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The rules for Fate Core are here.


Princess Zara Sienshi

Princess Basanti of Taleron

Astra Capella, Helmsman Junior

Entertainer Fumihime, 10th generation Sapphire (Imperial Harem grade, Disegario #14, Third Modification Line, Governess Candidate 4 of the 4th first Governess of the Dragon of the Center, Emperor Eleuchtet, Lord of Quintessence, Blessed be his Name, Omphalos, Father of Mystery)


Teachers and Staff

Sir Nathan Bishop, schoolmaster at the Academy, former warrior, walks with a limp

Mistress Kyna Lorraine, nurse and counsellor at the Academy, travelled a lot when younger

Pilot, co-pilot, engineer, steward

Fellow Students

Foxtrot, Diplomat-Noble of the Zero-One, from Origin in the Jewel Box star cluster, known to its former inhabitants as Azhar-Baha

Itzalisra, princess of Noct-something, shadowy, ripples and shifts when you look away, fades in and out

Her Imperial Serenity High Princess Zarya, blood-daughter of the White Star Imperator, frilly dress, possibly telepathic

Princess Yelena, honour-sister of Zarya. The mouthy one.

Princess Yesfira, honour-sister of Zarya. The quiet one.

Nthanda, sassy, good in zero-G, four arms

Princess Yingtai, green-skinned, has a sun lamp in her room, requires photosynthesis

Princess Aziza, wears a lot of pink, doesn't like the Zero-One

Unnamed princess whose grandfather swore a blood oath against the below during a border skirmish, knows how to fence

Unnamed princess whose grandfather swore a blood oath against the above during a border skirmish, knows archery

Princess Iluq, from an ice planet

Chasca of the Tepoztlan Dominion, covered in metallic tattoos, hairless, calls her deity the Cluster. Descended from the Architects of the Source, training as a Parser, belongs to the Empirical Faith of the Machine Cult.

Samskara, Firstborn of Tamasa Khatun and heir to the Amarak Territories, short blonde hair, military jacket and a panic button

Three more unspecified princesses



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Princess Zara Sienshi

Lady Aliana Borgata

Sir Nathan Bishop

Princess Basanti of Taleron

Leontes Murrue


Teachers and Staff

  • Captain and Copilot -- both missing
  • Mistress Lorraine - Has hit on Nathan, much to his dismay.

Fellow Students

  • Princess Kupi - Has a long name, is capable of blushing.
  • Her Imperial Serenity - From Lexanore with her sister Karas. Was to share a room with Princess Kushala, but caused an argument that lead to her and her sister getting Nathan's bunk, so as to not have to share a room with someone who doesn't understand their culture. Pink hair.
  • Karas, Sister of Her Imperial Serenity, seems to also consider her her liege lord. Has Chains in her hair that she tugs when angry. Green Hair.
  • ---, Is small, seems to worship Zargus, wears an pink dress.
  • Silanthia, 4th-assistant Health Inspector Sub-General of District 2034, and Licence Secretary of the Bureau of Interior Decoration for the Rose City --- Called Lexanore a Old Planet. Thinks their customs are strange. Grew up somewhere where living space is tight. Has tattoos around her belly button. Was somewhat embarrassingly saved from hurting her self when the ship's gravity shifted, by Zara, and ended up tangled in her clothes. Is annoyed at someone named Drufer be anguished he choose someone named Roxan. (Presumably to marry) Is studding to hopefully get an Appointment.
  • Kushala - Wears white and red. Makes somewhat mean comments. Got in an argument with the Lexanore sisters when they kissed, and she objected.
  • Noctocculens - hard to see. Dark blue skin and eyes. Dark purple dress. Drops words when speaking.

Interesting Details

  • Kissing is a right exercised only by nuclear family members in Lexanore. They kiss publicly to show affection and also solidarity in distress.
  • The unnamed college is recognised as a sovereign state (a principality) and its elected leader is both headmaster and prince there.
  • The unnamed college is actually a university, the Federated Free Colleges of Cambridge Prime, led by a Chancellor-Prince (addressed as 'your/his Scholastic Excellency') Philip