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Children of Children is a Bliss Stage play-by-post game, set 22 years after RIGHT NOW and 15 years after the events of "Final Act" seven years from now, featuring the children of the characters from "Final Act", carrying on the fight their parents only started.


Right now, the moment I begin telling you this — this was the moment 22 years ago when humanity was struck by an alien attack we couldn't begin to understand. This is Bliss Day.
It was the first blow of a terrible war. 15 years ago, armed with technology they couldn't have understood and could barely even use, our fathers and mothers, then no older than we were, struck back.
And our parents won.
...Won enough time, at least, to ensure that we would finish the job.
Archer Lin, Treasure Island Resistance Pilot 00

General Info[edit]


I would like to request that you include and not delete 1) Starting Rels and Rel blurbs. 2) Post-Mission Rels. 3) Post Interlude Rels and Rel blurbs.

Looking back at the growth would prove interesting. --Bliss Authority.



Authority Figure[edit]

Other resistance members[edit]

  • Allie, a teenager and the closest thing they have to a doctor.
  • Anna, a kid who wants to be a pilot and currently tends the fields.
  • Celine
  • Ethan, a teenage jack-of-all-trades.
  • Isaac, a toddler
  • Jessica, Ariana's best friend. She also helps run the creche.
  • Lily, takes care of creches.
  • Vic, a kid and one of the cooks.
  • Alex, a gardener and young bookworm.


  • "Can we ever defeat the aliens?"
  • "Will we ever understand the aliens?"
  • "Can we make a better civilization?"
  • "Will we see the results of our efforts in our lifetimes?"

-- Bliss Authority

Location and Setting Notes[edit]

Just For Fun[edit]

Naturally, it wouldn't be an anime series without an opening and closing title sequence or character image songs.

Bliss Authority has done some pen and marker illustrations of the characters: post your other art here as well.

Bliss Authority in his role as the BBSTFBitU is hard at work at a Bliss Stage CCG, where the first 'C' stands for 'Customizable' rather than collectible. Here are his preliminary notes of the Children of Children set.

And, of course, wouldn't be complete without: