When the King Comes Knocking

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A game of dark adventure in Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, run by chrespo.


The Quest[edit]

Torog is the God of Torture. A being of infinite spite and potent malice, he is the only deity left who can still place his own hand on the substance of the world. He is also trapped there, a seed of vileness encysted deep under the earth. He is both the prisoner and the architect of the Underdark. He has destroyed entire cities. He has tortured whole populaces to death. There is nothing left in him of mercy or goodness.

Yet, there are those few mad enough to challenge him...

The Pilgrimage[edit]

Many of those who seek after Torog are damaged in heart, body, or mind. Nonetheless, they have no hope of survival but what they can gain from each other. Apart, they would be devoured by the nightmares of the Underdark or crushed by their own personal flaws. Together, they form a spearpoint directed at the heart of a God.

  • Jin - portrayed by Skywalker
  • Straka - portrayed by Kacie
  • Paxton - portrayed by CraftZero
  • Radgat - portrayed by Tapeworm
  • Kristoph - portrayed by the Wyzard
  • Shiv - portrayed by Argent
  • Gestalt - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Path[edit]

The road will be long, and the way will be twisted. At times it will seem that they travel from place to place without progress, or that they are lost without hope of finding their way once more. But the King's Highway goes everywhere in the Underdark, and Torog's bloody tracks cannot hide from them forever.

Weary Souls[edit]

The Underdark is barren and fecund by turns. One cavern large enough to house a city will be bereft of life, the next tunnel will reveal an entire ecology packed into the most inhospitable environments imaginable. It's inevitable that travelers will eventually meet other beings capable of speech and reason.



Unnatural Creatures[edit]

Secrets and Lost Things[edit]

The Underdark is a place of dank and ruin, a pitch-black infection running through the veins and arteries of the earth. Pits yawn unexpectedly, tunnels turn around on themselves and lead to dead ends or rushing, freezing waters. What life there is down there is desperately predatory, extremely dangerous, and often has its origins in the anarchic realms outside the arch of time and space.

Nobody goes there unless they are driven.