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In a world mostly like ours...

The costumed wonders are common enough. About 1 in every 10,000 people takes up the tights and mask for good or evil.

Hell, there's even insurance against wonder-related battles.

Technology is better than now. Video phones and solar-powered cars have been around for 30 years. The first fusion plants came on-line in the 1950's. There are colonies on the Moon and Mars, and outposts just about everywhere else. Police use blasters.

There's an alien embassy row in New York near the United Nations. Alien invasions happen every few years...or ones from other dimensions. Home-grown world taker-over attempts happen rather more frequently.

The UN is the world government. There's only a handful of small nations that do not belong, and those are ruled by villains.

The mighty robot Electro-Scream is Earth's fist line of defense against major menaces. The half-alien Star Core patrols Sol space, and is the Universal Galactic Union representative. The Champion is Earth's prime human hero, an arrogant so and so who is simply the best at everything and anything.

The insane android Superior seeks the extinction of all organic life. Alameblub the Conquer is an extra-galactic menace that seeks to absorb the Earth and all of the wonders on it. Nucleon is another alien menace with the power of a small sun that seeks to rule the world.

The premiere hero group is GEO, the Guardians and Enforcers of Order, operating worldwide out of a satellite base.

MAD, the Masters of Annihilation and Destruction are powerful anarchists that seek to destroy the status quo. BAD, the Brotherhood of Amoral Dudes, is a loose organization of super-criminal mercenaries. Helix and DNA are secretive groups looking to enslave wonders and rule humanity.

And then there's you. The family. Every relative is a wonder. Mostly for good, although there are always a few black sheep. Even those who marry into the family without powers, soon acquire them in some way. The family is widespread, and not particularly united.

During the previous family reunion though, a few of you got to talking about doing something more than just talking about individual exploits. Pooling your resources, you decided to form your own superhero organization, and see what you can do together. Too many heroes operate alone or in pairs.

Any takers?

M&M2e, PL 10 -- Xaos

The Player Characters[edit]

Dropped or Inactive[edit]

The NPCs[edit]

  • Heretic: a villain in a gimp suit with an inverted cross. Husband of Dominatrix. May have transmutation powers.
  • Dominatrix: a villainess in a leather nun suit. Wife of the Heretic. May have close combat abilities.
  • Iron Will: a victim of the Heretic. Said to be a Hero, associated with a temple.

The Threads[edit]