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Humphrey (no last name)[edit]


Humphrey is a scribe and a frequent presence in the back of the thrones during any court, where he records what is said with the skill of a court reporter. He served under Oberon for several hundred years, Eric for his whole reign and now Random, and still looks like a teenage boy. Quiet, skilled, fast.

The rumor, which he will confirm if needed, is that Oberon found him serving as a monk of a religious leader similar to a Pope. He had an unparalleled skill at languages and could read nearly any written language. The Pope treated him terribly. He had grown up in extreme poverty and his service in his faith did little to improve it. Upon being brought to Amber and given a tiny cell with a morning view of the ocean he was overjoyed to have such a gigantic room all to himself.

He has a small apartment now with one room for calligraphy and correspondence.

Dique General Custodian[edit]


Known as Dik, though if asked he says his name is pronounced "Dee Q" A long term custodial servant always to be cleaning something. Quiet, proper, and efficient. His origins are unknown and all the elders, if asked, whould say they remember him always being around, even in their youth. He is a friend of Dame Margot

Melvin Royal Messenger[edit]


Carly Castalwie[edit]


Random's Correspondence Secretary and the person who answer's his Trump Calls. Often called Carly Dear. She will correct anyone who calls her Dear that she does not want to. One of The Ladies

Tyler Smials[edit]

Tyler smails.jpg

King's Privy Secretary Keeper of the Privy Seal. Cupbearer.

Meticulous, precise, humorous, and proper all describe Tyler. He tirelessly works at keeping Random on track, never an easy task, and is sometimes whispered to be the real power behind the throne. It is joked that he signs Random's name better and more often then Random does himself. A jest that is not too far off the mark.

Tyler is often the person bringing people into Random's presence, especially if its in the royal quarters. He is one of the few people on the "No Knock List" for the king's door.

Running Sheet Tyler

Maids & Waitresses[edit]

Casey Kossi[edit]

Casey Kossi.jpg

A senior member of the staff of the Library of Amber. A quiet woman, knowledgeable, well educated. Born in the area of North Riding long before the suburb was given a fortified wall and given its own city charter.

A friend of Arloxedra.

Kinsa Dales: Deputy Chief Maid[edit]

Deputy Chief Maid. A pretty but proper woman in her mid 40s. She is often the face of the maid's Staff in the castle Amber.

Nisso Dales: Maid.[edit]

Maid. Sister of Kinsa


A senior waiter at Sea View Garden. Born in North Riding. Father a fisherman. Mother a housewife and home herbalist.

Dani Culoi: Waitress at Sea View gardens[edit]

Waitress at Sea View gardens. Often a server at royal feasts.

Senior Staff[edit]

Dame Margot[edit]


Chatalaine & Amber Mistress of Festivities. She is an ancient member of the court of Amber. She is one of the oldest retainers of Amber. Her origin is unclear since it predates the formation of the Kingdom of Amber. Her accolade is so ancient that she ranks in the Order of Precedence in the top 5 of the nobility, below the royalty. It is an open secret that she had dalliances with Oberon in-between Queens and that she turned down the throne and a marriage proposal from Oberon. Margot is the administrator of the behind the scene activities at nearly all State functions. Considered one of The Ladies

Dart of Hale[edit]


Assistant to Dame Margot.Jokingly called the "Concierge of Amber" A go-to guy for many services in the realm. He often deals with minor details. He is often involved in room assignments for nobles, royals, visitors.

A moving presence in the Castle and is often the person to ask advice of.

He was born on Hale estates near Ob.

Liandra Alanta[edit]

Queen Vialle's dress maker

Elites * Kolvir Musketeers[edit]

Miles "Bronze" McKinney[edit]

Bronze McKinney.jpg

Warden of the Dungeons of Amber.

A veteran of the Black Road War, as well as most of the major conflicts for several hundred years. Rabid Amber Royal Loyalist. A rough but fair warrior fanatically dedicated to the royal family and Amber.

Originally of Deanan heritage he was born in Amber to a soldier in the army stationed in Amber. His family moved around the kingdom to various military postings. He is more native Amberite then Deanan. His family wa 4 generations removed from Drena. [[1]]

Roger of Garn[edit]


Darcy Rozero Elite Guard-Library Detail[edit]


A Sergent of the Castle' Amber Elite Guard. A quiet man but a familiar face around the castle. Currently serving in the Library Guard Post. Served in the 3rd legion at Patternfall early in his career. Known for carrying a book at all time. Received a military dispensation to bear a maul on duty as well as a side blade. He is often seen in his off hours in the Library with Arloxedra

Robert Duncan: Elite guardsman[edit]


Amber Elites guardsman. A Sergent of Dreanan extraction. Called "Robear" He is often a Shift Lead for the Dungeon Guard Staff. In many ways a typical Dreanan. Dour, methodical, regimented, tough, eager to fight. He is a bit different in that he is also talkative, likes games of strategy, understands money, and is willing to drink with his betters. He also has a secret.

Garry Gavno Kolvir Musketeer Captain[edit]


Friend of Bleys. Calro. Has served as a General in the Calro Military. Has done some mercenary work. Until recently an Elite Captain. Founding Captain of the Kolvir Musketeers.

Dar Ak Mar Captain, Arden Rangers[edit]


Captain, Arden Rangers. One of Julian's top men.


A warrior of the Amber Guard currently on extended leave.

Áedan Aeron : Mercenary Captain[edit]


Running Sheet Áedan Aeron