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Elina Branford (14 years old)

Neutral Good Female Suferot

Spirit Shaman/Soulknife/Bladeweaver

At last, things are looking up for this seemingly cursed young lady. The death of her mother, Lisa, was as much a portent of hope as it was tragedy. The war with the Ascendant Councel of Dragons saw her commit acts of both insufferable cruelty and incredible bravery. Lisa's death unleashed a bloodlust in her that helped to turn the tide as well as force her out of her metal paralysis, but also caused a great deal of harm to those around her.

After the Shadow usurped control of her completely, the combined efforts of her friends and family gave her the opportunity to reforge her mind while they kept the Shadow occupied. During the epic struggle for control of her mind with the psychic manifestations of her own emotions and the Shadow's poisonous influence, Elina succeeded in purging herself his corruption.

In the final twist, cleansing herself of the Shadow's influence also opened the way for Aureon to appear. It seems that Elina was not the Chosen of the Shadow, but the Chosen of Aureon, and the Shadow had usurped Aureon's place. A mere shell of his former self, the Shadow was easily overcome and reabsorbed into Aureon, thus releasing Elina from him forever. The most obvious sign of her newfound freedom is that her formerly black wings have become pure white.

She and Lilly have yet to formally start dating, but they are a couple in almost any other sense of the word.

Elina Branford (14 years old)

True Neutral (with evil tendancies) Female Suferot

Spirit Shaman/Soulknife/Bladeweaver

Elina has had a rough time of it these last few years. She has found herself to be the most hated being on the face of the planet. The ancient Draconic Prophecy states that one called the Promise Breaker will appear and destroy the world after seven signs. Only six signs are mentioned, and the final sign is unknown, but there is a more pressing concern for all involved. The Dragons appear to have deliberately fed the 'lesser races' a false Prophecy in order to maintain their hold over the evolution of said races.

Elina was considered most suited for the task of Promise Breaker. Lilly, the Chosen of Dol Arrah, and Ivy, the Chosen of the Keeper, fought to the death over her, with Lilly emerging victorious. The reason is elaborated on further in the Prophecy of the Promise Breaker. Confused, grieving, and afraid for her life, the young girl (then only ten) fled the ship. After being chased around Eberron by pretty much everyone, she eventually encountered Mordain the Fleshweaver Lich (Chosen of the Mockery). While in his care, she accepted the Shadow's offer of protection and guidance and took on both the mantle of Promise Breaker and Chosen of the Shadow. She was eventually rescued (kind of) and returned to the FF very disillusioned and cynical.

As it turns out, Kitsune is really the Shadow. Shortly after revealing himself, Elina accepted this and has not revealed Kitsune's true identity to anyone. The deity has slowly been twisting her thoughts, driving her further into his counsel. Her parents (and everyone else for that matter) remain largely oblivious to this, as only Elina can truly hear Kitsune/Shadow's voice. Miko knows what is happening, but has no proof to back up her claims. As a direct effect of the Shadow's presence, Elina has grown large black-feathered bat-wings. She has also become quite a Goth, minus the wearing all black. She has let her hair grow out to her mid-back, and adopted the 'bangs covering one eye' style.

Much to her delight, she has begun to develop around the chest area. Much less to her delight, Ivy has repeatedly turned down her affections. Lilly is still interested in her, but she still can't forgive him for killing Ivy, even if it was only temporary. Whether her continued dislike of Lilly is genuine, part of an attraction she refuses to admit to, or both is unknown. She is currently MADLY in love with the enigmatic Yuan Kulanni.


Having nearly killed Lilly after an argument, she rebelled against the Shadow. This set in motion a series of tragic events. First, she lost her right arm, as well as the glove Tirmek had crafted for her, in a desperate duel with a trio of Shadow alternates of her parents and Michael. The arm has since been replaced by one made entirely of Shadowmatter. The attempt on her life drove her to seek out a way to rally the mist spirits that inhabited the Mournlands. Her search led her to the deepest jungles of Xen'drick, where she defeated the Champion of the Sulatar, a Drow clan that carries the legacy of the ancient Giants. There, she uncovered a mystical chamber in hopes of being able to summon her army and finally drive the Dragons out of her life. But it was not to be. The whole thing was a trap set up and executed by the Shadow as punishment for her insolence. The betrayer was none other than Yuan (see his wiki). The utter cruelty and extraordinary emotional scarring of the events has left Elina mute, as well as unable to concentrate enough to use any of her powers.

  • Due to a Transmutation by Lilly that went awry, she permenantly bears wolf ears and a tail covered in greyish-pink fur
  • Bears the Mark of the Shadow on her right shoulder, but lets no one see it
  • Her experiences during her flight have left her with a cruel streak, but she tries to disguise it as tough love
  • Tirmek made her a glove that allows her to manifest two Mindblades and synchronize them
  • He has since made a replacement arm cover that extends to her shoulder. It bears Blue dragon scales, teeth for claws, and is embedded with Midnight Crystals to enhance her control of Shadow and Psionics as well as synchronize mindblades
  • Like her sister, she is physically 14, but is mentally closer to 20 due to her mixed Outsider/mortal blood
  • She desires to be treated the age she feels, not the age she looks, and the difficulty most have in doing this is a constant source of resentment for her
  • After being struck mute, she has begun to warm up to Lilly again
  • A strange presence has made itself known several times. It appears friendly, and has so far only helped Elina regain a sense of peace during trying times

Elina Branford (9 years old)

CN(?) Female Half-Elf/Half-Fiend/Half-Celestial/Werewolf (possible)

Spirit Shaman 3 (ECL ~ 10)

The eldest of Terra and Lisa's two daughters, Elina was exposed to high levels of magic during her formative months. Because of this, she has a powerful connection to the spirits that roam the world. She can be rather mischevious at times, but knows the difference between pranks and cruelty. Through the training efforts of her parents, she is quite adept at remaining hidden, though not as much as her sister, Sarah. She displays a few signs of Lycanthropy, but her exposure to Terra's magical energies seem to have at least partially overwhelmed the disease. The unusual circumstances surrounding Terra's Native Outsider status have allowed the Demonic and Angelic energies to be passed down to the sisters undiluted. Framed by bright pink hair, the piercing stare distinctive to Outsiders is especially unnerving coming from Elina's amber eyes.

The true extent of her power is unknown, as Terra has placed magical seals along both her and Sarah's Chakra points. These seals serve to restrain their innate power until they can control it. As they mature, the seals will weaken and fade. Already, the Root (survival/grounding/instincts), Heart (love/relationships), Throat (creativity/communication/integrity) and Crown (knowledge/understanding/awareness) seals have unbound. The Brow (imagination/intuition/insight) seal appears to be weakening. The Sacral (sexuality/nurturing) and Solar Plexus (power/will/potential) seals show no signs of fading anytime soon.

  • Her spirit Guide is the Fox (Name: Kitsune)
  • Terra is her "Mother", Lisa is her "Father"
  • Calls Terra "Mom" and Lisa "Momma"
  • Considers Satnak and Serene her Aunts and Volrath her Uncle
  • Captain Rose is her real Uncle
  • Though she is learning, her biggest flaw is she is still too trusting, taking much of what she is told at face value
  • Has been accepted into and is now attending the same school Satnak did, training as a Blade Weaver
  • created by Kaizer_Ryu

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