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Welcome to the wiki for "Damned Rebels", a Star Wars PBP using FFG's Age Of Rebellion ruleset.

Player Characters[edit]

Jayala Pandoon, a female human engineer played by Damien May

Anii Geraven, a female human scientist, played by Stormraven

Alia Conora, a female human commander, played by squidheadjax

Vaevaena Kryst, a female human soldier, played by Andrensath

Hans Kayle, a male human spy, played by Comped

Sarek Grell, a male Quarren Ace, played by CrimsonCarcharodon


Star Wars

Damned Rebels

It is the 19th year After Empire (or 0BBY) and the EMPIRE'S grip on the Galaxy has never been stronger. At least in their own minds. Hated by much of the population, they clamp down hard on any suspected resistance.

Wanting an end to the EMPIRE, a series of like minded resistance cells came together. They formed the Alliance to Restore the Republic (otherwise known as the REBELLION/REBELS) to overthrow the EMPIRE. You are quite taken by their ideals of liberty, freedom and justice and have joined up.

Stationed on the far flung planet of Lexlum (a desolate planet in the Outer Rim), there is little to do. At least until one day when the perimeter sensors are tripped. They see a large Imperial force coming and the merger REBEL forces can not stop them You will need to hold out until the transports are ready and then escape That is, if you can keep from being killed by the Imperial first

Game Notes[edit]


A rocky planet with no native population, it is perfect for the local Sector Force Headquarters. At least until the Empire arrives....



Royal Assault Regiment (Emperor's Own)

Scout Troop

2nd Special Missions Battalion

289th Artillery Regiment

329th Armored Regiment

2nd Provisional Brigade

Destiny Pool[edit]

Not available at this time

Duty Chart[edit]

Not available at this time