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This world belongs to humans... more or less. There are seven billion of them and they're pretty smart and clever, and thats been the main reason they've been winning the evolutionary arms race up till now.

But as Hamlet said, "there are more things in heaven and earth". Come to it, hell is a big part of the picture too, and probably accounts for the majority of gens out there that are looking to knock humanity off its position as king of the hill. There's vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, zombies, warlocks and worse. They've got their edges over humanity, be they supernatural powers, unaging nature, thaumaturgical rituals, great big claws... whatever. Of course, there aren't seven billion of them, and ultimately they spend almost as much time fighting each other or their own natures as they do trying to take over the world.

Humanity - mundane, oblivious, weak humanity - has simply proven better at cooperation, reproduction, creativity. Hence, humanity has the world, up till now.

It hasn't been easy though, and there have been more than a few times in history when humanity has been dangerously close to losing its dominance, and even skirted extinction. Sometimes, its been ordinary humans that have saved their own people from defeat, sometimes its been us.

Us? We're Gladius et Aegis, the Sword and Shield. We're the monsters that have decided that humanity's rule isn't such a bad thing, and have been working to keep the world in human hands. We're traitors to our own kind, we're protectors of the masses who don't know we exist, and secret allies to those who would have every cause and right to fear us. We do this because we know how dangerous how our own kind are, and just how fucked up the world would be if our own kind ruled it.

Saving the world from the monsters... that is, the other monsters? All in a night's work.


Gladius Et Aegis is an RPG system designed for my own homebrew campaign setting, but is designed to be flexible enough to support other game settings of similar style. It is a dice-based system, but relies very much on loose and fast rules, with a lot of room in the mechanics for rules improvisation and adaptation. As such, its not a game that suits the "powergamer" mindset, as it'd be easy to "break", but is instead designed as a framework that enables stories to be told in a certain style.

The game designer (that's me, "Asklepios") is under no illusions that this is a radically new way of playing games, or that this is a "super generic" system that will replace every other game system you use. However, it has certain design goals in mind, and hopefully facilitates those goals well!

Players and GMs who are a fan of the Worlds of Darkness games, or the Dresden Files rpg, or any other modern dark fantasy setting might find something they like in this system, and will hopefully find that it provides a slightly more freeform approach than the published rulesets of those rpgs.

The Sword and the Shield[edit]

These sections detail the game world of my home campaign:

Blood and Bones[edit]

These sections describe the game systems.

These sub-sections may be of use during character generation and play:


This is a complete roleplaying game, originally created on the wiki by Asklepios in July 2012.

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