of diet and personal hygiene (Duty) (+)
  • It is the duty of the Exalted to protect Creation and its people (Duty) (+)
  • The Unconquered Sun (Faith, Loyalty) (+)
  • Solitary Talon (Contempt) (-)
  • Discussion and Compromise (Belief) (+)
  • Shrike (secret lover, friendly affection) (+)


Burn a corpse for 1m (free at 11+ anima flare). For 10m, glow with the power of the UCS, illuminating the area as if it was noon out to 50 yards. For the remainder of the scene, gain 10B/10L/10A soak vs. attacks from creatures of darkness and add 5 to the minimum damage dice rolled for attacks made on creatures of darkness (automatically activates at 11+ anima flare).

When Anshu's anima becomes iconic, it coalesces into a brilliant gold set of merchant's scales, superimposed on an orichalcum straight-sided daiklave.


PHYSICAL: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
SOCIAL: Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 3
MENTAL: Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 5


Caste Abilities[edit]

Integrity 5
Performance 5 (7xp to raise from 4)
Presence 5
Resistance 5
Survival 4

Favored Abilities[edit]

Awareness 5
Dodge 5
Investigation 5
Lore 5 (7xp to raise from 4)
Martial Arts 5
Stealth 4
War 5 (7xp to raise from 4)

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

Athletics 4
Linguistics 4 (High, Old, & Low Realm, Riverspeak, Forest-tongue)
Sail 4
Thrown 2


Artifact • (green jade Intimate Resonance Rings)[edit]

Attune cost: 2m (from Cerise's mote pools)
This artifact is a set of genital piercings, permanently locked in place in various erogenous zones on Anshu's body.

Cerise can play the link of Essence like a snare, gently strumming to make the rings resonate with the attunement and vibrate against the delicate places in which they are set. This is effectively a medium for Performance-based social attacks to make Anshu indulge in the inevitably resulting physical needs.

Artifact •• (The Mighty Claws of Rumasa Lanan)[edit]

Attune Cost: 6m
This set of razor claws, crafted entirely from orichalcum, belonged to a First Age Solar, Rumasa Lanan, who created a martial arts style now lost to the mists of time. An Old Realm inscription along the vambraces reads “The Mighty Claws of Rumasa Lanan”; if his (or her, the inscription gives no clues) tomb or manse could be found, perhaps some of the secrets of the lost style could be rediscovered, but the claws themselves give no clue to the tomb's location.

The razor claws themselves are exquisitely crafted, and the blades can be retracted or extended as a miscellaneous action (as drawing or readying a weapon, both sets of blades can be extended in a single such action), seeming to melt fluidly into the vambraces when not needed.

When the blades are in the extended position, an attuned wielder of the claws can spend 1 mote of Essence to fire one of the blades at an enemy, using the higher of the character's Thrown or Archery abilities. The blades then regrow themselves in the extended position. The fired blades use the same statistics as perfect-quality shuriken with the orichalcum material bonus.

Artifact •••• (orichalcum perfected kata bracers)[edit]

Attune Cost: 8m
Perfected kata bracers are prayer strips crafted of a single magical material and curled into bracers. The strips’ sutras are starmetal engravings. When the character activates a Form-type Charm, the sutras inscribed on the bracers glow and lift from the artifact to engulf the character in light for a brief moment. For the rest of the scene, she gains several benefits.

She adds her Essence to the accuracy, damage and defense of her unarmed attacks and of attacks made with the active Form-type Charm’s particular weapons. She may choose to inflict bashing or lethal damage at will and she may parry lethal attacks unarmed. In addition, orichalcum bracers let Solars inflict aggravated damage on creatures of darkness.

Artifact •••• (Skin-Mount Amulet x2)[edit]

Artifact N/A (DCS Defiance in the Night)[edit]

Kireeki-class skyreme, Denandsor Council Ship Defiance in the Night, shared purchase with Ziyad. Has a crew of Enlightened Naval Ratings.

Backing ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Command • (Pathwalker Disciples)[edit]

25 Pathwalkers serving the Ministry of Justice.

Command ••• (Navy Personnel)[edit]

250 ratings, marines, and pilots serving in the Denandsor Navy.

Contacts ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Cult ••• (Denandsor farmers and militia)[edit]

Anshu is worshiped by most of Denandsor's farmers, and has a not-insignificant number of worshipers among the city's craftspeople, especially members of the Auxiliaries.

Influence ••••• (Denandsor Council)[edit]

Manse ••• (Stone of Judgement)[edit]

The bearer of this smooth cabochon of the finest lapis lazuli gains an uncanny sense for when people lie. If he asks someone whether they committed a crime or other harmful act, the bearer’s player reduces the difficulty of the (Perception + [Investigation or Socialize]) roll to determine the truth of any answer is reduced by -4 (to a minimum of 1). (Oadenol's Codex, pp. 97-98)

This manse is called Anshu's Temple.

Manse ••• (Gem of Sorcery)[edit]

Though transparent, this many-pointed crystal has an oily golden sheen and glows with inner light. Once per day, its bearer can reduce the cost of casting a spell by 10 motes.

This manse is called the Tabernacle of the Sun, and the hearthstone is plugged into DCS Defiance in the Night.

Manse •••• (Stone of Airwalking)[edit]

This spherical white stone looks like a tiny, solidified cloud. Whenever the bearer of this stone desires, he can walk upon the air instead of the ground. Although he still moves at his normal movement rate, the character can walk safely across water or quicksand by walking on a layer of air lying above the surface. In addition, the character can walk up or down the air as easily as others walk up or down a staircase. With sufficient climbing, the character can walk along miles above the ground. If the character trips or is knocked down, however, he can still fall to her death unless he can get her feet under her; his player must successfully roll (Dexterity + Athletics) at difficulty 3. Also, the stone only allows the character himself to move in this fashion. Any steed he rides must still travel along the ground.

This manse is called The Harmonious Loft.

Lunar Bond ••••• (Eternal Vow, True Love)[edit]

Anshu is bonded with Cerise, a No Moon Lunar.

Sifu ••••[edit]

Five Days Darkness has agreed to become Anshu's teacher.

Whispers ••••[edit]

Anshu has achieved communion with the Neverborn, and they are not happy with him. However, some of their secrets may yet slip into his mind...



First Athletics Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Athletics Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Athletics Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Athletics Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Athletics (OMWF Custom)


First Awareness Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Awareness Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Awareness Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Awareness Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Awareness (OMWF Custom)
Infinite Well of Awareness (OMWF Custom)
Awareness Essence Flow (Exalted, p. 187)
Surprise Anticipation Method (p. 226)


First Dodge Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second Dodge Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Dodge Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Dodge Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Dodge (OMWF Custom)
Infinite Well of Dodge (OMWF Custom)
Dodge Essence Flow (Exalted, p. 187)
Shadow Over Water (p. 227)
Reflex Sidestep Technique (p. 227)
Seven Shadow Evasion (p. 227)
Leaping Dodge Method (p. 227)
Flow Like Blood (p. 227)
Dancing Shadow Evasion (Hundredfold Facets, p. So:25)


First Investigation Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Investigation Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Investigation Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Investigation Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Investigation (OMWF Custom)
Infinite Well of Investigation (OMWF Custom)
Investigation Essence Flow (Exalted, p. 187)


First Integrity Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second Integrity Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Integrity Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Integrity Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Integrity (OMWF Custom)
Infinite Well of Integrity (OMWF Custom)
Integrity Essence Flow (Exalted, p. 187)
Supreme Perfection of Integrity (DotFA, p. 59)
Integrity-Protecting Prana (p. 199)
Temptation-Resisting Stance (p. 200, permanent upgrade: add WP to DMDV instead of Temp)
Elusive Dream Defense (pp. 200-201)
Transcendent Hero's Meditation (p. 201)
Liberating Hero's Devotion (OMWF Custom)
Sunlight Banishes the Void's Wrath (OMWF Custom)
Phoenix Renewal Tactic (Conviction, Exalted, p. 200)
Glory to the Most High (Glories: Sun, pp. 24-25)


First Linguistics Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Linguistics Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Linguistics Excellency (p. 185)


First Lore Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second Lore Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Lore Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Lore Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Lore (OMWF Custom)
Infinite Well of Lore (OMWF Custom)
Immanent Solar Glory (Exalted, p. 218)

Martial Arts[edit]

First Martial Arts Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Martial Arts Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Martial Arts Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Martial Arts Mastery (pp. 185-187)
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Supreme Perfection of Martial Arts (DotFA, p. 59)
Pasiap's Humility (Dragon-Blooded, p. 194)
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Water Dragon Style

  • Flowing Water Defense (OMWF Custom)
  • Rippling Water Strike (Dragon-Blooded, p. 207)
  • Drowning-in-Blood Technique (OMWF Custom)
  • Shrugging Water Dragon Escape (Dragon-Blooded, p. 207-208)
  • Water Dragon Form (p. 208)
  • Flow Reversal Strike (OMWF Custom)
  • Crashing Wave Style (OMWF Custom)
  • Theft-of-Essence Method (OMWF Custom)
  • Ghost-Restraining Whirlpool Stance (Dragon-Blooded, p. 209)
  • Bottomless Depths Defense (p. 209)
  • Essence-Dousing Wave Attack (OMWF Custom)
  • Tsunami Force Shout (OMWF Custom)

Solar Hero Style

  • Fists of Iron Technique (Exalted, p. 242, Errata p. 17)
  • Sledgehammer Fist Punch (ibid.)
  • Dragon Coil Technique (ibid.)
  • Solar Hero Form (Exalted, p. 242, Errata pp. 17-18)
  • Heaven Thunder Hammer (Exalted, pp. 242-243, Errata p. 18)
  • Crashing Wave Throw (Exalted, p. 243, Errata p. 18)
  • Ox-Stunning Blow (ibid.)
  • Hammer on Iron Technique (Exalted, pp. 243-244, Errata p. 18)
  • Shockwave Technique (Exalted, p. 244, Errata p. 18)
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  • Hero's Fatal Resolve (Ink Monkeys Ultimate Collection, p. 10)
  • Dome-Shattering Smite (Ink Monkeys Ultimate Collection, p. 11)
  • Lightning Strikes Twice (Ink Monkeys Ultimate Collection, p. 11)


First Performance Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Performance Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Performance Excellency (p. 185)
Infinite Performance Mastery (pp. 185-187)
Infinite Meditation on Performance (OMWF Custom)
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Divine Transcendence of Performance (DotFA, p. 59)
Phantom-Conjuring Performance (p. 202)
Demon-Wracking Glory (Abyssals, pp. 141-142, mirror Withering Phantasmagoria)

  • Continuing area effect
  • Continuing single target
  • Instant single target

Crowd-Commanding Spirit (OMWF Custom)
Respect-Commanding Attitude (Exalted, p. 202)
Catching the Sun's Glance (DotFA, p. 65)


First Presence Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
Second Presence Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Presence Excellency (p. 185)
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Infinite Meditation on Presence (OMWF Custom)
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Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement (p. 205)
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You Can Be More (Abyssals, p. 143, mirror Broken Heart Triumph)
Transcendant Inspiration-Sparking Method (OMWF Custom)


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Second Resistance Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Resistance Excellency (p. 185)
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First Sail Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second Sail Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Sail Excellency (p. 185)
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First Stealth Excellency (Exalted, pp. 183-184)
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Third Survival Excellency (p. 185)
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Trackless Region Navigation (Exalted, p. 211)


First Thrown Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second Thrown Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third Thrown Excellency (p. 185)


First War Excellency (pp. 183-184)
Second War Excellency (pp. 184-185)
Third War Excellency (p. 185)
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General of the All-Seeing Sun (Exalted, p. 197)
Cloud-Piercing Sun's Gaze (OMWF Custom)
Rout-Stemming Gesture (Exalted, p. 197)
Heroism-Encouraging Presence (pp. 197-198)
Tiger Warrior Training Technique (p. 198)
Legendary Warrior Curriculum (pp. 198-199)
Commanding the Ideal Celestial Army (p. 197)
Perfected Tiger Claw Arrangement (Hundredfold Facets, p. So:8)


Unyielding Judgement of the Glorious Sun (5m, 1wp, 5xp)[edit]

  • Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement
  • Irresistible Salesman Spirit

Darkness-Banishing Invocation of the Sun's Glory (variable +1wp, 10xp)[edit]

  • Demon-Wracking Glory
    • Continuing area effect (2m+, 1wp to activate, 2m+ to continue)
    • Continuing single target (3m, 1wp to activate, 3m to continue)
    • Instant single target (up to 9m, 1wp)
  • Crowd-Commanding Spirit (4m)
  • Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement (2m)


Essence: 6
Personal: 21/26
Peripheral: 12/63 + 10 (Immanent Solar Glory) + 14 (skin mounts) + 3 Overdrive
Committed: 20 (from Peripheral)


Temporary: 5 spent


Compassion: 2 (Resonance Flaw)
Conviction: 5 (Limit Flaw) (1/5 channels spent)
Temperance: 3
Valor: 3

Limit Break: Terrible Zeal (Conviction)[edit]

Anshu flies into a zealous rage at being stymied in his goals, attempting to kill or destroy whoever or whatever is immediately obstructing his progress, without regard for collateral damage - for example, burning an entire First Age library because it sheds no light on the cause of the Solars' madness, or killing a valuable contact for failing to provide needed information.
Partial Control: Anshu satisfies himself with merely wounding the offending person or destroying one of the offending objects without causing any collateral damage - for example, destroying only one of the books in the First Age library, or cutting off one of the contact's hands or limbs.
Duration: One scene
Limit Break Condition: Being prevented in achieving or making significant progress towards a goal (either long-term or immediate) just when all seemed to be going well.

5 Limit


Join Battle: 10

Mighty Claws
Blades: Spd 5/Acc +10/Dmg +12L/Def +8/Rate 4
Shuriken: Spd 4/Acc +3/Dmg +5L/Rng 40/Rate 3

Clinch: Spd 6/Acc +7/Dmg +10B/Def ~/Rate 1
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +7/Dmg +13B/Def +4/Rate 2
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +8/Dmg +10B/Def +8/Rate 3

Dodge DV: 8
Parry DV: 9 (unarmed)
Natural Soak: 4B/2L
Solar Form Soak: +5B/+5L
Anima Soak: +12B/+12L/+12A
Total Soak: 21B/19L/12A

Health Levels[edit]

-0 [L]
-1 [L][ ][ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
In [ ]
Dy [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 10

Performance: Spd 6/Rate 1
Presence: Spd 4/Rate 2
Investigation: Spd 5/Rate 2

Dodge MDV: 9
Parry MDV: 5


Backstory for Anshu and Dhiren


Anshu tends to be very serious in his day-to-day life - he isn't humorless, he just has a hard time figuring out when he can go "off-duty". He's very dedicated to his goals, but can be persuaded to set them aside temporarily. He's very protective of those whom he has sworn himself to protect.

Merits and Flaws[edit]


Anshu has a Resonance track. (Flaw, 10pts)
5 Resonance

Current Resonance Effects[edit]

  • Blight 0: No effect.
  • Branding 0: No effect.
  • Conduit 0: No effect.
  • Stigmata 2: No effect.


Anshu sometimes succumbs to the influence of the Neverborn and acts like the Abyssal servant they wish he was. (Flaw, 5pts)

The Most Secret Ebon Mirror, Midnight Caste, Abyssal Exalted, Loyal to Oblivion. A what-might-have-been if the Surely Refulgent Anshu had Exalted as an Abyssal rather than a Solar.

Goals and Motivations[edit]

Unspent Experience[edit]